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        • KCI등재

          한국 홍예교(虹霓橋) 조형특성에 관한 기초연구 : 전남지방을 중심으로

          서성철 한국정원학회 1991 한국전통조경학회지 Vol.9 No.1

          全南地方에 架設되어 있는 國家 및 地方文化財인 虹霓橋의 構造와 特性, 造形比, 虹霓石의 排列方式, 造形樣式에 대하여 調査하였던 바 그 結果는 다음과 같다. 1. 虹霓橋의 材料는 花崗石으로 虹霓高와 虹霓幅의 造形比는 1 : 1.98∼1 : 2.23로서 半圓에 가까운 半圓形 石造虹霓橋이었다. 2. 虹霓石의 排列方式은 잘다듬은 길고 큰돌을 홍예形으로 하여 從으로 結構한 從聯式이었다. 3. 橋面의 斷面形은 平面的이어서 전체적으로 안정감이 있는 直線에 가까운 直線線形이었다. 4. 홍예머리의 宗石에는 여의주를 머금은 龍頭石이 매달려 있고 龍頭는 上流側을 바라보고 있다. 5. 虹霓石의 結構를 위한 줄눈재를 전혀 사용하지 않았다. 6. 仙岩寺 境內의 指定文化財가 아닌 虹霓橋는 石造당시의 全幅에, 上流側에 虹霓石 1段을 첨가하여 橋面을 확대하였다고 생각된다. Structures, characteristics, compositive ratio, arrangement and patterns of arch-bridge assigned as national or local treasures which are distributed in Chonnam area were investigated. 1. Materials used for the construction of arch-bridge were mostly granite and the compositive ratio (height/width) was within the value of 1 : 1.98 - 1 : 2.23 which is rather semicircular type. 2. Ways of arranging bridge stones were arch-type connected longitudinally. 3. Surface of bridge was rather flat resulting in straight-line with the feeling of stability as a whole. 4. On the main stone of bridge, there were dragon-head sculptured with magicstone and the head was always toward the upperstream of the river. 5. Joint material was not used at all for construction of bridge. 6. Arch-bridge in Sun-Am-Sa temple which is not assigned as treasure appeared to be constructed by the addition of one more line of stones on the side of downstream of the river resulting in wider width.

        • KCI등재후보

          최적 보급수송로 선정을 위한 다항시간 알고리듬

          서성철,정규련 한국국방경영분석학회 1997 한국국방경영분석학회지 Vol.23 No.2

          This paper considers the shortest path problem combined with Min-Min-Sum objective for solving the problem of the military logistics. This paper develops a polynomial-time algorithm for the optimal solution. To analyze the real combat situation, the ability time and distance time of communication line are considered. The complexities of algorithm between previous study and the algorithm developed in this paper is presented. Finally we provide a simple example of application with randomly generated problem.

        • KCI등재

          한국 홍예교의 조형특성에 관한 기초연구(2) : 영조법식(營造法式)을 중심으로

          서성철 한국정원학회 1992 한국전통조경학회지 Vol.10 No.2

          According to the previous result, it was found that the compositive ratio of arch-bridge assigned as treasure and distributed in Chonnam Province was 1:1.98-1:2.23 with semi-circular type. When this type of arch construction was started is not certain in the history. However, the possibility comes from the influence of geographical environment by which individual bridge may have been developed. Young-Cho-Bup-Sik (영조법식), the book on the general construction method published in Chul-Jong era(B.C.1100) of Northern Sung Dynasty in Chinese history, greatly affected the culture and constriction method for both Korea and Japan. This important old book about the construction method including Suk-Jack-Je-Do (석작제도), Kwon-Kukg-Su-Chang (권국수창) described the single or double arch-bridge according to the river width, resulting in semi-circular type of bridge. If the river-width was narrow with much water flowing, then the single bridge was constructed whereas double bridge was constructed for wide river. In addition, arch stone was assigned for beauty of bridge. The type and beauty of arch-bridge distributed in Chonnam Province, therefore, appeared to be influenced by Young-Cho-Bup-Sik(영조법식), resulting in semi-circular type.

        • KCI등재

          어린이 놀이시설의 하자에 관한 연구

          서성철 한국정원학회 1998 한국전통조경학회지 Vol.16 No.1

          This study was carried out to get basic data on the causes of defect in play facilities for improving play ground at 3 A.T.P. site in Kwang-ju. 1. Play facilities made of wood should be considered preservation of wood materials, joining method of union nut and a discrimination among wood materials in cracked and corroded part caused by concentrated using and impact of users. 2. It seems that causes for defects in play facilities made of iron were covered with dust and sands on the pedestal, on stepping side of stairs. It should be considered outdoor environment for rots and periodic painting, detailed inspection in takes over them. 3. Users, more than half(53%) answered that they used to visit more once a day. In the result, they depends on playground caused by lack of play space. However, most of all (88% of users) answered that they are satisfying to use in playground. 4. Users in playground answered that inconvenience items are limited playground. insufficiency of convenience facilities, uncomplicated materials and defect of play facilities etc.. It is appeared that behavior and satisfaction of users was influenced the extent of playground, items of play facility, and material of play facilities etc., also it was concerned with the occurrence of defect. Most of all(77% of users) was experienced an accident, therefore, it should be considered a systemmatic management, materials, and detailed design etc..

        • KCI등재
        • KCI등재

          일본 찰황시에 있어서 도시공원의 현황과 이용실태에 관한 연구

          서성철,안기완 한국정원학회 1995 한국전통조경학회지 Vol.13 No.2

          Takino Suzuran Park, Hureai Forest and Nopporo Forest Park are urban parks which are located in Sapporo city, Japan. This study was conducted to investigate the present use patterns and the roles of those parks. The results are summarized as follows : 1. Urban parks in Sapporo city are used for nature study as well as for learning historic and cultural heritages by developing historic and cultural resources such as a pioneer village, monumental towers, museums, etc. A new recreational use system was developed in order to maintain natural landscapes and protect wildlife and plants, which reflects citizens' opinions. 2. Use patterns in urban parks are categorized by three types: natural uses, tourism uses, recreational uses. Various programs such as a forest observation club and a bird nest construction provide citizens with an opportunity to have a direct experience with nature, and help them to increase their understanding of nature.

        • KCI등재

          아르헨티나 항만개발의 역사 : 푸에르토 마데로 프로젝트를 통해서

          서성철 부산외국어대학교 이베로아메리카연구소 2012 이베로아메리카 Vol.14 No.1

          History of Waterfront Revitalization in Argentina - Through the Puerto Madero Project This paper aims to elucidate the history of urban development in Argentina through the Puerto Madero Harbor Project. Above all, we will examine the process of birth and the role of the Old Puerto Madero Corporation which planned and developed the harbor. In addition, we will deal with its contribution to the success of the project, and the concrete detail of the project together with its achievement so far until recently. Furthermore, in the current tendency that the public space becomes privatized continuously, we will clarify how the central government of Argentina, the municipal of Buenos Aires and private companies cooperate with one another on the policy and its directions, and how they reclaim the city public space through the case analysis of the urban development of the Puerto Madero Harbor Project. [Key Words: Puerto Madero/ Buenos Aires/ Public Space/ Urban Renovation/ Urban Public Policy] [주제어: 푸에르토 마데로/ 부에노스아이레스/ 공적공간/ 도시개발/ 도시 공공정책]

        • KCI등재

          James Preston, ed., Mother Worship : Theme and Variations, Chapel Hill : The University of North Cardina Press, 1982

          서성철 서울대학교 국제학연구소 1996 국제지역연구 Vol.5 No.2

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        • KCI등재

          통근자의 도로이미지에 따른 경로선택에 관한 연구

          서성철,성수련 한국정원학회 1994 한국전통조경학회지 Vol.12 No.2

          The objective have for this study is identify what images do driver have for route choice, what factors are effective for formation of the images and what image has much to do with driver's mute choice. In order to get object, We tried questionary survey for road image to roil user. We has identified characteristics of each route based driver's road image and the important image items of each read for attraction of route choice. Based on these information, we tried to describe driver's route choice with disaggregate behavioral model.

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