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        수원국의 개발수요 분석을 통한 농업 ODA의 효과성 제고 연구

        허태호 ( T. H. Heo ),김경량 ( K. R. Kim ) 강원대학교 농업생명과학연구원(구 농업과학연구소) 2014 강원 농업생명환경연구 Vol.26 No.2

        To enhance the effectiveness of ODA, this work tried to investigate the actual conditions and problems in the agricultural and farming village part of Korean international cooperation areas. The major focus of the research was centered on the fact that most cooperation projects have been implement uniformly without any consideration of the characteristics of each recipient country. Against this background a development demand survey was conducted with the experts dispatched to each recipient country, in order to look into the development demands of each recipient country, compare them with a donor``s support details, and thereby explore the differences. The results of the analysis revealed that the development demands of recipient countries had similar weight values in terms of agricultural production technology, food supply, and agricultural development. However, according to the Korea``s support details about agricultural ODA, agricultural production technology part and agricultural development part had been given similar importance, whereas food supply part had a relatively lower support. Accordingly, it was found that Korea``s ODA projects failed to reflect recipient countries’ stage-based development situations, while at the same time the ODA projects have been subjected to uniform implementation predominantly in areas in which Korea has accumulated experience..Moreover, it was found that the regional development priority items drawn from the development demand survey of this work was inconsistent with that of KOICA``s support details. To solve the problem of such in consistencies, it is required to conduct a development demand survey prior to the execution of a project. In other words, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary development survey demand by performing Korean agricultural/farming village training, and then conduct second development demand survey for importance by returning training participants to recipient country and thereby comparing what they feel in the countries with what they learned in the training. In so doing, it is possible to draw effective projects through the discussion of experts of both donors and recipient countries. It is also necessary to choose projects through involving the community through a participatory approach in the areas which have low probability of project failure at the beginning and enhance the effectiveness of projects.

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