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        영어 작문능력 향상을 위한 효과적인 영어문법 교육

        정향기 ( Hyang Ki Jeong ) 한국현대영어영문학회 2012 현대영어영문학 Vol.56 No.3

        The purpose of this study was to examine if the English proficiency of students improved when grammar class and writing class were connected. For this study the students took a grammar test four times, they wrote short composition on the given topic 8 times and they submit a self reflection report on their satisfaction with grammar class, on the improvement of their English proficiency and on how much the exact grammar knowledge helped to write composition. qualitative research program NVivo 9 was used to analyze these reports. The results show that the students had difficulties using several grammar categories such as present perfect, present perfect continuous, present perfect passive, continuous passive form and tense. Errors such as articles, plural noun, subject-verb agreement and tense were frequent in the students` compositions. In their self-reflection reports the knowledge of English grammar led them to write grammatically correct sentences and finish their writings early and to have competence that they can convey their ideas correctly at English writing. In sum, the effectiveness of English grammar education can be maximized when grammar class is connected with other English speaking or writing class and when context that students can use the grammar they have learned is provided. (Gimcheon University)

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