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        구조물 응답을 이용한 외부하중 역 추정 기법에 관한 연구

        황재승,아산 카림 대한건축학회 2007 大韓建築學會論文集 : 構造系 Vol.23 No.1

        In this study an external load applied on a structure is estimated from the few measured structural response and Kalman filtering. The effect of various variables such as the type of response, amplitude of noise and discrepancy of the model on the external load estimation and the optimal Kalman filter gain are evaluated in frequency domain and verified through numerical analysis. It was observed from the numerical results that the acceleration response was more stable and robust in external load estimation than other response components. The noise is amplified at the high frequency range when the displacement or velocity response is used; meanwhile, the noise is transferred to estimated external load without amplification in the case of acceleration response. It is also found that the discrepancies in the natural frequency and the damping ratio between the actual structure and the Kalman filter model make the transfer function from the actual load to the estimated load distorted near and below the natural frequency.

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