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        신광선,정화철,나영기(Kwang Seon Shin),Hwa Chul Jung,Young Gee Na 한국자동차공학회 2003 한국자동차공학회 Symposium Vol.2003 No.5

        As the global concern increases rapidly on environmental protection associated CO₂emissions, the major car manufacturers in U.S.A., Europe and Japan have continuously strived to improve the automotive fuel efficiency for the past two decades. Vehicle weight reduction is one of the major methods for improvement of the automotive fuel efficiency. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend to use light metals and alloys for automotive components. Magnesium alloys have the lowest density (1.8g/cm³)among the commercially available structural metals and the excellent specific strength and stiffness. Magnesium alloys also have exceptional dimensional stability, excellent machinability, high damping capacity, high electrical and thermal conductivities, and good fatigue resistance. In the past decade, the demand and usage of the magnesium alloys have increased drastically for structural applications, particularly in the automotive industry. Most of the magnesium automotive industry. Most of the magnesium automotive components are manufactured by die casting process and, therefore, active researches are being carried out on melt protection, die design, and corrosion and mechanical property characterization. Furthermore, new alloys are being developed for improved corrosion resistance and mechanical properties and new processes including semi-solid processing are also under development for better production efficiency and product quality. In the present paper, the application status and manufacturing technologies of magnesium alloys for the automotive component are reviewed.

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