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      • KCI등재

        <8명의 주자를 위한 옥타곤>(Octagon for 8 Players)을 통하여 본 강석희의 고유한 작품세계와 비대칭성

        강은수 ( Un Su Kang ) 세계음악학회 2014 음악과 문화 Vol.30 No.-

        Sukhi Kang(1934-) is composer of the modern music who is well known for his sound aesthetics, which represents “Sukhi Kang’s sound.” He specially emphasizes the well counted musical form and structure, where emotional expression is completely ruled out. His controls upon the using tones are especially strict. There are no repetitions of special tones, such as the highest and lowest tone, as well as adjacent tones. That’s because these tones determinate the contour of the complete piece. Sukhi Kang places his concerns on the characteristics of individual pieces especially on their creativity and uniqueness. On the basis of his sound aesthetics this research of his recent piece titled <Octagon>(2012) for 8 players, commissioned by EIT(Ensemble Interactive Tokyo), focuses on the asymmetrical aspects, where his favorite numbers 2, 3, 4, 8, 12, 59 are mentioned. For the proof of the asymmetry, simple geometrical figures are used, such as two squares, one triangle and one pentagon to create an octagon.

      • KCI등재

        이건용의 ?예수수난곡?의 현재성과 세계성 -쉿츠, 바하, 이건용으로 이어지는 수난곡의 특징-

        강은수 ( Un Su Kang ) 민족음악학회 2013 음악과 민족 Vol.45 No.-

        Passion has a long history in the western culture of music. It has a strong connection with Christianity. It has been a tradition to perform passion music before Easter Sunday, especially on Good Friday, when the crucifixion of Jesus was remembered. Christians together wanted to feel the suffering of Jesus Christ with this music, describing the situation of the crucifixion of Jesus on the base of the Bible. Lee, Geon-Yong (born 1947) has composed Jesus Passion in 2007 for his church and his church choir. Six years after the premiere, it is ready to be performed in Germany translated in German language. This is a remarkable thing throughout the western history of music, that passion music is composed by a non European composer. Although Korea has a very short history of western music of about 130 years, many Korean musicians play splendid roles in the global music scene, because of their outstanding performances. But for the compositional field, especially religious music, this is very uncommon. The reason again is its short history no longer than 130 years. What special aspect has Lee’s Passion? Lee’s musical idea and philosophy is simply expressed by ‘Here and Now’, which is expressed by the composer himself. To examine what it is, what meaning the concept ‘Here and Now’ has, is the main purpose of this research. Musical language could have the long life, if it is played repeatedly by different cultures, no matter how their own cultural background is. In that sense, the importance of Lee’s Jesus Passion being performed in Germany has not to be ignored. This might be the real spirit of globalization and inter-cultural communication.

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