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      • European Union Interregionalism and the Capability-Expectations Gap

        ( Mathew Doidge ) 한국EU학회 2009 Asia-Pacific Journal of EU Studies Vol.7 No.1

        This article addresses interregionalism in EU external relations. It considers the nature of interregionalism centred on two functional varieties-an internally focused, capacity building interregionalism and an externally focused, globally active form-and, in broad brush strokes, the evidence for each of these forms in EU interregional strategies. On this basis, it notes a capability-expectations gap in the EU`s approach to interregionalism, with a certain dissonance between the Union`s apparent acknowledgement of limited regional actorness in its partner groupings on the one hand and, on the other, its coincident high-level expectations as to what is achievable in the context of these relationships. The article concludes by suggesting priority areas for EU interregional strategy.

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