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        • KCI등재

          구조물의 최적안전지수와 생애주기비용의 상관관계에 관한 연구

          방명석 ( Myung Seok Bang ) 한국안전학회(구 한국산업안전학회) 2014 한국안전학회지 Vol.29 No.6

          본 연구는 구조물의 최적안전수준과 수명기간동안 투자되는 총비용과의 상관관계를 연구하였다. 설계, 건설 및 공용 중 투자되는 총비용을 최소화하면서 최적의 안전수준을 결정하기 위하여 신뢰성해석을 수행하였다. 신뢰성해석에는 설계인자들의 불확실성과 설계 및 공사, 유지관리를 수행하는 인간의 오류 등 인적 불확실성을 확률변수로 고려하였다. 이러한 확률해석을 통한 안전지수와 생애주기비용의 상관관계를 연구하고, 생애주기비용의 분산도에 따른 안전지수의 민감도해석을 통하여 최적의 안전수준을 결정하였다. 해석결과는 이러한 평가방법이 교통시설물에 투자되는 비용을 최소화하면서 최적의 안전수준을 결정할 수 있는 정확하고 유용한 방법임을 보여주었다. This study was intend to develop the optimal design method of suspension bridge by the reliability analysis based on minimization of life cycle cost(LCC). The reliability analysis was performed considering aleatory uncertainties included in the result of numerical analysis. The optimal design was estimated based on life-cycle cost analysis depending on the result of reliability analysis. As the effect of epistemic uncertainty, the safety index (beta), failure probability (pf) and minimum life cycle cost were random variables. The high-level distributions were generated, from which the critical percentile values were obtained for a conservative bridge design through sensitivity assessment.

        • KCI등재

          산업안전관리의 개선방안에 관한 연구

          조주현 한국산업안전학회 1986 한국안전학회지 Vol.1 No.1

          생산위주의 개발도상국 진입으로 산업재해가 크게 증가하는 추세에 있음은 중대한 문제로 되고있다. 산업안전관리는 기술적으로 잘하면 최대 98%까지 예방가능한 분야이다. 안전사고의 원인을 이적 근로자적 측면에서 경영자적 측면에서 분석하고 이를 조화 또는 통제하는 요인으로 관리적, 행정적 요인을 분석하였다. 개선방안은 산업의 고도화, 다양화에 따른 신기술부족, 안전지식 및 교육부족, 그리고 중소기업의 산업안전 보건시설 개선의 미홉등, 이들 직접 원인에 대한 통제 및 조화 수단으로서 법체제, 행정조직을 강화하고 산업안전관리를 민간주도로 추진해나갈 연구 및 예방기관의 육성이 되어야 한다.

        • KCI등재

          고령화 수준별 교통사고 심각성 분석

          김태양 ( Tae Yang Kim ),박병호 ( Byung Ho Park ) 한국안전학회(구 한국산업안전학회) 2018 한국안전학회지 Vol.33 No.4

          Korea has entered to ‘aged society’, which the elderly people over 65 years old is over 14% of total population. This paper aims to analyze the traffic accident by aging level. In pursuing the above, this paper focuses on modeling the traffic accident severity based on three aging levels. The main results are as follows. First, the ratio of fatal and serious injured persons (FSI) is judged to increase according to increasing aging level. Second, the null hypothesis that there is no difference in FSI among three aging levels (aging, aged, and super-aged) is rejected. Four accident severity generalized linear models which are all statistically significant have been developed. Third, the common variables are analyzed to be median age, the number of hospital beds per persons, and turn signal usage ratio. Fourth, the differentiated traffic safety policies fitted to aging levels are required. The enforcement of traffic law violation and safety enhancement of motorcycle in the region of ‘aging society’, improvement of traffic facilities in the region of ‘aged society’, and expansion of transportation facilities in the region of ‘super-aged society’ are evaluated to be indispensable.

        • KCI등재

          n-Butyl methacrylate(n-BMA)의 연소특성치의 측정 및 예측

          하동명 ( Dong-myeong Ha ) 한국안전학회(구 한국산업안전학회) 2016 한국안전학회지 Vol.31 No.4

          The combustible properties(flash point, explosion limit and autoignition temperature) are the important safety items which are considered in the typical MSDS(material safety data sheet). In this study, for the safe handling of n-butyl methacrylate(n-BMA) being used in various ways in the chemical industry, the flash point and the autoignition temperature(AIT) of n-butyl methacrylate was experimented. And, the lower explosion limit of n-butyl methacrylate was calculated by using the lower flash point obtained in the experiment. The flash points of n-butyl methacrylate by using the Setaflash and Pensky-Martens closed-cup testers measured 44℃ and 51℃, respectively. The flash points of n-butyl methacrylate by using the Tag and Cleveland open cup testers are measured 53℃. The AIT of n-butyl methacrylate by ASTM 659E tester was measured as 295℃. The lower explosion limit by the measured flash point 44℃ was calculated as 0.85 vol.%. It was possible to predict lower explosion limit by using the experimental flash point or flash point in the literature.

        • KCI등재

          정량적 위험성평가를 위한 배출 오염물질 분포 예측

          이의주 ( Eui Ju Lee ) 한국안전학회(구 한국산업안전학회) 2016 한국안전학회지 Vol.31 No.4

          The prediction of various emissions from coal combustion is an important subject of researchers and engineers because of environmental consideration. Therefore, the development of the models for predicting pollutants very fast has received much attention from international research community, especially in the field of safety assessment. In this work, response surface method was introduced as a design of experiment, and the database for RSM was set with the numerical simulation of a drop tube furnace (DTF) to predict the spatial distribution of pollutant concentrations as well as final ones. The distribution of carbon dioxide in DTF was assumed to have Boltzman function, and the resulted function with parameters of a high R<sup>2</sup> value facilitates predicting an accurate distribution of CO<sub>2</sub>. However, CO distribution had a difference near peak concentration when Gaussian function was introduced to simulate the CO distribution. It might be mainly due to the anti-symmetry of the CO concentration in DTF, and hence Extreme function was used to permit the asymmetry. The application of Extreme function enhanced the regression accuracy of parameters and the prediction was in a fairly good agreement with the new experiments. These results promise the wide use of statistical models for the quantitative safety assessment.

        • KCI등재

          교통안전분야 : 목표 설정이 에코 드라이빙 행동에 미치는 효과

          최신정 ( Shin Jeong Choi ),이계훈 ( Kye Hoon Lee ),최인섭 ( In Sub Choi ),오세진 ( She Zeen Oah ) 한국안전학회(구 한국산업안전학회) 2011 한국안전학회지 Vol.26 No.6

          The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of goal-setting on Eco-driving behaviors. An additional purpose was to examine whether setting goals on target behaviors had spread effects on non-target eco-driving behaviors. Three office workers who drive regularly participated in this study. An AB multiple baseline design was adopted. After baseline (A), participants set goals on two or three target behaviors(e.g., over speeding, put the gears in neutral, extreme acceleration) (B). Results showed that goal-setting was effective in increasing the targeted eco-driving behaviors. In addition, most of the non-target eco-driving behaviors(e.g., extreme break, extreme acceleration) increased

        • KCI등재
        • KCI등재
        • KCI등재

          예견제어를 이용한 이동로봇 운전의 안전성 향상

          윤상필 ( Sang-pil Yoon ),최기상 ( Gi Sang Choi ) 한국안전학회(구 한국산업안전학회) 2017 한국안전학회지 Vol.32 No.1

          In industry AGV`s(automated guided vehicles) that can detect and follow guidelines drawn on the factory floor using magnetic or optical sensors are widely used. However, such AGV`s without preview capability cannot effectively avoid collision with obstacles that may occasionally pass through the guideline. Furthermore, without preview information, they consume much energy at the right angle corners as they have to make sudden directional change. Also, the risk of dropping payloads increases in such situations. In this study, infrared preview sensors were adopted to a mobile robot for detecting not only the current position but also the forward position of the guideline and the preview control technique was applied to optimally control the mobile robot`s motion using the information from the infrared preview sensors. Then the effectiveness of this approach was investigated through a series of experiments. The experimental result shows that the proposed approach is effective for safety enhancement as well as for better efficiency.

        • KCI등재

          연구실 사전유해인자위험분석 적용방안 및 제도도입 연구

          조남준 ( Nam Joon Cho ),지용구 ( Yong Gu Ji ) 한국안전학회(구 한국산업안전학회) 2016 한국안전학회지 Vol.31 No.4

          The purpose of this study is to develop risk assessment techniques and institutional analysis of domestic and international, the management techniques that can efficiently manage the harmful factor of the laboratory and to present the institutional measures that can be efficiently implemented. Due to a variety of adverse factors of laboratory, accidents of laboratory of various forms have occurred, but there is no risk assessment system in order to manage this effectively. So, we investigated this domestic existing risk assessment methods and the outside of the risk assessment system, and also analyzed accidents of domestic laboratory that occurred in 2014. In addition, we targeted the 24 laboratories in 21 universities to investigate the management of harmful factors of the laboratory and performed applying test for 12 domestic laboratories. Existing risk evaluation system, such as PMS, SMS, off-site impact assessment, since the industrial site is the subject, is a difficult problem to be directly applied to the laboratory of the research institute. So, we implemented management status and harmful factors survey and classified the research and development activities based on this data. Finally we developed "pre-hazards risk analysis method" to create each of the safety management measures. In addition, research activities personnel conducted voluntarily risk assessment, which is shared by institutions and government. It is presented the institutional system for safety management of laboratory. Its result, pre-hazards risk analysis method and institutionalization scheme will be able to achieve laboratory accident prevention system.

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