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      • 친환경농업(親環境農業) 상추재배의 EM(유효미생물군(有效微生物群)) 미생물제제 시용효과(施用效果)에 관한 연구(硏究)

        안승원 ( Seoung Won Ann ) 한국녹지환경디자인학회 2005 녹지환경학회지 Vol.1 No.1

        This study was conducted to investigate the effects of EM(Effective Microorganisms) on growth and quality of lettuce for system of organic agriculture. Chemical characteristics such as soil acidity, organic matters, and conductivity were nor significantly changed between before and after the experiment. Those were not different between treated and untreated. Therefore treatment of EM did not affect on chemical characteristics of soil. Total production of EM and chemical fertilizer treated plants were 22.6 to 33.6% more than that of untreated plant. Ratio of total weight from dry weight were 22.0 to 32.2% in above ground part of plant and 31.0 to 43.7% in under ground plant. However there was no difference between EM and chemical fertilizer treated of total production. Leaf production of EM and chemical fertilizer treated plants were 27.1 to 30.4% more than that of untreated plant. However there was no difference between EM and chemical fertilizer treated plants. Therefore EM application on organic agriculture may have effective on reclamation of soil eco-system and improvement of plant cultivation environment without any yield loss. Calorie and general contents such as water, fat, protein, and carbohydrate were not different between treated and untreated plant. Inorganic matters such as T-N, P2O5, K2O, CaO, and MgO were also not different. Vitamin C contents were 11.7, 14.3~15.8, and 17.5mg/100g in chemical, EM, and untreated plants, respectively. However nitrates contents were 132, 78~81, and 72mg/100g in chemical, EM, and untreated plants, respectively. Therefore vitamin C and nitrate contents were negatively correlated. EM treatment did not produce any malformation and, less differences among newly formed leaf form a original individual. Lettuce treated with EM did not have any problem on quality and did not give any aversion to people. Therefore use of EM could produce organic agriculture without any damage to plant when it is used in the way as used in this study.

      • 주민 입지형 생태,경관 보전지역의 효율적 관리 계획 -우포늪을 사례로-

        이은엽 ( Eun Yeob Lee ),문석기 ( Seok Ki Moon ) 한국녹지환경디자인학회 2005 녹지환경학회지 Vol.1 No.1

        This study was processed with the goal that Conservation Areas should now be managed using bio-resouce within the concept of sustenance, shifting from the past resource value oriented thinking or activity regulative methods. After reviewing the related concepts upon `With-Resident` type Ecologica & Landscape Conservationl Areas, we arrived at the conclusion that it is desirable that the existing legal zoning areas should be adjusted and that the management plan should be pursued by zone type. If resident`s lifestyle were excluded or treated negligently in the `With-Resident` type Ecological & Landscape Conservation Areas, where human life and extractive industry co-exist, conflicts between system and residents are anticipated to derive difficulties for effective conservation and management as the case of Woopo. Because residents living in the area are sufficiently familiar with the history, culture and ecosystem of the area, they can take some important role in the conservation system of the area.

      • 아파트 거주민의 의식 평가를 통한 도시 근린공원의 존재 효과에 대한 연구 -대구광역시 근린공원을 대상으로-

        허현주 ( Hyun Ju Heo ),김범수 ( Bum Soo Kim ) 한국녹지환경디자인학회 2005 녹지환경학회지 Vol.1 No.2

        To evaluate the existence effect of the neighborhood park, to compare the institutional arrangement with the cognitive arrangement of the neighborhood park through the apartment house residents` consciousness evaluation result that achieve is as following. We can find out from the above result that, for the park in the neighborhood, in case of over 500m of use distance range, the consciousness degree of the residents in the neighborhood living range is low, accordingly the distance where the existence effect of the park in the neighborhood is well exerted stands for within 500m generally. The occupation rate of the neighborhood parks` attraction area is very low and arrangement is imbalance. In the urban district, what the neighborhood park is evenly arranged impossible in reality, the attraction distance of the neighborhood park exceeds 500m must be rearranged so that its function can be satisfied by securing and using alternative functional space such as surrounding children park, school ground, watercourse.

      • 농촌경제와 문화에 있어서 친환경 농업과 녹색관광의 역할에 관한 연구

        최병익 ( Pyeong Ik Choe ),김명희 ( Myung Hee Kim ) 한국녹지환경디자인학회 2005 녹지환경학회지 Vol.1 No.2

        In order to survive, Korean agriculture should be competitive in terms of price, quality supply regular and service delivery. However, it is hard to compete with imported agricultural products for domestic products regarding to low price. This price factor drove Korean farmers to find several alternatives such as sustainable agriculture(SA), green tourism(GT), and pooling system of marketing. From the late 1980s, SA has steadily pulled out consumers interest owing to increasing household income and seeking pollution-free food. According to consumer`s needs, agribusiness concerning SA has drastically developed, so far. GT has also been applied by the government for farmers. The project has been developed mainly by Ministry of Agriculture and Forest(MAF) as one of means supporting and diversifying the rural economy. The followings are accomplishment, and learning of SA and GT, so far: ·SA is believed as one of alternatives enhancing agricultural competitiveness of Korea. ·Volumes of SAP and farmer`s direct selling are increasing. ·Consumer`s willing to pay for SAP is much higher(158.0~217.6%) comparatively. ·Incentives-compensation system is an available accelerator for development of SA. ·Corporate identity(CI) clinic of packing design is available for development of SA. ·Urban and rural exchange is accelerated through GT, and it is believed to support SA and boost farm income, ·Farming experience enhances understanding of visitors on SA and rural culture. ·Various programs, support of specialists and government, total participation of community and women involvement make synergy effect for development of SA and GT.

      • A Criticism and Tendency on the Modern Landscape Architecture from the View of Traditional Landscape Architectural Culture

        ( Sang Sup Shin ),( Hyun Wuk Kim ) 한국녹지환경디자인학회 2005 녹지환경학회지 Vol.1 No.2

        This research tries to find the contents of the traditional and modern landscape architectural and the inclination of plans of them with the view of cultural cognition though the competitive method. This study can help make a basis to landscape architecture and qualitative improvement of a space with solution to the environmental space. There are lots of stateless landscape were produced showing tendency of amateurism, reproduction of traditional factors, composition of international style, and logical connection accompanying architecture by physiological function in modern landscape. For understand Korean character and success creatively, landscape architect must attempt to approach into sustaining culture space possessing philosophy and thought. A desirable landscape culture should be connected to living space while awareness of environmental design rule between modernism and traditional space, neo-traditionalism, late modern, architectural ism, and ecological-ism were recognized.

      • 녹화용으로 유망한 자생 화본과 식물의 발아 특성에 관한 연구

        안영희 ( Young Hee Ahn ),정연택 ( Yeon Taek Jung ) 한국녹지환경디자인학회 2005 녹지환경학회지 Vol.1 No.1

        This study was to examine the possibility of native Gramineae on planting material. Germination test was performed to use 9 kinds of native Gramineae on revegetation. The average germination percentage and energy of Pennisetum alopecuroides were above of 96% accordingly and their rate is very uniform. The average germination percentage of Cymbopogon tortilis var. goeringii, Agrostis clavata var. nukabo and Agrostis clavata were more than 50%. However, germination energy of Calamagrostis epigeios and Calamagrostis arundinacea were lower than 20%. These grass species, Pennisetum alopecuroides, Cymbopogon tortilis var. goeringii, Agrostis clavata var. nukabo and Agrostis clavata were the suggested planting material in the revegetation area.

      • 향토경관을 고려한 익산 소룡마을의 생태적 웰빙촌 조성계획

        신상섭 ( Sang Sup Shin ),신병철 ( Byung Chul Shin ),강민효 ( Min Hyo Kang ),허경아 ( Kyung A Huh ) 한국녹지환경디자인학회 2005 녹지환경학회지 Vol.1 No.2

        The Soryong Village in Iksan that keeps Korea`s typical rural scenery and Vernacular Landscape, developing rural scenery into tourist attractions and a tourism route, forming a wild flower garden, forming a plantation for autogenous tea bushes that is being limited to northern border area, etc. were reflected in the master plan for developing ecological well-being village. The followings show the outcomes. A yard and village grove were formed around village entryway so that such spaces may function as a MADANG(agora) for inhabitants and visitors, and an orchard and a fruitful tree garden(arcadia) was so formed that urban children experience rural life and that animals and plants can well inhabit the green tract. Korea`s traditional garden was built with the intention that visitors can experience its elegance, and farmlands and reservoirs were applied to developing an aquatic plant colony(wet fog garden). Environment-friendly water circulation system was constructed and the wild flower plantation(rainbow garden), which makes inhabitants gain large income, was expanded so that beautiful scene harmonized with rural plants and flowers may be created. It is expected that such activities may contribute to tourist attractions, large income and inhabitants` amenity.

      • 울릉도 섬초롱꽃 자생지의 생태학적 특성

        안영희 ( Young Hee Ahn ),조동광 ( Dong Kwang Jo ),김규식 ( Kyu Sick Kim ),이정호 ( Jeong Ho Lee ),신창호 ( Chang Ho Shin ),이성제 ( Sung Je Lee ),강기호 ( Ki Ho Kang ) 한국녹지환경디자인학회 2005 녹지환경학회지 Vol.1 No.2

        Campanula takesimana Nakai, called `Sum-cho-rong` is the perennial plant of Campanulaceae. It`s the one of widest-spread natural plant cultivated as the decorative plant that the demand rate has been growing high. But, it, cultivated C. takesimana, is exposed to the problem as the extinction of species by that the various genetic characters become simple by self seed production repeatedly nowadays. The problem like this is possible to be solved by induction of various genetic characters from C. takesimana growing in original native habitat. Investigation for distribution and ecological characteristics of the habitat for C. takesimana was carried out in Ulleung-do Island. C. takesimana has a tendency to be divided into two kinds of the habitat(Mountain & seaside). in case of the Mountain habitat, C. takesimana community was developed on the well-ventilation rate and half-sunny or sunny as south or south-west facing conditions. C. takesimana community growing around seaside was developed on the half-sunny or sunny as south-east, north-east and north facing conditions. C. takesimana community growing in monutain was emerged on the sandy-gravel and grew with Dystaenia takeshimana(Nakai) Kitag., Miscanthus sinensis Anderss., Hedera rhombea Bean. C. takesimana community growing around seaside was emerged on the coarse gravel and grew with Lilium lancifolium Thunb., Stellaria aquatica Scop., Oxalis corniculata L., Aralia cordata Thunb.

      • 제주도 서귀포시 하논습지에 관한 기초 연구 -자연환경, 식물상, 동물상을 중심으로-

        이석창 ( Suk Chang Lee ),김봉찬 ( Bong Chan Kim ),안영희 ( Young Hee Ahn ) 한국녹지환경디자인학회 2005 녹지환경학회지 Vol.1 No.2

        The Hanon bog located at Hoguen-dong was formed in the crater of parasitic volcano. This is the largest bog placed in the Maar Crater in Korea and covers 216,000m2 which reflects not only the environmental history of Cheju but also ecosystem changes including ecological succession. The wetlands of this area have been drained and converted to lots of uses such as for rice cropping since 16th century, road constructing, electric tower building up and residential developing. Before initiating restoration project of wetlands in Hanon Crater understanding the potential natural habitat must be preceded. With throughout investigation recover the pre-existed topography, degraded present vegetation and soil then cultivating the circumstance vegetation and planting should be followed for ecological restoration. Completed restoring wetlands in Hanon Crater in the future is expected to be devoted as a space of species conservation, a field of ecology education and resources of tour. The vascular plants and bird species in Hanon wetland, Seoguepo city, Jeju Island, were investigated from June 2003 to July 2004. The vascular plants in Hanon wetland were consisted of 216 taxa. Total 33 bird species were found around the Hannon wetland.

      • 4년생 Fuji 사과나무의 하수형 재배시 적엽처리 효과

        상혜영 ( Hye Young Sang ),이재영 ( Jae Young Lee ),정혜웅 ( Hae Woong Jung ),박희승 ( Hee Seung Park ) 한국녹지환경디자인학회 2005 녹지환경학회지 Vol.1 No.2

        A series of experiments were conducted to observe defoliating effect on fruit quality in 4-year-old `Fuji`/M.9 apple trees. The degree and the applying time of defoliation did not alter the amount of light penetration and anthocyanin content in 4-year-old `Fuji` apple trees. Defoliation increased fruit diameter as it performed at 20 days before harvesting for `Fuji` apple trees. But, defoliation little affected to deciding factors of fruit quality including Brix degree, titratable acidity, and flesh firmness, which was caused from the complex conditions of their younger tree age and better light conditions.

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