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        • 소비자의 COO의식에 관한 조사연구

          宋貞美 홍익대학교 산업기술연구소 2003 産業技術 Vol.13 No.-

          The purpose of this research was to investigate the effects of country-of-origin on products evaluation. The result of this research was summarized as follows. Consumers make much of COO, and their perceptions of products were different according to COO in spite of the same brand. Also, there were a great deal of people who wanted to buy the Korean goods than foreign goods. By the way, a lot of consumers were recognizing that foreign-made products are more superior to Korean products in quality. Also, even if a price is expensive, if particular COO is supported by consumers, it means that the country had premium value relatively. The result of this study is that premium value of ‘made in Italy' to ‘made in Korea' was never small, and the ‘made in Korea' premium value to ‘made in China' was quite large. The consumers were not thinking better about a product of our country than an advanced country product relatively in quality. On the other hand, the consumers were thinking about a product of our country much better than developing countries product relatively in quality. In this way, COO is working with a very important influence variable in consumer perceptions and consumer behaviors.

        • 월드컵 소재 TV 광고의 커뮤니케이션효과 : 2006 독일월드컵의 경우

          宋貞美,鄭叡琳 弘益大學校 産業技術硏究所 2007 産業技術 Vol.17 No.-

          With the current negative vrew on TV commercials based on World Cup, this studv aimed at discussing how the effects of TV commercials based on 2006 Germany World Cup were different by commercial tvpcs in order to present a strategic direction for the future commercials based on World Cup. For this purpose, TV commercials implemented from April through June 2006 were analyzed and categorized into four types: two commercials which most represented each type were selected and then reconstructed into experimental commercials, with all elements reminded of brand name or brand removed, and the primary and secondarv surveys were conducted with 250 and 114 people, respectively. As a result, the communication effects by appeal types were all significantly different in terms of commercial awareness, brand awareness, commercial preference, and brand preference. Results suggested that all the TV commercials based on World Cup have not positive effects on companies; companies should first be aware that consumers can make different responses according to commercial appeal types to maximize communication effects of commercials.

        • 부모와 함께하는 유아 영어교육 프로그램 운영효과

          송정미 한국교통대학교 2015 한국교통대학교 논문집 Vol.50 No.-

          The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of parents participating in an early childhood English program which was held for 7 months, twice a week, 2 hours per day. We developed two programs; one was English language program focusing on child's literacy development by means of story books and physical activities, and the other one an art program focusing on English language by means of visual, verbal, tactile, and kinesthetic cues. The data was collected by interviewing parents and children at the beginning and end, parents'learning diaries, reflection papers, and a questionnaire. A total of 15 children and their parents participated, but only 4 children participated in the program from the beginning to the end with their parents, 2 children came without their parents, 2 children with their parents joined in the middle. Thus the data was analyzed by focusing those 8 children, comparing the effects according to situation. The results indicated that 4 children with their parents showed higher positive interest in English language learning than other children, and improved their English language skills much more. It became natural that parents and children read English books, played with English language together, tried to read English language at any time, even outside the classroom. The two children who participated without their parents and two children who joined in the middle also showed high interest in English language learning, but their language improvement and level of interest were not as good as those other 4 children. The research results suggest that it could be very effective if we make early childhood English language programs which parents can participate in without difficulties, such as providing convenient transportation and accommodating class schedules.

        • 프로그램 변화에 따른 중학생 영어캠프 운영효과

          송정미 한국교통대학교 2014 한국교통대학교 논문집 Vol.49 No.-

          Last year was a turning point for Jeungpyeong English Camp, since we had middle school students for the first time in the camp. We operated elementary and middle school camp activities separately with different programs. We found it difficult to operate two different programs at the same time. Thus this year we made a new combined program in which elementary and middle school students work together and help each other. Dinner activities were dramatically changed, which allowed students to choose their own activities. The purpose of this study is to compare last year's and this year's program and suggest an effective way of operating the middle school English camp. The results showed that confidence and interest in using English language of this year students was significantly higher than those of last year's students. The students in the new program became more motivated for future English language learning. The previous year, evening activities were assigned to students without choice. The students had to practice their roles in an English play, which made it very difficult to encourage them. However, this year by their own elective, students participated in the activities actively, helped elementary students, and played a major role among students. Thus, this study suggests that instead of making and operating the program separately, if middle school and elementary school students participate in the camp at the same time with the same program adjusted for students' English language level and needs, the students will have more confidence and interest in using English

        • 교양 토익의 온라인 병행학습 효과

          송정미 한국교통대학교 2016 한국교통대학교 논문집 Vol.51 No.-

          The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of on-line assisted learning in TOEIC as a university practical English program. Two English classes were selected; the experiment class with 40 students and the control class with 43 students. The on-line assisted TOEIC program was taught to the experiment class for 15 weeks and traditional TOEIC program was taught to the control class for the same period. To achieve this purpose three questions were asked. 1. Does this program improve students' TOEIC score? 2. Does this program meet students' satisfaction? 3. How can we apply this program effectively? To answer the first question, pre and post mock test were conducted to the experiment class and the control class at the same time. As a result, the average improvement score of the experiment class showed it was higher than that of the control class. Moreover, more students of the experiment class got high scores ranging from 600 to 800 than the control class. Thus the on-line assisted TOEIC program proved to be effective for students to increase their TOEIC score. To answer the second question, the survey was conducted to the experiment class and the students' feedback was collected four times. The result of the survey showed that the students were not very satisfied with the program because of the large amount of the home work and the quality of on-line lectures. To answer the third question, students feedback for the improvement of the program was analyzed. As a result, followings can be suggested. 1. Clear evaluation methods should be presented to the students at the beginning of the lesson and should be maintained to the last lesson. 2. The amount of homework should be adjusted so that it can be done easily in the short term. 3. The video lectures should be improved technically so the students can select what they want. 4. The teacher should be concerned about the students' progress and encourage them continuously in the class.

        • 프로그램 변화에 따른 영어캠프 효과 분석

          송정미 忠州大學校 2011 한국교통대학교 논문집 Vol.46 No.-

          Chungju National University has held English camp for 7 years for elementary school students in the regional area. From 2005 to 2010, students participated in the camp for 5 nights and 6 days. They came in two groups of 40. But this year, 2011, the number of students was increased to 100 and the camp period extended to 6 nights and 7 days. The overall structure of the camp has not been changed significantly, but the camp program has been changed continuously and more systematically, and this year drastic changes were made. With more native teachers, students could learn more subjects in the morning such as arts, reading, and Time magazine for kids as well as math, science, and geography. They could also participate in more after-lunch-activities such as basketball, badminton, computer web quest as well as golf. Thus the purpose of this study is to examine the changes of the camp program, to analyze the effects of this year's English camp, and to suggest a better way of holding the next camp. The data for this study was collected from the students' self evaluation sheets, entrance and exit survey sheets, and students' reflection papers. The results showed that students were highly satisfied with most of the camp activities, especially newly introduced subjects such as arts, and reading. Entrance and exit surveys and students' reflection indicated that anxiety to meet foreigners and to be in native teachers' classes was noticeably decreased. To hold this English camp successfully and continuously, it is very important to have excellent native teachers as they played very important roles. The program itself should be improved and developed according to the context of the year and the participants as the art class which was taught by one who specialized in the content area of art proved to be highly effective.

        • KCI등재

          토익 듣기 능력 향상을 위한 전략 수업 효과

          송정미 한국중앙영어영문학회 2017 영어영문학연구 Vol.59 No.4

          The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of strategy training, which was implemented in a university TOEIC listening class. To achieve this purpose, three questions were asked: 1) Does this listening strategy training improve students' TOEIC listening score?; 2) Are there meaningful changes in students' using listening strategy?; 3) What difficulties are students facing in TOEIC listening comprehension and what is an appropriate training method? To answer the first question, pre and post mock tests were conducted. As a result, the average listening score improved 50 points. To answer the second question, the pre and post survey were conducted. The result of the survey showed that changes in students' using metacognitive strategies were higher than those in cognitive strategies. To answer the third question, students' weekly reports were analyzed. The students' difficulties in TOEIC listening are British pronunciation, native speakers' rapid pace, limited vocabulary, lack of concentration, etc. This study suggests that instructors should offer opportunities for students to listen more to both British and American pronunciation and practice taking more listening tests through on-line programs.

        • KCI등재

          Decodable book을 활용한 초등영어 읽기부진아 지도 효과

          송정미 한국중앙영어영문학회 2015 영어영문학연구 Vol.57 No.1

          The purpose of this study is to analyze the effects of reading instruction using decodable books for elementary school students who have limited English reading abilities. Twenty-seven students from four regional elementary schools were selected and taught by nine university students who were trained of teaching early reading by the researcher. These university students taught elementary students for 12 weeks, two hours a week and through 20 minute phone lessons five days a week. Eight decodable books which include rhymes were selected and lesson plans which emphasized onset and rhyme awareness were made. Among 27 students, data from nine students, three 4th graders, three 5th graders, and three 6th graders, were analyzed. The results suggested that decodable books with repeated decodable words and with pre- and post-reading activities enabled the students to read without much difficulty. As students developed an awareness of' phonemic sounds and able to blend onset and rhyme, they became confident and improved their reading ability. This study suggests that remedial reading instruction for students who have reading problems be started from the 4th grade to prevent more difficulties.

        • KCI등재

          광고메시지에 등장하는 추천인에 대한 사회적 거리감이 광고메시지 효과에 미치는 영향

          송정미 한국소비자·광고심리학회 2019 한국심리학회지 소비자·광고 Vol.20 No.3

          This study is performed to examine the effects of social distance between recommender and consumer and two different types of advertising messages on ad attitudes and purchase intention. Possible hypotheses were social distance will interact with two different types of advertising messages in ad attitudes and purchase intention. This study divided participants into 4 experimental groups with social distance(close vs. far) and two different types of advertising messages(concrete vs. abstract message). A total of 4 experimental ads were used in this experiments, one for each experimental group. A total of 180 participants were allocated to a 4 experimental groups, participated in the experiment. Two-way ANOVA showed that there was significant interacting effects in ad attitudes and purchase intention between social distance and two different types of advertising messages. That is, the concrete message is considered more effective in building ad attitudes and purchase intention to the experimental group with close social distance to recommender while the abstract message is more effective in building ad attitudes and purchasing intention to the group with far social distance to recommender. However, T-test analysis showed that there was no significant difference in purchase intention between abstract message and concrete message on the experimental group with close social distance to recommender. Based on the results, theoretical and practical implications as well as limitations and further research directions were presented and discussed. 본 연구에서는 광고메시지에 등장하는 추천인에 대한 광고수용자의 사회적 거리감에 따라 광고메시지 유형별 효과가 달라지는지를 조사하였다. 이론적 논의를 토대로, 사회적 거리감과 광고메시지 유형이 광고태도와 구매의도에 미치는 상호작용 효과에 관한 가설들을 세웠다. 가설 검증을 위해 실험참가자들을 사회적 거리감(가까움/멂)과 광고메시지 유형(구체적/추상적)의 4개 집단으로 할당하였고, 총 4개의 실험광고물이 제작되어 4개 집단별로 각각 다른 광고물에 노출되도록 하였다. 이원분산분석(2-way ANOVA) 결과, 첫째, 사회적 거리감과 광고메시지 유형 간에 광고태도에 대해 통계적으로 유의미한 상호작용 효과가 있는 것으로 나타났다. 이는, 광고메시지에 등장하는 추천인에 대한 광고수용자의 사회적 거리감이 가까운 광고의 경우에는 하위해석수준의 구체적 메시지가, 사회적 거리감이 먼 광고의 경우에는 상위해석수준의 추상적 메시지가 광고태도에 더 효과적인 것을 시사한다. 둘째, 구매의도에 대해서도 사회적 거리감과 광고메시지 유형 간에 통계적으로 유의미한 상호작용 효과가 있는 것으로 나타났는데, T검증 결과, 추천인에 대한 사회적 거리감이 먼 경우에만 메시지유형별 구매의도 차이가 유의미한 것으로 나타났다. 본 연구는 해석수준이론을 토대로 광고메시지에 등장하는 추천인과 광고수용자와의 관계에 주목하여 양자의 관계에 ‘사회적 거리'라는 개념을 도입함으로써 다양한 관련 후속 연구를 위한 기반을 마련하였다. 또한, 실무적 차원에서도 광고메시지 속 추천인의 효과를 높이기 위해서는 광고수용자가 추천인에 대해 주관적으로 지각하게 될 사회적 거리감을 측정하고 그에 따라 메시지유형을 달리 해야 한다는 전략적 시사점을 제공하고 있다.

        • KCI등재

          토익 리스닝 수업에서 오답원인 자기평가의 효과

          송정미 한국중앙영어영문학회 2020 영어영문학연구 Vol.62 No.3

          The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of self-evaluating the causes of incorrect answers in TOEIC listening class. Students were supposed to submit self evaluation reports every week, take pre and post mock TOEIC listening test, and answer 5 survey questions. 19 students' data were selected out of 28 students. This data was divided into two groups, diligent group(9) and lazy group(10) and analyzed. To achieve this purpose, four questions were asked. 1. Was it effective in improving students' TOEIC listening score? 2. Was it helpful for students' positive attitude for further learning? 3. What is an effective way of writing the report? 4. How effective was it for the researcher's teaching activities? The results of data analysis were as follows; 1. Students' TOEIC listening scores improved in both groups, so it cannot be said that it was a direct result from writing the reports. But, diligent groups got much higher scores in mid and final term exams. 2. The survey showed it was helpful for students' having a positive attitude for further learning in both groups. 3. Student 9's case showed how to write the report effectively, which was the only case of high improvement in the diligent group. 4. It was helpful for the researcher to organize class activities and understand and communicate with students.

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