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      • KCI등재

        農村과 都市에서의 子女養育態度

        朴寧雨 大韓神經精神醫學會 1977 신경정신의학 Vol.16 No.3

        The comparative study was done on the child-rearing attitudes in the rural community. Sixth grade of 618 school-children were studied by using the questionaire from. Findings are summerized as follows; 1. In the rural community, father's child-rearing attitude toward his son and mother's to son and daughter were found to be more of active rejective type, and it become more apparent in the large sized family. 2. In the rural community, parental attitude was strict, and especially father's attitude was strict more to son than to daughter. 3. It was found that father to son and mother to children were to be blindly obedient, as well as contradictory in type. 4. In the urban community, mother was more strict and to take authoritarian role than father. Mothers in the urban community were more concerned about her children thus more anxious than mother in the rural community. The above finding were discussed along with some cultural changes brought by recent socioeconomic development in the past few years, which have been considered to have brought a considerably different impact on our family life in the rural and urban community.

      • KCI등재

        국가 재건의 시대와 근대적 여성 주체성의 구성 - 영화『상록수』(임권택, 1978)를 중심으로

        박영우,김은하,이대연 한국문학이론과비평학회 2009 한국문학이론과 비평 Vol.43 No.-

        This paper is for finding the meaning of which woman occupies in the construction of emotion that appears in a popular epic genre of 70’s on the Im Kwon-taek’s movie "An Evergreen Tree". The movie "An Evergreen Tree" was completed mainly with "narrative of a strong suffering", so it shows a crisis of man’ character as a popular melodrama to make the deep sadness and the audience is moved to tears. This is related with that men was asked as an enterprising doer and aggressivewho could treat trauma that is country loss, experienced a divided country and economic of poverty in the course of the Reconstruction project of the Nation (1961-1980) on the superman’s country Bak Jeong-hui leaded was driving. Like this, women exist as a mediator to definite man’s identity firmly in the course a burning desire and regret for men, a social collapse and sublimation. The Novel "An Evergreen Tree" has composition of which Chae Yeong-sin and Bak Dong-hyeok isdouble grown-up talk, so it is not big difference on the two hero’s relative importance but the hero is Dong-hyeok on the movie "An Evergreen Tree"and the a heroine is yeong-sin who is close to secondary character compare with a hero. The movie is that Dong-hyeok who has a strong will is spreading an edification movement of the farmers, but it expresses the course of which dream is frustrated by an obstacle of Japan through a collapse and damage of man’ character. in that course, Yeong-sin is just a standing in an observer who watches the man’s dignified of Dong-hyeok and the course of its collapse with deep sorrow sometimes or wonder. The reason of sorrow is lethargy and poverty in a colony. The movie brings back compassion to a nation wounded in the past and desire for a strong country like this story begins from the sorrow figure of dispersed peoples. The bell sound which awakes Dong-hyeok who lose himself is an order of development ideology that based on nationalism which has to be prospered a people wounded by invasion continually in the past history and country in any suffering. The melodrama is not mention a crisis of man’character finally, but is a project to recover man’s character with it. And in the course of like this man’ character recovery, women are granted the name of virgin-feminine. Yeong-sin is placed as an assistant for man as a social doer who takes charge in a public territorylike an ideal woman on the wife help theory or a wise mother and good wife theory which is dominant argument for women in those days. Chae Yeong-sin is a wise mother and good wife who manages a home with economy and steady life and is presented as a modern woman model who achieves the mission of the people with work that is unique diligence and delight.

      • KCI등재

        제왕학의 구축에 있어서 李珥「太極」개념의 역할

        박영우 (사)율곡학회 2022 율곡학연구 Vol.47 No.-

        In this paper, I aim at a purpose on arguing for Leeyi’s political meanings of Tai-ji, which be exposed through his concept Pre-hexagram-Yi. For achieving this purpose, (1) I will discuss on his political meanings of the concept Tai-ji through keeping up with his concept pre-hexagram which influence on recognition process of structuring kingly-learnings in Confucian practice. (2) furthermore, also examine what this cognitional process about Leeyi’s pre-hexagram have affected on his political practice, (3) standing on this basis, I will confirm political status of Leeyi’s concept pre-hexagram through comparing Leeyi’s political meaning with Rancière’s concept ‘policitics’. (4) finally, I also identify what political availability nowadays will be in the Leeyi’s concept pre-hexagram. 이 글은 이이의 ‘획전역(畫前易)’ 개념을 통해 드러나는 태극의 정치적 의미를 논증하는 글이다. (1) 이이가 ‘획전역’ 개념을 통해 드러내는 ‘태극’이 유가실천론, 즉 제왕학 수립에 끼쳤던 인식론적 구조를 드러내고, 나아가 (2) ‘획전역’의 이러한 인식론적 의의가 이이의 정치적 실천에 끼친 영향을 논증하고, 이를 바탕으로, (3) 이이의 ‘획전역’ 개념이 지닌 정치적 특징을 랑시에르의 정치학 개념에 비추어 규정함으로써 이이의 역학에서 제시하는 ‘획전역’ 개념이 지니는 정치적 위상을 확인하고, 최종적으로 (4) 이이의 ‘획전역’ 개념이 오늘날에 어떤 정치적 활용도가 있을지를 논의한다.

      • KCI등재

        The Impact of Plant-Based Non-Dairy Alternative Milk on the Dairy Industry

        박영우 한국축산식품학회 2021 한국축산식품학회지 Vol.41 No.1

        Vegetarians have claimed and actively promoted the advantages of plantbased alternative milks as the best option for human nutrition and health, compared to the natural dairy milk. However, numerous scientific evidences and reports have demonstrated that the natural milk possesses more beneficial nutrients and bioactive components than artificially manufactured plant-derived milks. The biochemical and nutritional advantages and functionalities of natural dairy milk cannot be replaced by man-made or crafted plant-based beverage products. On the other hand, the tremendous increase in production and consumption of the plant-based alternative milks in recent years has led a serious business downturn in traditional roles and stability of the dairy industry, especially in the major dairy producing Western countries. Although plant-based milk alternatives may have some benefits on nutrition and health of certain consumers, the plant-derived alternative milks may not overshadow the true values of natural milk. Milk is not a high fat and high cholesterol food as animal meat products. Unlike plantbased alternative milks, natural milk contains many bioactive as well as antiappetizing peptides, which can reduce body weight. It has proven that taking low-fat, cultured and lactase treated milk and dairy products with other diversified nutritionally balanced diets have been shown to be healthier dietary option than plant-based milk/foods alone.

      • KCI등재

        원(元)의 도통론 - 건륭제 『御纂周易述義』의 제왕학 연구 -

        박영우 한국유교학회 2020 유교사상문화연구 Vol.0 No.81

        This study investigates Yi-ological and philosophical traits on the Zhouyi-Shuyi(ZS, An exposition for original meaning of the Book of changes) that was the fourth textbook of kingly-study of Zhouyi in the Qing china. ZS was a Fengchi-Zhuan(奉勅撰), i.e. a documentary written by imperial edict. the concept 'Shuyi' means emperor Qianlong propagated the YuZuan Zhouyi-Zhezhong(YZZ), i.e. the imperial compilation on eclectic commentary of Zhouyi which was written by imperial edict of emperor Kangxi who was his grandfather. Though Qianlong emulated the sprit of YZZ through ZS, however took his own hermeneutic line in applying its method and concepts. His own hermeneutic styles had been have three trails as below: First, ZS had been not applied the concept Taiji, i.e. the Great Ultimate which was concept for an ontological origin, but had applied the concept 'Yuan, i.e. meant the concept for the beginning of the world. Second, ZS had been methodologically transmitted Zuan-Zhu style, i.e. compiling-commentary style to the style of the first person-synthetical viewpoint of emperor. Third, on the mechanism of interpreting the Zhouyi, ZS had been took a core functions of mind-heartology(not means mind-heartology in the Yangming school), which stood upon the concept Zhu(主), i.e. role of primary will as the self-guide and self-control of heart-mind. Above three traits was applied as one system being integrated in the Zhouyi-Shuyi, and was new methodology which was not seen in the previous interpreting tradition of Zhouyi. This study firstly aimed at emphasizing the new aspects of kingly-study of Zhouyi of ZS, and then choose up its features of Yi-ological theories and concepts applied in the ZS, and finally examine the meanings of unite and harmony of Daotong, i.e. confucian orthodoxy and the Zhitong, i.e. Ruling orthodoxy that had been occupied in historical tradition of the Song-Ming neo-confucianism. 이 글은 『어찬주역술의』(御纂周易述義)의 역학적 특징과 철학적 특징이 지닌 의미를 분석하려는 목적을 지닌다. 『주역술의』는 건륭제(乾隆帝)의 칙령을 받들어 지은 봉칙찬(奉勅撰)이다. ‘述義’는 건륭제가 할아버지 강희제의 『어찬주역절중』(御纂周易折中)의 정신을 조술(祖述)한다는 의미이다. 『주역술의』가 『주역절중』의 체례와 개념을 운용하는 데 있어서 아래의 세 가지 특징이 특히 두드러진다. 첫째, 세계의 존재론적 시원 개념으로서, ‘태극’이 아니라, ‘원’(元) 개념을 채택하여 운용한다. 둘째, 『주역술의』는 자신의 방법론을 『주역절중』의 ‘찬주체’(纂注體) 체례를 ‘술의체(述義體)’로 전환을 하였다. 셋째, 주역을 해석하는 기제로써 ‘주’(主)‘ 개념에 의거하는 ’심학적‘(양명학적 의미가 아닌) 기능을 가장 핵심적 해석 기제로 삼고 있다. 『주역술의』의 이 세 특징은 이전의 주역 제왕학 교과서에서 보이지 않던 새로운 방법론이다. 이 글은 『주역술의』가 지향하는 ‘제왕학 역학’의 새로운 특징을 부각시키고, 『주역술의』가 제왕학의 정립을 위해 사용한 역학 이론과 개념 운용의 특징과 나아가 그것이 역학사와 송명이학사에서 차지하는 도통(道統)과 치통(治統)의 합일이라는 제왕학적 맥락에서 지니는 의미를 밝힌다. 나아가 ‘도통’과 ‘치통’의 실천이 ‘군사(君師)’로서의 제왕의 ‘왕심(王心)’에서 합일되고, ‘왕심’은 ‘원’(元)의 존재론적 본원을 구축함으로써 제왕의 ‘仁心’을 채우는 근거를 마련하고, 나아가 ‘왕심’의 구체적인 실현은 ‘중정’의 실천 원리에 의해 완성되는 논리구조를 확인한다.

      • KCI등재

        360도 2D 애니메이션 제작연구

        박영우 한국애니메이션학회 2020 애니메이션연구 Vol.16 No.3

        동적 요소를 다루는 애니메이션은 감독이 의도하고자 하는 프레임 안에서 정지된 영상을 연속적으로 보여줌으로 생명을 불어넣는 작업이다. 하지만 최근 각광 받고 있는 가상현실(Virtual Reality, VR)의 경우에는 의도하고자 하는 카메라의 위치는 존재하지만 의도하고자 하는 프레임은 관찰자가 바라보는 방향이 되기 때문에 감독의 의도대로 카메라의 방향을 지정할 수 없다. 360도 영상도 마찬가지로 감독의 의도된 카메라의 위치는 존재할 수 있지만 프레임은 관객이 바라보는 방향이 되며, 배경은 여러 대의 카메라를 동시 촬영하고 영상을 붙이는 스티칭이라는 작업을 거쳐 360도 lat-long 타입의 파노라마 배경 이미지를 만들게 된다. 풀3D 영상의 경우에는 플러그인(plug-in),1) 혹은 렌더러2)에서 360도 렌터(Render) 방식을 제공하기 때문에 쉽게 접근할 수 있지만 2D의 경우에는 소실점을 사용하여 직접 그리는 경우가 대부분인데 360도 lat-long 타입의 파노라마를 2D로 그려서 작업하기에는 어려움이 많다. 이에 본 연구는 촬영된 360도 배경 이미지를 이용하여 2D 캐릭터를 이용한 애니메이션 제작 방법을 공유함으로 2D 애니메이션과 VR의 융합을 통해 앞으로의 VR 콘텐츠의 제작에 있어서 도움이 되고자 한다. Animation with dynamic elements is a lifesaver by continuously showing a frozen image within the frame that the director intends to use. However, in the case of virtual reality (VR), which has recently been in the spotlight, the intended camera position exists, but the intended frame is the direction that the observer sees, so the camera cannot be oriented as intended by the director. The 360-degree video also have the director's intended camera location, the frame is the direction of the audience. In the background, take multiple cameras at the same time, It will create a panoramic background image with a 360-degree lat-long type after a process called stitching to attach images. In the case of Full 3D Video, it is easy to access because it provides a 360-degree Render method in Plugin or Renderer, but in the case of 2D, it is often difficult to draw a 360-degree lat-long type panorama in 2D. Therefore, this study aims to be helpful in the production of virtual reality (VR) contents in the future through the fusion of 2D animation and virtual reality (VR) by sharing the animation production method using 2D characters using the captured 360-degree background image.

      • KCI등재

        『易經通注』 : 청대 첫 번째 주역 제왕학 교과서의 특징과 현대적 의의

        박영우 한국중국학회 2020 中國學報 Vol.92 No.-

        This research aims to introduce to academic field some philosophical features of Yijing-Tongzhu, which is the first textbook of four-works that compiled for kingly-learning on Zhouyi in the Qing dynasty. Furthermore, I will examine its practical characters as textbook on leadership and analyze its contemporary values and meanings. Methodologically, I also will try to establish a useful methodology for combining Dao-Tong, the Confucian Orthodoxy and Zhi-Tong, the Ruling Orthodoxy by means of attitude harmonizing the Inner Saint and Outer King, through separate from the confrontation of Hanxue(Han School) and Songxue(Song School), or form making division into Xiangshu-Xue(images and numbers-study) and Yili-Xue(Righteousness-study) in the history of Zhouyi. More detailedly, I will distinguish Diwang-Xue, I.e., king's learning as a studying for Supreme Ruler and -Zhangju-Xue, I.e., literati's studying, thereby, I will emphasize and verify a availability of Yijing-Tongzhu as a textbook which bring up king's leadership to a idealistic governor. 본 연구의 목표는 청대 4대 봉칙찬 주역 제왕학 교과서의 하나이며, 그 중 첫 번째 주역 제왕학 교과서인 『易經通注』의 연구를 통해 역학사에서 가장 실전성을 갖춘 리더십 교과서의 특징을 학계에 소개하고 또 그 현대적 활용 가능성을 확인하는 것이다. 방법론적으로는, 역학사에서 전통적인 구분법인 상수역과 의리역, 송학역과 한학역으로 대립시켜 연구하던 학술 중심적 방법론에서 벗어나 내성과 외왕의 통합, ‘도통’과 ‘치통‘의 결합을 기본 연구 기조로 견지하는 실전용의 주역 방법론을 수립하는 것이 방법론적 목표이다. 이를 통해 최고 통치자의 제왕학과 유생경사의 장구학을 방법론적으로 구별하여 『역경통주』가 현대 리더십을 배양하는 간결한 교과서로서의 활용가능성을 확인하는 것이 실천적 목표이다.

      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        생리 · 생화학 : 경주 적혈구막 단백의 전기영동법에 의한 분석 - 빠른 적혈구 침강 속도와의 관계

        박영우,이시영 대한수의학회 1991 大韓獸醫學會誌 Vol.31 No.3

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 9시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

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