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      • 中學校 美術敎育의 實態와 改善方案에 關한 硏究 : 大邱廣域市 中學校를 中心으로

        기영호 大邱가톨릭大學校 敎育大學院 2001 국내석사

        RANK : 247631

        This study aims at suggesting methods of effectively administering art education in middle school by investigate the reality of art education in middle school, and examining and analyzing problems and improvements. The result of this study can be summarized as follow. First, on understanding the art class, 44.7 percent of teachers recognized that the main purpose of art education is emotional purification. Second, 47.6 percent of them recognized that art curriculum is needed to improve the effectiveness of education, and 53.3 percent recognize that the central object of the Seventh National Curriculum is student-centered curriculum. Third, on the interest of student in art class, 55.2 percent of the students replied they do interested in art class. Fourth, on the reality of art education, teachers who stress on drawing in their art classes were the most at 46.7 percent. Fifth, on the environments and facilities for art education, art room was available for one class at a time. Sixth, on art teachers' training, most of teachers have participated in art guidance training or self training, and 61.9 percent of them recognized guidance training for art teacher is needed. Finally, on the problems and things that need improvement in art education, 31.7 percent of teachers recognized that the class subject and teaching method should be improved in order to increase students' interest in art class. Therefore, in order to prepare for the upcoming twenty-first century, art education requires improvements as follow. First, the art curriculum should be rearranged for the guidance in appreciation part because of insufficient explanation of works in textbook and lack of understanding the idea and substance of a work. Second, considering the high interests of students in appreciation part, that is, the substance and subject of a work, teachers should lead students to cultivate the ability to interpret and appreciate a work, rather conceptional knowledge about the work. Third, almost all the school has art room but the place is not large enough that thoughtful concern from the Ministry of Education for this problem is needed. Fourth, to improve the quality of art education teachers should have more opportunity of training so that they can extend their specialty. Fifth, measures for actively using teaching hours such as securing hours necessary for actual classes are needed to be hammered out. Finally, art education should put its emphasis on developing students' creativity. Therefore, with such an educational viewpoint, teachers, school and the administrative authorities of education as well as students themselves should make efforts together for students to cultivate sound mind.

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