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        국외 태권도 수련생의 태권도 인식이 한국이미지에 미치는 영향

        곽병호(Byung Ho Kwak), 윤오남(O Nam Yun) 한국사회체육학회 2010 한국사회체육학회지 Vol.0 No.42

        The purpose of this study is to analyze the difference between taekowndo perception and image of Korea in foreign taekwondo students and the effects of taekwondo perception on the image of Korea. To achieve this purpose, 1,089 subjects were selected from participants in taekwondo-related events held at home and abroad from May 1 to August 22, 2009 and foreign taekwondo students. Taekwondo perception used for this study was based on previous research conducted by Oh Hyeong-geun(2007) and the measure factors of the image of Korea was modified and complemented from questionnaires developed by Beerli & Martin(2004), Na Ae-ri(2003), and Kim Yong-sang(1999). The reliability of research instrument was.650~.905. Data analysis was made by frequency analysis, one-way ANOVA, and regression analysis. Finally, the following results were drawn. First, there was a partially statistically significant difference in taekwondo perception according to general characteristics. In detail, women, a longer period of taekwondo training, and a stronger motivation to train taekwondo were related with more positive perception of mental meditation and self-defense of taekwondo and participation in a variety of Korean culture activity through taekwondo. Second, there was a partially statistically significant difference in the image of Korea according to general characteristics. In detail, older age, experience in visiting Korea, and a longer training period was related with more favorable perception of the image of Korea. Finally, higher perception of taekwondo, that is, higher interest in taekwondo, and higher perception of training effects was related with positive perception that Korea was democratic, politically stable, and a powerful exporting country. It suggests that taekwondo had a positive effect on establishing a better national image by involving in a variety of Korean culture activity and broadening a cultural view on Korea.

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