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        차 ; 례

        미국소설학회 미국소설학회 2006 미국소설 Vol.13 No.2

        Korean Trauma in American Fiction:Repeating Images in "Chosun Episode" and DicteeTeckyoung KwonKorean Images represented in American Fiction, particularly in major fiction, are not enough for us to survey, considering the fact that literature has to reflect its own culture and society. Thus, the Korean War appears in American novels simply as a background to portray the significance of war in American society. However, Korean images have become more numerous and serious in recent Asian American fiction during the time of multi-culturalism. With this in mind, we can examine two pieces of fiction for Korean images: Chapter 16 in The Star Rover (1915) by Jack London and Dictee (1982) by Hak Kyung Cha. Interestingly enough, these works reveal some images which appeared earlier in the book, The Passing of Korea (1905) written by Homer B. Hulbert. This paper explores Korean trauma in these pieces aiming to uncover some typical Korean images as viewed by foreigners' perspective. The most distinctive image among these is the conflict or dispute between opposing parties. The investigation shows us the way to address the conflicts, contrasting two different kinds of repetitions: a normal repetition and an abnormal repetition.

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