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      • Chitosan Immobilized Aggregated Methylobacterium oryzae CBMB20 for Plant Growth Promotion (PGP) in Tomato for Mitigation of Salinity Stress

        김용헌 ( Md Abdul Halim ),사동민 ( Mak Chanratana ),( Shamim Ahmed ),( Yongheon Kim ),( Tongmin Sa ) 한국환경농학회 2017 한국환경농학회 학술대회집 Vol.2017 No.-

        Successful colonization of bio-inoculants face hostile environmental conditions like salinity in the rhizosphere of plant. The survivability and adaptation under stress is a major concern for bio-inoculants. Thus, the current study were focused on survivability improvement of the chitosan aggregated Methylobacterium oryzae CBMB20 and pant growth promotion (PGP) of tomato plant under salt stress. At different temperature (4, 30, 40 and 50℃) the capability of the bio-inoculant with either liquid or chitosan based formulation was observed for 3 months of storage and used to examine the effect on tomato plant under salt stress. Furthermore, the poly-β-hydroxybuterate (PHB) content, exopolysaccharide (EPS) production, biofilm formation, and microbial cell hydrophobicity as physiological parameter were studied. It was revealed that the aggregated exposed statistically significant over non-aggregated bioinoculants. In addition, to tolerate UV, heat, desiccation, low temperature, starvation, and H2O2 potentiality were higher for the aggregated M. oryzae CBMB20 than other. Particularly, chitosan immobilized aggregated M. oryzae CBMB20 exhibit 4 to 30℃ optimum storage temperature and 24.67, 36.65 and 59.53% reduction in cfu counts after 90 days of storage at temperatures 4, 30 and 40℃), respectively. Moreover, chitosan immobilized aggregated M. oryzae CBMB20 evinced by 1.9, 1.6 and 1.9-times seed germination, seedling vigor index and plant dry weight, consequently under salt. Hence, chitosan boost the lodging the aggregated bacterial cells that prompt the bio-inoculants survivability and salt stress adeptness in the rhizosphere which leads the growth and development of tomato plant.

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