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          ALTUN,,ISHAK,MINAK,,GULHAN Korean Mathematical Society 2015 대한수학회보 Vol.52 No.6

          In the present paper, considering the Jleli and Samet's technique we give many fixed point results for multivalued mappings on complete metric spaces without using the Pompeiu-Hausdorff metric. Our results are real generalization of some related fixed point theorems including the famous Feng and Liu's result in the literature. We also give some examples to both illustrate and show that our results are proper generalizations of the mentioned theorems.


          True Aneurysms of the Extracranial Carotid Artery : An Evaluation of Two "Giant Aneurysms" and the Current Literature

          Altun,,Gokalp,Pulathan,,Zerrin,Hemsinli,,Dogus The Korean Neurosurgical Society 2018 Journal of Korean neurosurgical society Vol.61 No.2

          True extracranial carotid artery aneurysms (ECCAs) are uncommon. Atherosclerosis is the most common etiological factor. Neck pain, a pulsatile mass and murmur at auscultation are the most common symptoms. ECCAs may exhibit severe clinical manifestations due to complications. Cases of rupture can be fatal. There is a risk of distal embolization and stroke in thrombosed cases. We discuss two cases of enlarged ECCA treated surgically in the light of the most recent literature.



          Altun-Ozarslan,,Meltem,Ozcan,,Ayse,Cigdem Korean Mathematical Society 2020 대한수학회지 Vol.57 No.3

          Stable range of rings is a unifying concept for problems related to the substitution and cancellation of modules. The newly appeared element-wise setting for the simplest case of stable range one is tempting to study the lifting property modulo ideals. We study the lifting of elements having (idempotent) stable range one from a quotient of a ring R modulo a two-sided ideal I by providing several examples and investigating the relations with other lifting properties, including lifting idempotents, lifting units, and lifting of von Neumann regular elements. In the case where the ring R is a left or a right duo ring, we show that stable range one elements lift modulo every two-sided ideal if and only if R is a ring with stable range one. Under a mild assumption, we further prove that the lifting of elements having idempotent stable range one implies the lifting of von Neumann regular elements.

        • SCOPUSKCI등재

          Some Fixed Point Theorems for Multivalued Maps Satisfying an Implicit Relation on Metrically Convex Spaces

          Altun,,Ishak,Turkoglu,,Duran Department of Mathematics 2008 Kyungpook mathematical journal Vol.48 No.3

          In this paper, we give some fixed point theorems for multivalued maps satisfying an implicit relation on metrically convex spaces. Our results extend and generalize some fixed point theorem in the literature.

        • SCOPUSKCI등재


          Altun,,Ishak,Turkoglu,,Duran Korean Mathematical Society 2008 대한수학회논문집 Vol.23 No.1

          In this paper, we give some fixed point theorems on fuzzy metric spaces with an implicit relation. Our results extend and generalize some fixed point theorems on complete fuzzy metric spaces by using a new technique.


          Histopathological Effects of Tissue Adhesives on Experimental Peripheral Nerve Transection Model in Rats

          Altun,,Idiris,Ciralik,,Harun The Korean Neurosurgical Society 2015 Journal of Korean neurosurgical society Vol.58 No.6

          Objective : Our aim was to evaluate the histopathological effects of tissue adhesives on peripheral nerve regeneration after experimental sciatic nerve transection in rats and to search whether these tissue adhesives may possess a therapeutic potential in peripheral nerve injuries. Methods : This experimental study was performed using 42 female Wistar-Albino rats distributed in 6 groups subsequent to transection of right sciatic nerves. Group I underwent external circumferential neurolysis; Group II received suture repair; Group III had local polymeric hydrogel based tissue adhesive administration; Group IV received suture repair and polymeric hydrogel based tissue adhesive application together; Group V had gelatin based tissue adhesive application and Group VI had suture repair and gelatin based tissue adhesive together. After a 6-week follow-up period, biopsies were obtained from site of neural injury and groups were compared with respect to histopathological scoring based on inflammatory, degenerative, necrotic and fibrotic changes. Results : There were remarkable differences between control group and study groups with respect to inflammation (p=0.001), degeneration (p=0.002), necrosis (p=0.007), fibrosis (p<0.001) and vascularity (p=0.001). Histopathological scores were similar between study groups and the only noteworthy difference was that Group V displayed a lower score for necrosis and higher score in terms of vascularization. Conclusion : Our results imply that tissue adhesives can be useful in repair of peripheral nerve injuries by decreasing the surgical trauma and shortening the duration of intervention. Results with gelatin based tissue adhesive are especially promising since more intense vascularity was observed in tissue after application. However, trials on larger series with longer durations of follow-up are essential for reaching more reliable conclusions.

        • KCI등재

          Flipped Learning Research Trends in English as a Foreign Language Classrooms: Systematic Reviews

          Altun Hamide Kubra 이정민(Lee, Jeongmin) 숭실대학교 영재교육연구소 2020 Global Creative Leader Vol.10 No.3

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          본 연구의 목적은 2014년부터 2018년까지 EFL 수업에서의 플립러닝 관련 논문을 체계적으로 연구동향을 분석하고 메타분석을 실시하여 EFL수업에서의 플립러닝 연구동향과 통합된 효과크기를 제시하는 데 있다. 이를 위하여 Social Sciences Citation Index(SSCI) 데이터베이스에서 EFL수업에서의 플립러닝 관련 논문을 검색 및 선정작업을 진행하였고, 최종 19개의 논문이 선정되었다. 이 논문들은 체계적 문헌연구방법과 메타분석을 통해 분석되었으며 분석결과는 다음과 같다. 첫째, 플립러닝의 학업성취도 효과크기는 큰 효과크기로 나타났다. 둘째, 체계적 문헌연구결과 주로 학업성취도가 효과변인으로 사용되었으며, 정의적 변인으로는 플립러닝에 대한 인식, 만족도, 태도 등이 사용된 것으로 나타났다. 셋째, 주로 대학생을 학습자로 한 연구들이 많았으며, 연구는 꾸준히 증가된 것으로 나타났다. 본 연구결과를 토대로 논의와 후속연구들을 위한 시사점을 제안하였다. The purpose of this study was to systematically investigate flipped learning research trends in EFL classrooms and perform a meta-analysis to present the effect size integrated with flipped learning research trends in EFL classrooms between 2014 and 2018. To collect data, articles on the theme of flipped learning in EFL classrooms were searched from Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), and selection criteria were applied, which resulted in selecting the final 19 articles. The articles were analyzed through systematic review and meta-analysis, and the findings are as follows: First, the effect size of flip learning on academic achievement was found to be a large effect size. Second, as a result of systematic review, academic achievement was mainly used as a flipped learning outcome variable, and as affective variables, perception, satisfaction, and attitude about flip learning were used. Third, there were many studies mainly with university students as learners, and the number of studies showed steadily increasing. Based on the results of this study, suggestions for discussion and further studies were proposed.

        • Chemopreventive Effects of Hydatid Disease on Experimental Breast Cancer

          Altun,,Ahmet,Saraydin,,Serpil,Unver,Soylu,,Sinan,Inan,,Deniz,Sahin,Yasti,,Cinar,Ozdenkaya,,Yasar,Koksal,,Binnur,Duger,,Cevdet,Isbir,,Cemil,Turan,,Mustafa Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention 2015 Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention Vol.16 No.4

          Breast cancer is one of the most common and letal cancers in all over the world. Since there have been significant improvements in treatment of breast cancer, there is still a big need for alternative approaches. In this study, we aimed to investigate protective role of hydatid disease against breast cancer. Twenty Wistar rats were divided into two groups of 10 rats each Group I (control) and Group II. In Group II intraperitoneal hydatidosis was performed. Then DMBA was applied to mammary tissues of all rats. Immunohistochemistry studies for Ki-67 and S-100 in the tumoral tissue sections of DMBA induced mammary tumor in rats were performed. TUNEL Assay was used to detect apoptotic cells of tumoral tissue. In vivo anticancer activity testing was carried out by preventing the tumorigenesis by DMBA in mammary tissue of rats. The expressions of the Ki-67 and S-100 protein decreased in rats who had Hydatid Disease (HD) (Group II), compared with the control rats (Group I). TUNEL positive cells were higher in rats with HD (Group II), compared with the control rats (Group I). In vivo studies showed that HD prevented the tumorigenesis by DMBA in mammary tissue of rats with 50 percent.In the light of the evidence the present study showed that HD may have chemopreventive effects on DMBA induced breast cancer.


          Impact of Position on Efficacy of Caudal Epidural Injection for Low Back Pain and Radicular Leg Pain Due to Central Spinal Stenosis and Lumbar Disc Hernia

          Altun,,Idiris,Yuksel,,Kasim,Zafer The Korean Neurosurgical Society 2017 Journal of Korean neurosurgical society Vol.60 No.2

          Objective : This study was performed to evaluate and compare the efficacies of caudal epidural injections performed at prone and lateral decubitus positions. Methods : A total of 120 patients suffering from low back pain and radicular leg pain were included and patients were randomly distributed into 2 groups according to the position during injection. In Group 1 (n=60; 32 women, 28 men), caudal epidural injection was performed at prone position, whereas it was implemented at lateral decubitus position in Group 2 (n=60; 33 women, 27 men). Visual analogue scale, Oswestry Disability Index (ODI), walking tolerance (WT) and standing tolerance (ST) were compared in 2 groups before and after injection. Results : In Group 1, ODI values were higher at 30th minute (p=0.007), 3rd week (p=0.043) and 6th month (p=0.013). In Group 1, ODI, VAS and ST values were improved significantly at all follow-up periods compared to initial values. In Group 1, WT scores were better than initial values at 30th minute, 3rd week and 3rd month. In Group 2, ODI scores at 30th minute, 3rd week, 3rd month and 6th month were improved while VAS and ST scores were improved at all periods after injection. WT scores were better at 30th minute, 3rd week and 3rd month compared to initial WT scores. Conclusion : Our results indicated that application of injection procedure at lateral decubitus position allowing a more concentrated local distribution may provide better relief of pain.

        • Anticancer Effect of COX-2 Inhibitor DuP-697 Alone and in Combination with Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor (E7080) on Colon Cancer Cell Lines

          Altun,,Ahmet,Turgut,,Nergiz,Hacer,Kaya,,Tijen,Temiz Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention 2014 Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention Vol.15 No.7

          Colorectal cancer remains one of the most common types of cancer and a leading cause of cancer death worldwide. In this study, we aimed to investigate effects of DuP-697, an irreversible selective inhibitor of COX-2 on colorectal cancer cells alone and in combination with a promising new multi-targeted kinase inhibitor E7080. The HT29 colorectal cancer cell line was used. Real time cell analysis (xCELLigence system) was conducted to determine effects on colorectal cell proliferation, angiogenesis was assessed with a chorioallantoic membrane model and apoptosis was determined with annexin V staining. We found that DuP-697 alone exerted antiproliferative, antiangiogenic and apoptotic effects on HT29 colorectal cancer cells. For the antiproliferative effect the half maximum inhibition concentration ($IC_{50}$) was $4.28{\times}10^{-8}mol/L$. Antiangiogenic scores were 1.2, 0.8 and 0.5 for 100, 10 and 1 nmol/L DuP-697 concentrations, respectively. We detected apoptosis in 52% of HT29 colorectal cancer cells after administration of 100 nmol/L DuP-697. Also in combination with the thyrosine kinase inhibitor E7080 strong antiproliferative, antiangiogenic and apoptotic effects on HT29 colorectal cancer cells were observed. This study indicates that DuP-697 may be a promising agent in the treatment of colorectal cancer. Additionally the increased effects observed in the combination with thyrosine kinase inhibitor give the possibility to use lower doses of DuP-697 and E7080 which can avoid and/or minimize side effects.

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