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      • 대학 교과과정 개선에 관한 연구 : 교양 교과목을 중심으로

        申蘭植 順天大學校 師範大學 附屬 科學敎育硏究所 1994 科學과 敎育 Vol.2 No.-

        The objectives of this study are in curriculum revision of Sunchon National University. For the objectives, literature review, experts conferences, and survey methods were adopted. Through the literature reviews, some university curriculums were gathered and analyzed in contrast with Suncheon National Univ. Curriculum. All of the target peoples in survey were the professor being in S.N.U., responded in questionaire analyzed by percentile. Through the research, new curriculum and some recommendations were proposed.

      • 韓國 開化期에 있어서의 家族倫理 意識

        申蘭植 순천대학교 어학연구소 1991 어학연구 Vol.3 No.-

        This paper aims to examine the family ethics educated in school in the enlightened age from 1890's when the Western school was established to 1910 when Japan made an annexation of Korea, and to examine how our traditional family ethics much valued in our Sodang and Hyanggyo was treated in that school. 1. The family members should have an obligation to do their best for the continuationand development of their family. The principle of social construction was identified with that of family construction and the national construction was also explained by the same principle. 2. Since Korean traditional family ethics were established, centering around the relationship between parents and children, the relation of parents and children was given priority over the relationship between husband and wife. In the modern family, the mutual relationship between parents and children is emphasized, while in the traditional family, only filial duty that the children should do was emphasized. Filial duty was accorded the first rank among the human ehtics and was emphasized as the origin of all deeds. 3. the relation of husband and wife was the relationship of master and servant which emphasized wife's duty more than husband's duty. The family ethics educated during the period of Korean enlightenment though the Western school system was purely traditional ethics influenced dominantly by the Confucian ideas. there cannot be found any bit of modern Western family ethics.

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