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      • 한국 대중문화 팬덤과 개인의 역학적 관계에 관한 연구 : 헝가리에서의 한국 대중문화 팬덤 사례를 중심으로

        페트릭 블란카 동국대학교 2017 국내석사

        RANK : 233247

        The effects of Korean popular culture’s popularity outside of Korea have been studied excessively as an example of cultural globalization and soft power. Korean and foreign scholars agree that these media contents have a positive effect on Korea’s national image abroad, but the exact circumstances under which such an image is formed by consumers of Hallyu products are not fully mapped yet. Such interpretation of a media text is influenced by various factors, amongst which interpretive communities have a key role. Fandom has been defined as such an interpretive community by many scholars, but the exact ways in which fandom acts as an interpretive community and is used by its members to interpret media texts requires more attention from scholars. Via in-depth interviews conducted in Hungary between 2017. 01. 11. and 02. 04, this study aimed to discover the roles and uses of fandom as a community in Hungarian Hallyu fans’ interpretation of Korean popular culture, with a focus on Korea’s national image. The findings indicate, on one hand, that while Hungarian Hallyu fans have an overall positive image of Korea, this image is complex and layered, and includes criticism as well as positive attitudes. On the other hand, the study confirmed that Hungarian Hallyu fans seek out the fandom community for reasons similar to a virtual community, such as obtaining information, friendship seeking, social support, shared interests and entertainment. The Hungarian Hallyu fandom’s role as an interpretive community was also confirmed via identifying various genres of interpretation and negotiation techniques, contents, social interactions and the collective and overlapping usage of such genres in interpreting and discussing Korean popular cultural texts. This study contributes to the existing academic works by showing a more detailed image that Hallyu fans form about Korea. Moreover, by identifying specific genres of content, interpretation and negotiation, and social interaction, this study helps deepening the understanding of how interpretive communities work. Specifically, it can give an example of what kind of interpretive communites can fandoms be understood as, and what are the ways fans use fandom as an interpretive community in reading and understanding media texts.

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