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      • KCI등재후보

        Statistical Study on the Academic Achievement in Science of a Loneliness

        Ko, Young Chun The Basic Science Institute Chosun University 2015 조선자연과학논문집 Vol.8 No.1

        To explore effects on each friendship, family, romance, and community in sub-variables of loneliness on academic achievement in science for Y-middle school students, multiple regression analysis is carried out by stepwise method. As the results, I found the following facts. Academic achievement in science for the students was expressed by the following equation. Academic Achievement=48.765+4.012${\times}$[Family](t=2.082, p=.039)-3.957${\times}$[Romance](t=-3.147, p=.002)+5.281${\times}$[Community](t=2.965, p=.003). And each variable value of the explanatory power affecting academic achievement in science for the students is presented in order of community (12.0%), family (6.6%), and romance (6.3%). But the friendship variable is not significant in affecting academic achievement in science.

      • KCI등재후보

        Comparison of Different Deep Learning Optimizers for Modeling Photovoltaic Power

        Poudel, Prasis,Bae, Sang Hyun,Jang, Bongseog The Basic Science Institute Chosun University 2018 조선자연과학논문집 Vol.11 No.4

        Comparison of different optimizer performance in photovoltaic power modeling using artificial neural deep learning techniques is described in this paper. Six different deep learning optimizers are tested for Long-Short-Term Memory networks in this study. The optimizers are namely Adam, Stochastic Gradient Descent, Root Mean Square Propagation, Adaptive Gradient, and some variants such as Adamax and Nadam. For comparing the optimization techniques, high and low fluctuated photovoltaic power output are examined and the power output is real data obtained from the site at Mokpo university. Using Python Keras version, we have developed the prediction program for the performance evaluation of the optimizations. The prediction error results of each optimizer in both high and low power cases shows that the Adam has better performance compared to the other optimizers.

      • KCI등재후보

        Statistical Verification of Effects of Science Academic Performance on Emotional Expressiveness

        Kim, Kyung Nam,Ko, Young Chun The Basic Science Institute Chosun University 2018 조선자연과학논문집 Vol.11 No.1

        Since the statistical significance levels of each F value (2.90 and 3.55) for positive expressiveness (PE) and negative expressiveness (NE) are all p<.01, it is found that there is a significant difference of PE and NE by science score. But, since the significant value of F value (1.725) for impulse strength (IS) is .095 (p>.05), it can be seen that there is no significant difference in IS by science score. The higher the science score, the larger the PE values and the lower the NE values. However, even if the science score increases, the IS values do not show a trend in a certain direction.

      • KCI등재후보

        Mathematical Approach on Composition of Nomination Committee for University President Election

        Yi, Sucheol,Heo, Sunyeong The Basic Science Institute Chosun University 2016 조선자연과학논문집 Vol.9 No.1

        The university president direct election system in Korea had begun in 1987 as a movement of college democratization in the 1980s after 6.29 Declaration. Since then, many national/private universities had adopted the election system. However, it has posed many problems and it caused a sharp division of opinions between those who approve and disapprove the direct election system. Since 2005, the government has made official of the reformation and/or abolition of the university president direct election system, and has kept pushing for universities to give up the direct election system. Now, only 3 or 4 universities hold on to the system, and many universities have changed into the indirect election system. In the indirect election, a key is the composition of president nomination committee, which confirms the university members's variety. Many universities adopting the indirect election system have used simple random sampling, like drawing lots, to compose the president nomination committee. However, drawing lots has a problem that it has large possibility of composing a biased committee. This research suggests systematic sampling as an alternative to drawing lots. A numerical analysis was conducted using a data of a university in which the indirect election was implemented recently. The drawing lots gave the biased nomination committee. On the other hand, the systematic sample improves the problem and confirms more the variety of all members.

      • KCI등재후보

        Spectroscopic and Mechanical Properties of Nano Silica Rubber Composite Material

        Lee, Jung Kyu,Park, Juyun,Kang, Yong-Cheol,Koh, Sung Wi The Basic Science Institute Chosun University 2016 조선자연과학논문집 Vol.9 No.1

        To manipulate the mechanical properties of acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), addition of nano-sized silica on rubber was performed and nano-silica NBR composite (NSR) materials were fabricated by press molding. The effect of volume fraction of silica in the NSR on the spectroscopic and mechanical properties has been studied.

      • KCI등재후보

        Phytochemical Screening and Biological Studies of Boerhavia Diffusa Linn

        Gautam, Prakriti,Panthi, Sandesh,Bhandari, Prashubha,Shin, Jihoon,Yoo, Jin Cheol The Basic Science Institute Chosun University 2016 조선자연과학논문집 Vol.9 No.1

        Hexane, ethyl acetate and methanol extracts of whole plant of Boerhavia diffusa were screened for phytochemical and biological activities. Qualitative phytochemical screening via colorimetric method and the quantitative estimation of phenolic and flavonoid content were performed. Antioxidant assay using DPPH scavenging method was studied. Antimicrobial screening of plant extracts was done by cup diffusion technique. Cytotoxic activity of B. diffusa was studied by brine shrimp bioassay and anthelminthic activity was evaluated in vitro in Pheretima posthuma. This study revealed B. diffusa as a source of various phyto-constituents such as alkaloids, glycosides, saponins, tannins, carbohydrates, cardiac glycosides, flavonoids and terpenoids. Quantitative estimation of total phenol was found to be maximum in BEE i.e. $29.73{\pm}0.88$, BME $19.8{\pm}2.02$ and in BHE $9.15{\pm}0.304mgGAE/g$. Similarly, the total flavonoid content was found to be $17.44{\pm}0.75$ in BEE, $14.43{\pm}0.23$ in BHE and 3.678 mg QE/g in BME. Ethyl acetate extract showed its antibacterial activity against all tested pathogens except Escherichia coli whereas Staphylococcus aureus and Salmonella Typhi were resistant to methanol and hexane extract. The zone of inhibition (ZOI) of ethyl acetate extract against S. Typhi and B. cereus was found to be 18 mm and 14 mm respectively. The MIC value of BEE in S. Typhi was $3.125{\mu}g/ml$ and in B. cereus was $12.5{\mu}g/ml$. The preliminary screening of anticancer property of B. diffusa i.e. BSLT in methanol was found to be $165.19{\mu}g/ml$. B. diffusa was also found to contain anthelmintic property. The study helped in further exploration of medicinal properties of B. diffusa by phytochemical screening and biological activities paving the path for study and investigation in this plant.

      • KCI등재후보

        Invariants of Local Rings under Completion

        Lee, Kisuk The Basic Science Institute Chosun University 2017 조선자연과학논문집 Vol.10 No.4

        We study the behavior of some invariants under completion. We also give a counterexample, which is the same as a counterexample to Ding's Conjecture, to Koh-Lee's Conjecture.

      • KCI등재후보

        Improved Exponential Software Reliability Model Based on NHPP with the Uncertainty of Operating Environments

        Song, Kwang Yoon,Chang, In Hong The Basic Science Institute Chosun University 2017 조선자연과학논문집 Vol.10 No.4

        The main focus when developing software is to improve the reliability and stability of a software system. We are enjoying a very comfortable life thanks to modern civilization, however, comfort is not guaranteed to us. Once software systems are introduced, the software systems used in the field environments are the same as or close to those used in the development-testing environment; however, the systems may be used in many different locations. Development of software system is a difficult and complex process. Generally, existing software reliability models are applied to software testing data and then used to make predictions on the software failures and reliability in the field. In this paper, we present an improved exponential NHPP software reliability model in different development environments, and examine the goodness-of-fit of improved exponential model and other model based on two datasets. The results show that the proposed model fits significantly better than other NHPP software reliability model.

      • KCI등재후보

        A Study on Real-Time Slope Monitoring System using 3-axis Acceleration

        Yoo, So-Wol,Bae, Sang-Hyun The Basic Science Institute Chosun University 2017 조선자연과학논문집 Vol.10 No.4

        The researcher set up multiple sensor units on the road slope such as national highway and highway where there is a possibility of loss, and using the acceleration sensor built into the sensor unit the researcher will sense whether the inclination of the road slope occur in real time, and Based on the sensed data, the researcher tries to implement a system that detects collapse of road slope and dangerous situation. In the experiment of measuring the error between the actual measurement time and the judgment time of the monitoring system when judging the warning of the sensor and falling rock detection by using the acceleration sensor, the error between measurement time and the judgment time at the sensor warning was 0.34 seconds on average, and an error between measurement time and judgment time at falling rock detection was 0.21 seconds on average. The error is relatively small, the accuracy is high, and thus the change of the slope can be clearly judged.

      • KCI등재후보

        Pharmacophore Based Screening and Molecular Docking Study of PI3K Inhibitors

        Rupa, Mottadi,Madhavan, Thirumurthy The Basic Science Institute Chosun University 2016 조선자연과학논문집 Vol.9 No.1

        Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) is the leading cause of cancer-related mortality worldwide. Phosphoinositide 3-kinases (PI3Ks) play important role in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer. PI3Ks constitute a lipid kinase family which modulates the function of numerous substrates involved in the regulation of cell survival, cell cycle progression and cellular growth. Herein, we describe the ligand based pharmacophore combined with molecular docking studies methods to identify new potent PI3K inhibitors. Several pharmacophore models were generated and validated by Guner-Henry scoring Method. The best models were utilized as 3D pharmacophore query to screen against ZINC database (Chemical and Natural) and the retrieved hits were further validated by fitness score, Lipinski's rule of five. Finally four compounds were found to have good potential and they may act as novel lead compounds for PI3K inhibitor designing.

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