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          • 보호관찰 대상자를 위한 부모교육의 활성화 방안

            정일환,최경희 효성여자대학교 법정연구소 1997 법정연구 Vol.3 No.-

            Recently the number of juvenile crimes is continuously increasing and the nature of the crimes is also becoming more and more untolerably atrocious. Confronting severe violences in and out of the school, government is pouring a great of energies and resources in nation-wide scale on securing various strategies for preventing, guiding, and protecting youngsters from committing those unrestrictedly violent crimes. One of the protective and educative tactics is that of parents education. There have been a number of researches on the professional crime preventing officiers'. However, there are rare studies concerning unofficial helpers, including parents, relatives, and friends. Especially there is almost none in research on parents, with whom youngsters must have an intimate relationship. Thus, in this study, the researcher tried to investigate theoretical bases and practical problems of the present parents education for the probationary juvenile offenders. the result is as following. First, it needs to be emphasized that a great care must be put on the juvenile offenders and there must be intimate cooperative system among related agencies for helping them. Second, there must be some developing and effective implementation of professional programs for parents education. Third, the family counseling centers inside local probation facilities must be under systematic operation, recruiting professional counselors. Fourth, there must be much more closer cooperation between crime preventing officiers and parents of the probationary. Finally it is very urgent that there should be a sufficient amount of budget for caring and parents education of juvenile offenders of juvenile offenders of juvenile offenders under probation.

          • 사용자부담제도에 관한 연구 : 사용료·수수료를 중심으로

            이현수,노인만 효성여자대학교 법정연구소 1997 법정연구 Vol.4 No.-

            Since the late 1970s, user charges have been the fastest-growing component of government revenues. They can be lucrative source of additional revenue without public resistance to the increased tax burden. User charges are much the same as price charged for privately produced service. That is, they represent payment for services which would not be provided the individual if the charges were not paid. The definition of user charges are prices charged for voluntarily purchased publicly provided services. And user charges have several advantages. First, user charges can inform and record public demand for a service. Second, user charges can improve the financial structure. Third, they may correct cost and price signals in the private market. The most easy way to raise non-tax revenue is simply to charges to those who use public service. But they have many problems suchs as long-term maladjustment, unbalance of price mechanism and so forth. The purpose of this study is to analyze the present user charges specifically charges and fees in the non-tax revenue, and find the problems and improve methods of user charges. The contents of this paper are : Chapter Ⅰ : Introduction. Chapter Ⅱ : General theory of User Charges. Chapter Ⅲ : Analyze the present User Charges. Chapter Ⅳ : The problems of Charges and Fees. Chapter Ⅴ : Alternatives of User Charge System.

          • 지방자치단체의 세계화 전략

            윤용희 효성여자대학교 법정연구소 1997 법정연구 Vol.4 No.-

            This is the paper to analyse the globalization strategy of local government for Taegumetropolitancity and Kyungsangbookdo to be centered : to analyse current situation ofthe globalization and its problems as well as revisements. 1. The purpose on the globalization strategy 2. Globalization practice 1) General practice 2) Globalization practice for Taegu and Kyungsangbookdo 3. The problems of globalization strategy and revisement 1) Problems of globalization strategy 2) Revisement Throughout the result of analysis, it is well known that the local governments havehad great achievements on the globalization project in the difficult conditions. However,because of the problems of globalization system, the lackness of professionals andfinance support, and the indifference on globalization, these local government could nothave succeeded for their expectance. So this paper reached the conclusion that theselocal governments need to revise professionals, finance supports and globalized system.

          • The Current Political Scene in Canada

            Blake,,Donald 효성여자대학교 법정연구소 1994 법정연구 Vol.2 No.-

            I am honoured have been invited by Professor Kim to visit Korea and to speak at your university. We in Canada have been very impressed by the strong economic growth in Korea and by the steps you have taken to establish a democratic political system. This is my first visit to Korea so I have many things to see and learn about. Because I am from a very young country, I welcome the opportunity to see one which is hundred's of years old.

          • 홉스의 정치적 의무의 정당화

            채정민,서윤환 효성여자대학교 법정연구소 1997 법정연구 Vol.4 No.-

            This article is to analyse the ground of political obligation in Thomas Hobbes. Political obligation is concerned with the relationship between people and the political community of itsmembers. The problem of the political obligation appeared in the era which was religiouscoflict and civil war in the 17th century In this circumstnace of the modem society, theimportant problem was in reconciling the needs of individuals with those of the political community. Political obligation concerns the moral bonds between individuals and politisal community.The justification of political obligation accounts of the morality of freedom and authority. So,political obligation is said to be defined by the moral obligation to obey the law. Hobbes divided the concept into the natural obligation and prudential one. But the conceptisn't incosistent in his thought. By analyzing its moral justification it can be evident. He asserted the natural 1aw and the Prudencial Principle based on the selfish psychology asthe ground of political obligation. The subjects is obliged to the soverign by the renounce ofthe natural right. According to Hobbes, the state of nature is that of the disorder and fear.They want to establish the common power in order to resolve the self. Such an authorization is based on the consent of the original contractor. The political obligation theoryof Hobbes by the arguments of the social contract was based on the consent logic. However, it is natural to say the moral obligation to obey the authority to secure the justice and well-being. So, I think he empathized on the utility of self-preservation.

          • 한국전쟁을 통한 초기 한·카나다 관계

            김종명 효성여자대학교 법정연구소 1994 법정연구 Vol.2 No.-

            Korea was significant situation after World War Ⅱ in the North East Asia. American and Soviet forces were stationed on either side of the 38th parallel, administering Korea with a public claiming to be aimed at its eventual reunification and independence. The policies both sides would adapt were critical for the future of the country. Furthermore, Koreans themselves, after 35 years of Japanese colonial rule, demanded the opportunity to develop their society without outside interference the opportunity to develop their society without outside interference. Canada had no direct interests in Asia at the end of World War Ⅱ, becoming involved in Korea through the UN in 1947. Initially, there was some disagreement among Canadian decision makers regarding Canada's role and the nature of the Korean "Problem". But, as a member of UNTCOK(United Nations Temporary Commission on Korea) Canada gradually interested on Korean matters. Moreover, when the Korean War occurred in 1950, Canada Participated armed forces with US and the other countries. As a matter of fact Canada actually military Countribute to the Korean War directiy and indirectly. The purporse of this study is to analyze the relationships between Korea and Canada through the Canadian role at UN and their contribution in the Korean War. Also, it is consist of an important contents the evaluation of Canadian efforts during the Korean War.

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