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      • 간호대학생의 진로준비행동에 영향을 미치는 요인

        김경남,임수민,장여영,전다혜,정민주,정지희,조민희,Kim, Kyoung-Nam,Im, Soo-Min,Jang, Yeo-Yeong,Jeon, Da-Hye,Jeong, Min-Ju,Jeong, Ji-Hee,Cho, Min-Hee 한국임상보건과학회 2020 한국임상보건과학회지 Vol.8 No.2

        Purpose: The purpose of this study was to understand the degree of nursing professional intuition, major satisfaction, clinical practice satisfaction, self-leadership, and career preparation behavior of nursing college students, and to identify factors that influence career preparation behavior. Method: This study was a descriptive research study to analyze the factors affecting career preparation behavior. The data collection period was from August 03 to 30, 2020 for 4 weeks. The survey conducted an online survey of 220 students in grades 3-4 who were enrolled in 6 nursing departments located in P metropolitan city and G province, and have clinical practice experience. The collected data were analyzed using SPSS Win 20.0 program. Results: Career preparation behavior had a significant positive correlation with nursing professional intuition(r=.455, p<.001) and self-leadership(r=.539, p<.001), and major satisfaction(r=-.337, p<.001) and clinical practice satisfaction(r=-.380, p<.001) had a significant negative correlation. Self-leadership(β=.424, p<.001) was the most significant factor influencing the study subjects' career preparation behavior, nursing professional intuition(β=.170, p=.010), clinical practice Satisfaction(β=.127, p=.047), employment information(β=.122, p=.023), major satisfaction(β=.137, p=.042) in the order, these variables were found in the order of The explanatory power of the factors affecting the subject's career preparation behavior was 40.2%. Conclusion: Therefore, in order to help nursing students' career preparation behavior, a strategy to provide a variety of employment information and a strategy for nursing intervention that can improve self-leadership, clinical practice satisfaction, and major satisfaction is required.

      • 일부 치위생과 학생들의 임상실습 스트레스와 자아존중감에 대한 연구

        최성숙,이윤희,choi, Sung-Suk,Lee, Yun-Hui 한국임상보건과학회 2017 한국임상보건과학회지 Vol.5 No.3

        Purpose. This study was conducted in order to identify levels of stress and self-esteem related to clinical practices of dental hygiene department students. Methods. Data was collected from a group of 249 students from October to November 2015, in the Yeong-nam region. Data analysis was performed using descriptive statistics frequency and t-test, logistic regressions by a SPSS WIN 18.0 program. Results. The results indicate that the characteristics of those who appeared to practice managing teaching was higher than that of the stress levels of clinical practice(p=.044). As well. personal relations(p=.013), degree of major satisfaction(p=.001), levels of satisfaction of practice(p=.019) resulted in higher levels of self esteem. The stress levels of clinical practice and high levels of satisfaction of practice were reduced and resulted in a dental hygienic negative correlation(p=.016). Self-esteem levels increased significantly according to personal relations(p=.001) and satisfaction of practice(p=.014). Conclusion. A strategy for development of a method to reduce the stress of clinical practice among individuals and an improvement of self-esteem programs which is necessary for dental hygiene students.

      • 치위생과 학생들의 임상실습기관의 환경요인 스트레스와 스트레스 량의 관련성

        류혜겸,위혜진,정동은,Ryu, Hae-Gyum,Wi, Hye-Jin,Jeong, Dong-Eun 한국임상보건과학회 2017 한국임상보건과학회지 Vol.5 No.3

        Purpose : This study was conducted to provide basic data on the relationship between environmental factors causing stress in clinical practice institutions and stress levels of dental hygiene students. Methods : The research subjects totaled 207 and it was analyzed with structured questionnaires. The collected data were analyzed using an IBM SPSS ver. 20.0. Results : The environmental factors causing stress according to the status of clinical practice institutions was statistically and significantly different in the case of Busan practice areas (p<0.01), dental university hospitals (p<0.001), attendance times prior to 8am (p<0.001), quitting times that surpassed 8pm (p<0.01), and the number of dentists exceeding 4 (p<0.01). It was found to affect the stress level of students when individuals had to stand for a long period of time(p<0.001, ${\beta}=0.254$) and with the use of unfamiliar tools and equipment(p<0.05, ${\beta}=0.178$). Conclusions : As a result of the research conducted, it should be concluded that dental clinics should provide rest areas for individuals to focus on clinical practice. In addition, it is necessary to develop a systematic program that enables students to communicate with students at any time during the training period.

      • 병원종별에 따른 치과위생사의 직무특성과 임파워먼트 비교

        노효련,구인영,Roh, Hyo-Lyun,Ku, In-Young 한국임상보건과학회 2017 한국임상보건과학회지 Vol.5 No.3

        Purpose. In this study, the empowerment and job characteristics of dental hygienists by hospital type were identified and the relationships between empowerment and job characteristics were examined. Methods. The subjects were 156 working dental hygienists. A structured self-administered questionnaire was used to investigate the empowerment and job characteristics of dental hygienists. For empowerment and Job Characteristics, the scale developed by Spreitzer and Hackman and Oldham was used. Results. The results of this study showed that the degree of formation of empowerment for dental hygienists was the highest in general/university hospitals. All elements of job characteristics were closely correlated with empowerment, and hospital type was correlated with the determination of empowerment. Job characteristics influenced empowerment. This result suggests that the inherent jobs of dental hygienists did not change much by hospital type, but empowerment changed because the organizational characteristics changed according to hospital size. Conclusions. Therefore, considering the importance of the jobs of dental hygienists, hospitals need to form an organizational atmosphere that guarantee autonomy and promote a diversity of jobs.

      • 경남지역 대학생들의 난시 교정용 소프트 콘택트렌즈의 착용에 관한 설문조사

        김봉환,한선희,김대현,변상현,채정임,김재석,황윤정,김학준,Kim, Bong-Hwan,Han, Seon-Hee,Kim, Dae-Hyeon,Byeon, Sang-Hyeon,Chae, Jeong-Im,Kim, Jae-Seok,Hwang, Yun-Jeong,Kim, Hak-Jun 한국임상보건과학회 2015 한국임상보건과학회지 Vol.3 No.3

        Purpose. The actual status of wearing toric soft contact lenses was investigated to learn why it is not used although it is required. Materials and Methods. This study has studied 64 contact lens wearing the local college students, Gyeongsangnam-do who are 20.17(${\pm}0.70$)years old, by measuring their refractive power and over-refractive power with auto refractometer(HRK-8000A, Huvitz, Korea). In addition to that, a survey was done to figure out why they do not wear toric soft contact lenses, the purpose of using toric soft contact lenses, whether they have astigmatism or any knowledge about it, the kinds of contact lens, whether they are willing to buy corrective lenses, and how they are satisfied after purchasing them. Results. 17 students (21.9%) said they experienced light-spread; 9 students (14.1%)said that they have dizziness when they wear contact lens all day long. In the survey to see whether they had astigmatism or not, 37 students (57.8%) said they had it. For the reason they do not wear toric soft contact lenses, 33 students (51.6%) said that "they were prescribed regardless of astigmatism in the optometrist." To the question asking if they are willing to buy toric soft contact lenses according to the existence of astigmatism, 51 students (79.6%) answered they are. 31 students (48.4%) said they heard a description about astigmatism at the time of purchase for contact lens. Conclusion. As the ways for any people who need to correct astigmatism to wear corrective lens, enough education about astigmatism and consistent follow-up management are needed, where the role of optometrist is considered important.

      • 대구 달서구 지역 초등학생들의 근시진행 정도에 대한 연구

        이병화,Lee, Byung-Hwa 한국임상보건과학회 2013 한국임상보건과학회지 Vol.1 No.3

        Purpose. In this study, we divided elementary school students into two investigated groups. The A group is the lower graders(boys 9, girls 18), and the B group is the higher graders(boys 10, girls 13). The myopia progression has been compared with to each group and it has been investigated for variable terms. Methods. We have analyzed the refraction inspection record of 50 students(boys 19, girls 31) who visited optical shops and more than two times in one year. Results. The subject of study were 50 students(boys 19, girls 31). 1. The distribution of spherical equivalent power with ages : boys A group -2.42D, girls A group -2.53D, boys B group -2.63D, girls B group -2.78D. boys B group -2.63D, girls B group -2.78D. 2. The monthly variation of spherical equivalent power : -0.055D(A), -0.04D(B) in boys, and -0.065D(A), -0.07D(B) in girls. Conclusions. Considering monthly variations and Supposing that the time of changing spectacles degrees were the time of refracting inspection. The result : 3.8 month for A group, 4.5 month for B group in boys, and 3.5 month for A group, 5.2 month for B group in girls.

      • 창원지역 치과위생사의 직무스트레스와 직무만족에 관한 연구

        이명주,권선화,구효진,Lee, Myeong-Ju,Kwon, Sun-Hwa,Goo, Hyo-Jin 한국임상보건과학회 2013 한국임상보건과학회지 Vol.1 No.3

        Purpose. This study was performed on survey related dental hygienist job stress and job satisfaction, to improve the work efficiency of the dental hygienist and for dental hygienist to eliminate the cause of stress for health promotion and for management to be able to help to finding ways to provide basic data. Method. This survey is based on 235 people who are dental hygienists working in Changwon city from November 1 to November 30 2012, by statistical analysis of collected data using SPSS Win Program 20.0 version t-test, univariate analysis of variance (one-way ANOVA), correlation analysis that performed to determine statistical significance with a significance level of 0.05 was considered. Results. For correlation of job satisfaction and job stress, the job demands, job insecurity, and workplace culture shows a negative correlation. For Correlation of the physical environment, insufficient job control, interpersonal conflict, and organizational system is, lack of reward shows a positive correlation. The less job stress due to Insufficient job control, interpersonal conflict, organizational system, is, the higher job satisfaction due to job demands and workplace culture is.(p <0.05), The higher job stress is, the higher the job satisfaction is(p <0.05). Conclusions. Job satisfaction and job stress may be relevant each other, there fore several measures should be sought to solve insufficient job control, interpersonal conflict, organizational system and the lack of reward, consequently to increase the job satisfaction of dental hygienists.

      • 간호대학생의 기본심폐소생술 자격과정 교육 경험

        신상춘,김기련,Shin, Sang-Choon,Kim, Ki-Ryeon 한국임상보건과학회 2013 한국임상보건과학회지 Vol.1 No.3

        Purpose. The purpose of this study was to explore the meaning of BLS-Provider Certification Course experienced by nursing students. Methods. The phenomenological method developed by Giorgi was used for this study. The participants were 7 students who had experienced BLS-Provider Certification Course. The data were collected between February, 2013 and May, 2013 by face to face interview. The interview was recorded and then transcribed. Results. The constituents associated with the meaning of the Nursing students's experiences on BLS-Provider Certification Course were as followings 'To obtain the information', 'Complicated preparation process', 'Unfamiliar education', 'Fear on the BLS ', 'Satisfaction after getting of BLS-Provider Certification ' Conclusions. The result of this study may contribute to a deeper understanding of the meaning of the BLS-Provider Certification Course experienced by nursing students. The highlights of this study are that, although the students had much inconvenience on the preparation process of BLS-P and fear on the BLS-Provider Certification Course, they were satisfied much after getting the BLS-Provider Certificate. It can give the better quality of BLS-Provider Certification Course if these results are provided in the program.

      • 치위생(학)과 학생들의 학업성취와 삶의 질

        김예황,김현경,조우순,Kim, Ye Hwang,Kim, Hyun Kyung,Cho, Woo Sun 한국임상보건과학회 2017 한국임상보건과학회지 Vol.5 No.3

        Purpose: The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of dental hygiene and students' academic achievement and their quality of life. Methods: A self administered questionnaire was used for third and fourth year dental hygienists which consisted of 423 female students. The data was analyzed using SPSS ver.19.0. Results: The results of this study are as follows(p<0.01). First, the effect of academic achievement on quality of life was found to affect an ideal life, life satisfaction and the quality of maintaining a happy life (p<0.05). The correlations between objective academic achievements and the quality of life of the subjects were correlated in all items (p<0.01, p<0.05). Conclusion: To summarize the above results, in order to improve the quality of life for dental hygienists and students, it is necessary to take various measures in order for students to maintain a sense of pride in their various departments and to be able to concentrate on their respective studies.

      • 자아성장 집단상담 프로그램이 간호대학생의 자아존중감, 자아정체감 및 의사소통 능력에 미치는 효과

        서영숙,최은정,정추영,Seo, Young-sook,Choi, Eun-Jung,Jeong, Chu-young 한국임상보건과학회 2017 한국임상보건과학회지 Vol.5 No.3

        Purpose. This study was conducted in order to establish a self-growth group counseling program and examine the effects of self-esteem, ego-identity, and communicative competence among nursing students. Method. The study was designed using a non-equivalent control group pretest-post-test design. Data was collected from a period between March 13 and May 26, 2017, Participants involved were 66 second year nursing students in 1 College of K City, and were assigned to an experimental group (n=30), or a control group (n=33). A self-growth group counseling program was conducted over a period of 10 sessions for 10 weeks, once a week at 100 minutes per session. The data was analyzed using descriptive analysis, independent t-tests, and ${\chi}^2$ tests with t SPSS/WIN 21.0. Results. After completion of the program, a difference was observed in levels of self-esteem(t=3.14, p=.004), ego-identity(t=2.86, p=.006), and communicative competence(t=5.42, p=.011) of the experimental group. Conclusion. It is expected that these results would be helpful for increasing self-esteem, ego-identity, and communicative competence amopng nursing students by way of a self-growth group counseling program.

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