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        • KCI등재

          한국의류산업학회지 논문의 양적정보에 대한 연구동향

          ( Umair Ahmed Siddiqui ),전은경 ( Eunkyung Jeon ) 한국의류산업학회 2017 한국의류산업학회지 Vol.19 No.1

          To predict and foster professional research issues for the present and future, it is important to understand the stream of research trends. This study is to provide information of research trend through analysis of quantitative variables in 1,374 articles from the first issue to the present(2015) of the Fashion and Textiles Research Journal. As a result, in the former periods, articles in the field of textile science & technology and fashion design & historical concerns, and articles that used experiments and others as a research method were dominant; in the latter periods, articles in the field of fashion marketing & merchandising and apparel production & technology, and articles that used survey as a research method were dominant. According to each detailed research field and method, there were significant differences in the number of pages, authors and references of articles. In addition, it was found that the number of pages and the number of references increased sharply in the latter period, indicating that the contents of the papers were more detailed and faithful to references of other studies. Through the analysis of this study, it was found that Fashion and Textiles Research Journal published a variety of articles in the academic fields. The research information analyzed in this study will contribute to the future design for the research as well as the academic societies.

        • KCI등재

          연구논문 : 50, 60대 여성을 위한 스마트 재킷의 개발 및 평가

          이정란 ( Jeong Ran Lee ),김구영 ( Kyung Ja Paek ),백경자 ( Gu Young Kim ) 한국의류산업학회 2011 한국의류산업학회지 Vol.13 No.6

          The purpose of this research was to develop a smart wear equipped with wearable technologies for women in the age of 50`s and 60`s and confirm its acceptability. For this, we constructed a casual jacket that has the integration of heating and lighting function, and evaluated the user`s satisfaction. The size of the heating device attached at the back of the jacket was 300mm in width and 120mm in length and the size of the one attached at the front abdomen was 180mm in width and 120mm in length. The power supplier was the unification of the battery and controller which have been waterproofed. The lighting device connected with LED was 26mm in width, 20mm in length and 1.5 mm in thickness. It has been designed in a waterproofed rectangular shape and was attachable to the jacket. The satisfaction survey of a smart jacket has been conducted with three standards, which were convenience, appearance and practicality Free physical movement among the standard of convenience had very high scores with the average of 4.7 on a five point-scale. The acceptability of the jacket was 4.6, which proved that it didn`t have unique feelings compared to ordinary ones. The evaluation scare of the appearance of the jacket was 4.5. Especially inside finishing of the jacket received the highest scores from all ages. According to the evaluation of practicality, there has been no change in the appearance of the jacket and the function of heating device after laundry.

        • KCI등재

          연구논문 : 대량 맞춤 생산을 위한 공군 동약정복 바지 패턴 제도법 및 자동 제도 프로그램 개발

          김인화 ( In Hwa Kim ),남윤자 ( Yun Ja Nam ),김성민 ( Sung Min Kim ) 한국의류산업학회 2013 한국의류산업학회지 Vol.15 No.2

          This study is conducted to improve the fitness of Air Force winter service uniforms pants through the development of a pants pattern drafting method and automatic pattern drafting program for mass customization. The initial study pattern drafting method is formed through an analyses of 4 kinds of conventional pants pattern drafting methods for education and 3 kinds of conventional pants patterns of Air Force apparels. The initial study pattern drafting method is converted into the final study pattern drafting method after twice conducting a wearing test. To verify the final study pants pattern, a motion adaptability evaluation, an ease amount evaluation and an appearance evaluation are conducted. The results of the final study patterns were better than conventional winter service uniforms in the motion adaptability evaluation and the appearance evaluation. However, the results show similar values between the final study patterns and conventional winter service uniform patterns in the ease amount evaluation. An automatic pattern drafting program was developed based on the final study pattern drafting method. The program allowed the achievement of customized pants patterns through the placement of customer body sizes into the size input window. It also provided two kinds of ease amount and two kinds of waist belt level options.

        • KCI등재

          남성정장의 온열 특성 연구

          송민규,진병익 한국의류산업학회 1999 한국의류산업학회지 Vol.1 No.3

          The thermal resistance of 60 men's suits for summer and winter was measured to determine their thermal characteristics and physical properties, including air permeability weight, and thickness of the jackets and trousers consisted of the ensembles were measured to predict the thermal resistance of garments and ensembles. In this study general physical properties of the men' suit ensembles were determined. In general, thickness and weight of winter ensembles were greater than those of summer ensembles. A factor which could distinguish the difference between summer and winter ensembles was the air permeability. The air permeability of summer ensembles was 3 6 times greater than those of winter ensembles. For the thermal characteristics, the thermal resistance of winter ensembles were higher than those of summer ensembles. When the wind was involved, the thermal resistance of both ensembles decreased up to 30%. In addition, the equations were developed to predict the thermal resistance of the garments and ensembles when there was no air velocity and the thermal resistance of the ensembles with air velocity of 1.2 m/sec. Looking at the equations, thickness, weight, and size of the garments were the definite factors that affect the thermal resistance of the samples.

        • KCI등재

          연구논문 : 발열장치를 이용한 보온 기능성 스마트 파운데이션의 개발 및 평가

          황영미 ( Young Mi Hwang ),이정란 ( Jeong Ran Lee ) 한국의류산업학회 2013 한국의류산업학회지 Vol.15 No.2

          This research developed a smart girdle for adult women in their 20`s that has an inserted carbon weaving heater to help with relief from coldness and abdominal disease through the thermal insulation effect. A pocket of powernet fabric was attached to the inside of the girdle for the easy insertion and separation of the heating device, while the heating device was fixed to a mesh material by cotton yarn and was wrapped with elastic lining material to prevent the mechanical devices from being exposed. A set of 3 hooks was attached to the center of the back of the heating device in consideration of convenience and mobility. Whereas the switch was inserted into around the right waistband, and the battery into the inner pocket around the waist, to integrate the heating device with the girdle. The satisfaction and usability of the fabricated smart girdle was verified by having research participants wear it to evaluate the appearance change caused by the device, the inconvenience of wearing/unwearing, mobility, and the satisfactory functionality of the device. As a result, the grand mean was evaluated to be high, with appearance (4.19), mobility (4.17), and functionality (4.51) being higher than 4.00; which indicates that the heat generation function of the smart girdle is effective. It may be said that such collection and analysis of data that reflect users` opinions have value and significance in that they can be grafted onto future research on new technology as well as they contribute to taking a step forward in the rapidly increasing research of smart clothing, with the new-type clothing equipped with new function.

        • KCI등재

          연구논문 : 외모 관심과 인구통계학적 변인이 의복 동조성에 미치는 영향

          박광희 ( Kwang Hee Park ),유화숙 ( Hwa Sook Yoo ) 한국의류산업학회 2013 한국의류산업학회지 Vol.15 No.2

          This study examined the degree of appearance interest and clothing conformity, the impacts of appearance interest on clothing conformity, and the effects of appearance interest and demographic variables on clothing conformity. A questionnaire survey collected data from October 3 rd to 27 th 2011. A convenience sample was drawn from adults between the ages of 17 and 76 who lived in the Daegu and Gyeongbuk regions of South Korea. A total of 513 responses produced complete and usable questionnaires. Data were tested through factor analysis and regression analysis, using SPSS 20.0. The results of this study are as follows: First, three factors were extracted from clothing conformity (normative, informative, identifiable conformity). The appearance interest was relatively high and normative conformity was the highest level among three factors of clothing conformity. Second, appearance interest was significant predictors of clothing conformity. Third, demographic variables such as gender, marital status, age and education levels had significant effects on the relationship between appearance interest and clothing conformity.

        • KCI등재

          Role of Fashion Leadership Influencing the Effect of the Environmental Benefitsof Second-hand Clothing on Continuance usage Intention

          김현숙,김용주 한국의류산업학회 2020 한국의류산업학회지 Vol.22 No.5

          Growth in the second-hand clothing (SHC) market has become noteworthy, especially for millennial consumers in Korea. This study identifies the moderating role of fashion leadership influencing the relationship between the perceived environmental benefits of SHC and continuance usage intention for millennial consumers. The hypotheses were statistically tested using online survey data, and the respondents were Korean female millennials aged between 25 and 39 years who had online shopping experiences of SHC within 3 months. Furthermore, 263 responses were analyzed by confirmatory factor, hierarchical regression, and conditional process analyses using SPSS, AMOS, and PROCESS v3.3. Results validated that the perceived environmental benefits of SHC and fashion leadership have positive effects on continuance usage intention of purchased second-hand items. Fashion leadership also moderates the relationship between the environmental benefits of SHC and continuance usage intention, showing that as the level of fashion leadership increases, the environmental benefits have more positive effects on continuance usage intention. Theoretical and practical implications were also discussed. This study will help bridge theoretical and practical gaps between purchasing and using SHC by focusing on the interaction effect of fashion leadership and its perceived environmental benefits.

        • KCI등재

          연구논문 : 웨딩드레스를 위한 토르소 및 소매 원형 개발

          홍근혜 ( Geun Hye Hong ),장정아 ( Jeong Ah Jang ) 한국의류산업학회 2011 한국의류산업학회지 Vol.13 No.4

          The purpose of this study is to develop a wedding dress basic torso pattern and sleeve pattern considering good fit and aesthetic for figures of Korean brides in their 20s. For the research method, 3 women in their 20s who has the body size of ± S.D range of average figure and dress form suggested by ``the 5th human body measurement`` of Size Korea were selected as the test group. The evaluators are 8 clothing construction majors, and the evaluation items included total 22 questions related to torso and total 10 questions related to sleeves. The evaluation was made using 5 Likert point scale. 4 prototypes for basic dress pattern were selected through the literature search. After compare analyzing design methods of prototypes, the real wedding dresses were made in the average size of women in their 20s and the dresses were tried on for the assessment. The data was analyzed using SPSS 18.0 Program to examine average, standard deviation and significant differences between basic patterns. Based on the results of the first and the second try-on assessments, a new wedding dress basic pattern with maximized strengths of compared prototypes was completed. The details of result follows. As for dress torso basic pattern, A pattern, which had the highest overall silhouette satisfaction and scores in basic pattern analysis and try-on assessments, was selected as the prototype, and a research basic pattern reflecting strengths of each basic pattern was developed. As for dress sleeve basic pattern, B pattern, which had the highest overall silhouette satisfaction and scores in basic pattern analysis and try-on assessments, was selected as the prototype, and a research basic pattern reflecting strengths of each basic pattern was developed. In this study, a wedding dress basic pattern considering good fit and aesthetic for figures of Korean brides in their 20s was suggested. It is expected that the basic pattern will be used by continuously developing dress market and ready-made wedding dress manufacturers as well as in educational institutes.

        • KCI등재

          연구논문 : 서열환경하에서의 전투복착용이 체온조절에 미치는 영향

          김태규 ( Tae Gyou Kim ),조호현 ( Ho Hyun Cho ) 한국의류산업학회 2014 한국의류산업학회지 Vol.16 No.1

          The physical properties of textile materials and thermal physiological responses of the human subjects were evaluated with 4 different types of the army combat uniforms including US, German, Korean and general uniforms for this study. 8 male adults were used as the human subjects and the tests were done in the environmental chamber that was 25±0.1℃ of temperature, 65±5% of relative humidity and below 0.3 m/sec of air velocity. The test protocol consisted the rest period for 20 min., the exercise period for 20 min., the rest period for 20 min., the exercise period under wind condition for 20 min., and the recovery period for 20 min. The human subjects walked with 4.5 km/hr for 10 min., ran 7.5 km/hr for 10 min. during the first exercise period and walked and ran with the same speeds under 3.5 m/sec of the air velocity that simulated outdoor condition during the second exercise period. The test results of the study were as follows; The wind condition affected the skin and microclimate temperature of the human subjects lower compared to without wind condition, but had insignificant effect on the humidity control. The low air permeability of Korean uniform caused blocking the elimination of the humidity from the body and the regulation of body temperature. However, Korean uniforms could be the excellent one with the designs considering the ventilation of the uniforms and the textile fabrics with better air permeability.

        • KCI등재

          The Effects of Environment-conscious Consumer Attitudes towards Eco-friendly Product and Artificial Leather Fashion Product Purchase Intentions

          박성희,오경화,나윤규 한국의류산업학회 2013 한국의류산업학회지 Vol.15 No.1

          This research examines the environmental consciousness of fashion consumer attitudes towards eco-friendly products and artificial leather purchase intentions. The survey was conducted from March 11 to March 15 2012 and all respondents had at least once experience of purchasing fashion items made of artificial leather. A total of 426 subjects were used in the dataset; the statistical analysis methods were frequency analysis, factor analysis, reliability analysis and multiple analysis. The results are as follows. The study finds that environmental consciousness has three dimensions of public participation, resource conservation, and recycling. Public participation, recycling, and resource conservation influenced eco-friendly product attitudes. Eco-friendly product attitudes influenced artificial leather purchase intentions. The research results show that appropriate plans in fashion business such as usefulness of design and business value will need to be provided to fashion consumers. Detailed information on materials related to fashion products as the content of environment-friendly techniques and recycling methods will help consumers to evaluate environmental-friendly attitude products.

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