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      • 신경망 모형을 이용한 신호교차로 안전도 분석을 위한 연구

        오주택 韓國交通大學校 2013 한국교통대학교 논문집 Vol.48 No.-

        교통의 주요 상충지점인 교차로의 교통사고는 도로구간의 감소추세와 다르게 증가추세를 보이고 있다. 따라서 교차로 교통사고 감소를 위하여 교차로 안전도 분석을 통해 사고의 원인을 파악하고 교통사고를 예측을 통해서 원인과 예방차원에서의 해결방안에 기여하고자 한다. 따라서 본 연구에서는 기존의 교통사고 예측모형에서 주로 사용하는 비선형 회귀방법이 아닌 신경망 모형을 통해 모형을 개발하였다. 수집된 여러 설명변수들 간의 공선성 문제를 분석하였고, 신경망에 많은 설정, 개발 방법 중 어떠한 방법으로 교통사고예측 모형을 개발하는 것이 바람직한지 파악하기 위하여 상관분석을 통하여 총 33개의 변수 중에서 주도로 차로수, 부도로 차로수, 부도로 우회전 차로수, 주도로 횡단보도 유무, 주도로 제한속도, 부도로 제한속도, 부도로 교통섬 유무, 부도로 교통량, 8개의 변수가 사고에 영향을 미치는데 유의미하게 분석되었다. 본 연구에서는 활성화 함수는 가장 많이 사용되는 쌍곡탄젠트와 시그모이드 함수를 사용하였다. 연구 결과, 은닉층이 2개이며 1층은 9개의 노드, 2층은 12개의 노드, 활성화함수는 입력층에는 시그모이드 함수, 출력층에는 쌍곡탄젠트를 사용한 신경망 모형이 가장 높은 설명력(87.7%)을 가진 것으로 분석되었다.

      • 영어 사역구문에 관한 연구

        양희익 한국교통대학교 2019 한국교통대학교 논문집 Vol.54 No.-

        The purpose of this thesis is to examine and explain English causative constructions. In chapter 2, we first examined kinds of the verb which compose causative constructions in school grammar. Most of the school grammar books regard causative verbs only as have, let, make, bid, help etc, which get root infinitive as their object complement. But, if we consider the meaning of causative constructions, there are some more verbs regarded as causative verbs which get to-infinitive as their object complement, like advise, allow, compel, persuade, require, etc. In chapter 3, we examined causative constructions in the early generative grammar and in the minimalist theory. In early generative grammar, transitive verbs, like harden, open, break, grow, put, drop etc., were regarded as causative verbs. Chomsky(1965; 189) introduced verbs like these, which have cause as main verb in the deep sentence structure. In the generative semantics, they decomposed word into semantic composition and identified the structure before lexicalization as surface structure. They regarded the verb ‘kill’ as causative verb and decomposed the verb into ‘CAUSE-TO-DIE’/‘CAUSE-BECOME-NOT-ALIVE’. In the minimalist theory, there is the special view point that they analyze the causative constructions as complex verb phrase structures which have outer verb phrase and inner verb phrase structure. Consequently, in this thesis, we accept Chomsky(1999, 2001)’s agreement theory, no feature moving (insitu agreement), and we insist it as the most economy theory.

      • A Study of Ternary Foot-Initial Double Upbeat Stress in Cayuvava-

        Chin Doo, Kim 한국교통대학교 2019 한국교통대학교 논문집 Vol.54 No.-

        In this paper I will argue that we need only binary foot to deal with ternary rhythm in the initial double upbeat in Cayuvava. Rule-based theory has assumed rewrite rules and some parameters, but OT tried to obliterate them entirely and argue for the constraint-based theory. Initial Double upbeat is more unusual or peculiar phenomenon in stress theory, which shows two unstressed syllable in intial position. Several problems are suggested in rule-based theory and various options of OT are compared to treat double upbeat in Cayuvava. First, Kager (1994) proposed *FTFT and PARSE-2 constraints, which are constrained by directional and distance-sensitive constraints. The former prohibits adjacent feet to reflect weak local parsing (Hayes 1995), and the latter is a mirror image case, which is opposite to FOOT-BINARITY constraint. However, it needs a non-initiality constraint to treat double upbeat in Cayuvava. Second, including lapse constraints, categorical constraints assume a licensing theory, which permits strong positions to have stress. Doing without directional ALL-FT-X, categorical constraints are non-gradient and distance-insensitive. Therefore it is more constrained.

      • 토익 수업에서의 듣기학습 보고서 효과

        송정미 한국교통대학교 2019 한국교통대학교 논문집 Vol.54 No.-

        The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of students’listening logs and suggest an effective way of applying them in teaching a TOEIC listening class. To achieve this goal, students’weekly journals, mid and final evaluation sheets, pre and post mock TOEIC tests are analyzed. Among 28 students who registered in this class, 19 students’ data which have complete resources to use this study were selected. To find out the influence of writing listening logs on TOEIC listening ability, pre and post mock tests were implemented and results were analysed in two groups, a well written group and poorly written group. The results showed that the average score of the well written group was higher than the poorly written group, but the average score of the poorly written group improved slightly more than the well written group. The reason the well written group writes better logs can be attributed to wanting to achieve a good grade in the class. Although it doesnt show a good result in improving TOEIC score, it showed positive effects in teaching TOEIC class. First, the instructor well understood student difficulties in TOEIC listening and gave proper feedback in class. Second, the instructor was able to teach effectively by getting familiar with all the names of the students, understanding individual student backgrounds, communicating with students, and giving proper advice to individual students. In the mid and final evaluation sheet, students expressed gratitude and their determination in achieving future goals.

      • AHP를 사용한 커피전문점 소비자 만족도 우선순위에 관한 연구

        정순석 韓國交通大學校 1967 한국교통대학교 논문집 Vol.51 No.-

        This study is currently coffee market is quantified the importance of selected properties for the general 20-30 consumers to coffee shops unprofessional targeting coffee shops in South Korea in a saturated state, and coffee in severe Korea's coffee market competition by sequencing the executive will operate a restaurant and a coffee shop that wants to operating managers to provide strategic implication to support the safe execution. To this end, this study extracted a wide range of literature significantly select Properties from the study on the existing studies related to coffee shops and coffee shops for more than one week, once by targeting the visitors 20-30 consumers were surveyed, the results of the survey were used to identify the importance and priority of the coffee shop selected properties by AHP. The questionnaire was deployed to 205, the same number was recovered. The questionnaire was 28 except for a survey that determined that the response of insincerity, were also analyzed using a total of 153 respondents 24 people, excluding Expert Choice11.5 programs do not meet the above criteria.

      • 간접목적어 문형 연구

        조남호 한국교통대학교 2019 한국교통대학교 논문집 Vol.54 No.-

        An English sentence consists of two parts: the subject and the predicate. The predicate may consist of a verb alone or a verb together with other words. Onions (1904) classified English predicates into five forms according to their structural patterns. The fourth form of the predicate consists of a verb and two NPs. Many English verbs may be followed by two NPs. Direct and indirect objects in sentences may follow one of two patterns. The two patterns for sentences with indirect objects are the prepositional pattern and the dative movement pattern. Depending primarily on the verb, both patterns or only one pattern may be possible. The dative movement rule takes the indirect object in the prepositional pattern and moves it to the position between the verb and the direct object, while also deleting the preposition. Sometimes sentences with indirect objects can have only the propositional pattern or only the dative movement pattern. As a general rule, both the subject and the indirect object must be animate for both patterns to work. If this is not the case, sentences can generally take only one pattern. With some verbs, sentences with indirect objects may occur in only the dative movement pattern or, more commonly, only the prepositional pattern. Not all to dative verbs and for dative verbs can take the dative movement rule. Those that do not are restricted to the prepositional pattern.

      • 솔 벨로우의 '오늘을 잡아라'에 나타난 단절된 가족관계

        박병주 한국교통대학교 2019 한국교통대학교 논문집 Vol.54 No.-

        This paper attempts to investigate the family relationship represented in Saul Bellow’s Seize the Day on the base of dysfunctional communication. Critics have read Seize the Day as a novel which has concentrated on the protagonist Tommy Wilhelm in view of his psychological crisis state and spiritual awareness through the implication of the final poetic paragraph. But in this paper I would like to understand Tommy’s suffering in terms of his dysfunctional family relationship. Although Dr. Adler, Tommy’s father, is a respectful and successful person, he doesn’t want to be involved in other family members lives including his son and daughter. Each one in the family has a border other members cannot cross. Thus, Tommy’s family has relationship problem. We learn that Dr. Adler has disapproved of his son Tommy’s behavior throughout his life. Tommy tries to communicate with the others through sharing emotion but due to financial hardship he failed to communicate with family members including father. What is clear is that dysfunctional family relationship is responsible for Wilhelm’s spiritual crisis. In conclusion, I claim the importance of the solidarity that exists among family members through genuine communication based on sympathy and empathy in order to escape from the dysfunctional family relationship.

      • 대응과 일치 이론에서의 영어 접사 종류 분석

        조형묵 한국교통대학교 2019 한국교통대학교 논문집 Vol.54 No.-

        This paper analyzes different affix classes in English and how they affect rule application mode of English. Siegel(1974) classifies English affixes into level 1 affixes and level 2 affixes, and when they are attached to stems, they cause different rule application mode. For instance, in the case of nasal place assimilation, the rule applies when level 1 affixes are attached(e.g. in+possible→i[m]possible). However, the application of the same rule is blocked when level 2 affixes are added(e.g. un#balanced(*u[m]balanced)). In this work, the different rule application mode is analyzed in the theory of Agreement-by-Correspondence. Within the theory of Agreement-by-Correspondence, the different rule application mode is analyzed by the change in the constraint ranking. For example, phonological processes of assimilation and dissimilation are analyzed by constraint interactions and the different rule application mode by level 1 affixation and level 2 affixation is analyzed by the change of in constraint ranking. This analysis well matches with the analyses of Booij & Lieber(1993), Borowsky(1993) and others. They argue that the different rule application mode caused by level 1 and level 2 affixation in English can be explained by the fact that a level 1 affix and a stem make one unit, while a level 2 affix and a stem make two separated units.

      • 영어와 한국어 어법의 유사점과 차이점

        김상혁 한국교통대학교 2019 한국교통대학교 논문집 Vol.54 No.-

        The aim of this article is to explain the usage similarity and difference between Korean and English. Though in Korean they use the same word, in English when they refer to an event in terms of the time separating it from the present moment, they use the expression, ‘time phrase + AGO’, if it occurred in the past. The reference point may actually be before the present moment, and they commonly use the expressions, ‘time phrase + BEFORE + reference point. Many Korean speakers of English misuse the adverb, ‘almost’, most frequently and seriously. Many of these mistakes result from confusing the meanings of ‘most’ and ‘almost’. In English, if they are talking about a majority, they use the word, ‘MOST’. In English ‘EVEN THOUGH’ is used for conditions that really exist (FACTS), and ‘EVEN IF’ is used for conditions that do not really exist at the moment (HYPOTHETICAL, imagined, or future situations). In English a ‘STAFF’ is a GROUP OF PERSONS working under the same manager or performing the same functions and an INDIVIDUAL WORKER can be described as being, “on a staff”, ‘a member of a staff’, or ‘a staff member’.

      • 鷄字成語故事의 사회문화적 含意

        유태규 한국교통대학교 2019 한국교통대학교 논문집 Vol.54 No.-

        鸡是六畜之一, 也就是人们的主要的食物源之一.汉语中有许多关于鸡的成语, 这是因为人们在和鸡相处的漫长岁 月中逐渐认识到了它的特点, 为了认识, 指称不断出现的新食物人们借用鸡的一些特征来表达与它具有相似性的 概念. 鸡在人们心目中是光明的使者, 吉祥的象征, 是黑暗的克星, 是邪恶的对头, 是勤奋的象征, 也是着急的代号, 是小肚鸡肠的脾气. 在这些鸡字成语故事里, 鸡或神化, 或被俗化, 都具有意味深厚深长的寓意.

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