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      • 여수반도 수산물 제조업의 실태와 발전방안 연구

        韓秉世 여수대학교 1996 論文集 Vol.10 No.-

        Thanks to the economic development during past 30 years, our country becomes to enter the state of $10,000 GNP. And, with the change of social-economic condition according to the economic development, there have been great variation in the consuming patten of food. The rapid expansion of city population the change of residence form, the generalization of nuclear family, the increase of women employment opportunity, the westermization or simplification of cultural eating habit of young generation, the freshness and high-degree of food consumption, etc have brought about the demand increase of proessed foodstuffs. But, through like this change, for the production of processed foodstuffs and/or efficient marketing system has not constructed, there are flooded with small companies except several large enterprises. On the grounds of geographical conditions of location in Yosu peninsula, the relative gravity and dependency on the marine products industry and the direct or indirect marine manufacturing industry in the aspect of local economy is high. As the real Local Goverment Act become to practice, for the economic in Yosu peninsula, we have to search for the developmet strategy regarding local conditions of location and the industry peculiarity in advance. This research investigated and analyzed the running realities of the marine manufacturing industry department(processing industries, the cold-storage and refrigeration)and examined the problems and suggested afterward development directions and/or plans.

      • 한국산 개불, Urechis unicinctus(von Drasche)의 산업화를 위한 연구 : l. 난 발생에 미치는 온도의 영향 l. The Effect of Temperature on Egg Development

        최규정,김호진,라성주,최상덕,서해립 여수대학교 1998 論文集 Vol.13 No.2

        1998년 11월 21일 여수시에 소재한 제3·4구 잠수기수협을 통해 구입한 한국산 개불을 여수대학교 양식학과 양식장환경(무척추동물학) 실험실로 옮겨 성숙한 개체를 해부아여 난과 정자를 채취하고, 인공수정을 시켜 5∼25℃실험구에서 배 발생과정을 조사하였다. 본 연구에서 개불, Urechis unicinctus 의 배 발생은 5℃와 10℃ 실험구에서 4세포기까지 진행되었고 더 이상의 발생은 나타나지 않았다. 또한, 20℃와 25℃ 실험구에서도 수정란은 기형과 사란으로 인하여 더 이상 발생이 되지 않았다. 그러나 15℃실험구에서 개불의 수정란으 s2시간 40분후에 2세포기, 4시간 10분 후에 4세포기, 5시간 30분 후에 8세포기, 6시간 20분 후에 16세포기, 7시간 후에 32세포기, 7시간 55분 이후에 64세포기로 발생하였다. 그리고 수던후 배 부유유생시기까지는 15시간 35분이 소요되었으며, 이때부터 섬모운동에 의하여 움직이기 시작하였다. In this study, Urechis unicinctus's eggs development process observed in different temperature condition. Mature adult of Urechis unicinctus were collected at the diving cooperation of Yosu in Korea. We carried out the artificial insemination in the laboratory on Nov. 20, 1998, and reared the embryos under different temperature. Treatment were carried out with different temperature(5, 10, 15, 20 and 25℃). Embryos in 5℃ and 10℃ tanks did not develope after four-cell stages, and in 20℃ and 25℃ tanks became deformed or dead. But embryos in 15℃ tank developed into sixty-four-cell stages. After fertilization, two-cell stage took 2 h and 40 min at 15℃ of water temperature, four-cell stage took 4 h and 10 min, eight-cell stage took 5 h and 30 min, sixteen-sell-stage took 6 h and 20 min, thirty-two-cell stage took 7h, and sixty-four-cell stage took 7 h and 55 min, respectively. And swimming embryo took 15 h 35 min.

      • 대학 교양체육의 활성화에 관한 고찰

        배금수 여수대학교 1998 論文集 Vol.13 No.1

        This paper seeks to analyze the nature of physical education in college and suggests some ways to improve the situation. The following is the result. 1. Despite of the current change, from a required subject to an optional subject, the importance of physical education should not be neglected. Furthermore, the students should have more choices through diverse courses. 2. The colleges should provide the students with the foundation for active sports activity besides class time to encourage them to enjoy more positive lives. 3. The sports facilities and equipment in small-sized colleges are very poor compared to that of the big universities, so it is necessary to improve insufficient facilities and equipment first. 4. The instructor is charge of physical education should participate in seminars and research works actively to keep up-to-date sports information and knowledge.

      • 麗水地域 水産物流通改善에 關한 考察

        姜練實 여수대학교 1990 論文集 Vol.4 No.-

        Fishery is classified into catching, processing, and distribution. Importance to catching is attached till now. But the distribution issue will be embossed an important it hereafter. Because now the following problems occur:Uruguay Round negotiation, localization age, and the expansion of live-fish-demand. Especially, beacuse Yeosu is a specialized fishery city, the issue is very important. In the paper, first, I indicate the problems of fisheries distribution in Yeosu and second, will offer improving proposals to solve them. The problems are the same of following: 1. the relative insufficiency of commission sale facility 2. the multistage of distribution channel 3. the imperfection of producting district distribution-system 4. the lack of distribution-creation function 5. the matter that Yeosu fisheries coorperative undertakes a joint market To solve the problems, the following improving proposals are need: 1. the enlargement of auction room-facility 2. to achieve the reduction of distribution channel, the following are need: 1) the expansion of the coorperative and direct sale of producting fisheries cooperative 2) the stage relief of the compulsory listed institution of producting disrict 3) the relief of auctioneer eligibility 4) the computer system instroduction of auction processing 3. the construction of producting district cooperative organization 4. the standardization of products and the improvement of packing technical 5. to achieve the rationalization of joint-market management, the following are need: 1) the reinforcement of powerful commision merchant 2) the increment of co-partner's investments 3) the temporary borrowing of deposit and another usage funds In conclussion, the fisheries distribution of Yeosu district will improve and the curtailment of distributive cost, the composition of competitive price system and the stabilization of price will achieve if the improving proposals as stated above is realized perfectly.

      • 麗水地域 近海漁業의 中心都市 開發에 關한 考察

        姜練實 여수대학교 1990 論文集 Vol.4 No.-

        Now the fishery of korea is faced with a turning point by two important factors, Uruguay Round as internationl problems and localization age as domestic problems. Therefore we have to develop the distrct by using the district characters in order to contrive the development of district fishery. Yeosu has the most advantageous in the natural condition in Korea. Nevertheless, it doesn't give full play to its capability yet. Therefore the development of a fishing port and the adjustment of inshore fishery structure are requested for the development of based fishery city by using this natural condition. To give a fishing port ist full function, the following are need: 1. the expansion of berthing equipment 2. the disintergration of loading capacity 3. the rational arrangement of a fishing-port-related equipment and industry To adjust a inshore fishery structure, the following are need: 1. the attraction of purse seine and trawl large fishery 2. the adjustment of resource trouble between types of business 3. the conversion to the system of freezing and live fish catching 4. the consideration of management education scheme In conclusion, I belive that Yeosu district will develop as a prime fishery city in Korea if the problems as stated above is improved.

      • 영국의 지방재정운용

        복문수 여수대학교 2001 論文集 Vol.16 No.-

        England is the mother land on local autonomy. However, there are many changes in local autonomy with the socio-economic evolution. I'd like to analysis the funding and spending of local finance on the bases of financial autonomy. Because the financial autonomy is one of the most important factors for local autonomy. With this analysis, I has found these things. : (1) government decides grants in advance(3 months before new budget year), (2) local authoriteis run revenue budget and capital budget separately, (3) local authorities are too dependent on the government grants for general and specific works, (4) local authorities have a single local tax system, (5) local authorities get the right to decide the amount of council tax, (6) government introduces the long-run budget system to local authorities, (7) audit commission and inner auditor. Especially, Korean government and local authorities would be able to get some lessons on (1), (3), (4) and (6) among them.

      • 우리 나라 대학입시정책의 문제점과 개선 방안

        이두휴 여수대학교 1998 論文集 Vol.13 No.1

        The present system of university admission has been one of the most serious problems confronted with Korean education as the cancerous factor in education and society. Continuous denunciation and the change of this system without settlement are due to social consciousness, social structure, seating capacity of university and society as well as the contradiction of the system itself. In the last fifty three years, we have experienced various types of the system of entrance examination for university. The change of the system is driven from prevention of injustice entrance, normalization of high school education, equality of educational opportunity, autonomy of university. The change of the system of entrance examination for university is characterized as the strengthening of national intervention. It seems that the observation on the change of the system offers the point at issue and solution to find the best method. The alternative to the present system should be conceptualized upon the basis of the following factors. First, national intervention in the entrance examination for university should be abolished. Second, the autonomy of university in the entrance examination should be assured and the capacity of university in administering the entrance examination should be enhanced. Third, universities should be encouraged to specialize and diversify in some specific programs according to the needs of consumers they serve.

      • EPM에 의한 GaP의 에너지 밴드구조 연구

        鄭浩鎔 여수대학교 1987 論文集 Vol.1 No.-

        energy band structure of Gap is calculated by the empirical pseudopotential method. The Lowdin Brust perturbation theory is considered to reduce matrix size of the secular equation. For these calculations the matrix size(∼15×15) is smaller than in the CB(∼20×20) case and J.R. Chelikowsky etal. case (∼30×30). Form factors are decided from reflectivity spectra, ultraviolet photoemission spectra(UPS) and x-ray photoemission spectra (XPS) data. Reflectivity data is well explained by these calculations. The agreements of theory and experimental data of UPS and XPS are improved by considering effective mass.

      • 층위구조와 운율구조를 통한 음절분석

        오관영 여수대학교 2001 論文集 Vol.16 No.-

        The purpose of this paper is to suggest a new approach to syllable structure, which can show the whole processes of stress shift and vowel alternations. The approaches I have attempted to show in this paper are three types, these being rule-based, prosodic, and harmonic approaches. However from the comparison of existing methods we can find a few problems in dealing with stress shift and vowel laxing compositely. They dealt with the syllable just partially on the linear, which made us overlook the other important phenomena in the syllable structure. When we look at the stress movement, it causes the vowel lax or tense. Therefore the words related with the phenomena will be dealt with consideration to dual sides. Now this paper will adopt the level approach to show more appropriate explanation than the existing analysis.

      • 麗順事件 硏究의 現況과 課題

        鄭淸柱 여수대학교 1998 論文集 Vol.13 No.1

        In this paper, I examined the results that the theses on the Yosu incident(1948) had gained, and the limits that they had in them. I also pointed out what kinds of problems we may solve when we study the incident further. Most of all, collecting and arranging the historical materials related to the incident are needed. Exact examinations of the facts, which were shown among people in the region when the incident happened, have to be performed by those who study on the incident.

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