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        • Urban Entertainment Center 사업과 지역경제의 파급효과 분석

          주수현,허정옥,진금옥,강상주 동의대학교 경제경영전략연구소 2006 經濟經營硏究 Vol.4 No.1

          This research is designed for conducing spreading effects of regional economy by analyzing Input-Output Model(i.e. production model, employment model, value model, and income model). These measures of spreading effects in regional economy were determined by precise analyses of feasibility and demands of public businesses. That would be effective and confident polices and supportive for long time in the regional ecinimy. One of the most effectibe analysis on the spreading effects of regional economy is draw up Input-Output Model(IOM). This article, based on 2000 IOM of Busan Area, is focused that how the turbulence level of final demands affected spreading effects of regional economy, such as industrial production, value added, employment, incom etc. Also there were included the analysis of economic analyses of spreading effects on the UEC in the Centum City businesses.

        • 무한경쟁 시대의 경영철학

          윤석철 동의대학교 경제경영전략연구소 2003 經濟經營硏究 Vol.1 No.1

          The objective of this paper is to derive a philosophy of management to survive in the severe competition. In order to derive this philosophy I drew upon the history of survival in nature. It would be inaccurate to view business corporations as like living creatures in nature. Thus, this paper does not try to make a wholesale analogy from nature to business. This paper only adopts the central ideas from the history of nature, such as the survival of the fittest and the strategies for symbiosis. As for research methodology, this paper relies on logical reasoning and elaborate analysis of cases. Through this methodology this paper developed a formula in the form of mathematical inequalities for business leaders to refer to in order to survive in competition. The inequalities were derived as follows. This paper assumed that a consumer will buy a product only if he or she feels that the value (V) that he or she feels for the product is larger than the price (P) of the product. If this condition is expressed in terms of an inequality, it is as follows: Product Value (V) > Product Price (P) (1) On the other hand, a company can survive and prosper only if the price it charges to the consumer for a product is larger than the cost (C) for producing it. This condition can be expressed as the following inequality: Product Price (P) > Product Cost (C) (2) If we combine the consumer’s position, or Inequality (1), with the company’s position, or Inequality (2), the following is established. Product Value (V) > Product Price (P) > Product Cost (C) (3) Finally, this paper identified three basic traits that managers need to possess in order to satisfy the inequalities.

        • 예술경영의 실제 : 그랜드 오페라단의 발전방안과 성공 사례를 중심으로

          안지환 동의대학교 경제경영전략연구소 2003 經濟經營硏究 Vol.1 No.1

          The art management is the intermediation through the medium of art between the manufacturer(artist) and the cousumer(audience). The vocabulary of 'the art management' is made up of the art and the management. The followings are summerized the practice of art management and developmental ideas. 1. Making an effort to product and supply the high-quality performance goods. 2. The enlargement of the art education in order to increase the existing and new customers. 3. The enlargement of investment in order to promote the performing art on the basis of the variety and the creative talent. 4. Circulating the art products through the use of media and the research development. 5. Developing a system, like as the hardware(performing arts facilities), the humanware(performing human power) and the software(perfoming program).

        • 부산지역 벤처기업의 경쟁우위전략과 경영성과에 관한 실증적 연구

          정동섭,윤민석 동의대학교 경제경영전략연구소 2005 經濟經營硏究 Vol.3 No.2

          In spite of the variety of business environments around start-up firms, almost all existing studies on business strategy of new ventures. The purpose of the present research is to examine the relationships of the corporate capability, competitive advantage and performance of Venture Business. There was much research for Venture Business in other lands, but there was a little in Korea. Through previous literature, we can't find differences between venture business strategies and common corporation strategies. So this research treats new strategies of venture. This research is explanatory and three research questions. This research focuses on the determining factors(corporate capability, competitive advantage) and management performance of venture business in Busan. area. In order to test the established 3 hypothesis, several multi-variate analyses are used. Factor analysis is used to reduce the competitive advantage question to its underlying factors. Finally, multivariate regression and analysis is used to determine whether performance differences The result of this study would be useful to practitioners on management and entrepreneurship. Finally, this study is expected to encourage venture entrepreneurs to create new ventures in Busan venture business and to assist more new ventures operating business

        • 저금리 환경에서 생명보험회사의 판매채널전략

          정세창 동의대학교 경제경영전략연구소 2005 經濟經營硏究 Vol.3 No.2

          The purpose of this paper is to suggest the distribution strategies of life insurance companies to cope with the negative spread. The strategies are shown by analysing the attitude of customers, the trend and characterists of channels, and competitors in the negative spread and the cases of Japan, Europe, and the US. The strategies can be suggested by three categories: the customer, the channel, and the alliance with other financial institutions. Firstly, trust is one of the most important factor in the customer strategies. It is also important to analyse the needs and behavior of customers scientifically. Secondly, a life insurance company should know that the revenue may decrease even though the cost decrease when developing a new channel such as telephone and internet. Control and conflict is also considered in reconstructing the channels. Finally, it is need to last life insurance specific advantages. The advantages give a life company bargaining power in alliance with other financial institutions.

        • 생보 보유계약 손익의 민감도분석

          오창수 동의대학교 경제경영전략연구소 2005 經濟經營硏究 Vol.3 No.2

          This paper introduces the basic formular to profit test. With the real data of mortality, interest, lapse ratio, expenses and tax, the profit of life insurance products in force are analyzed in the different scenarios. This paper shows sensitivity analysis of profit as interest, mortality, lapse ratio, expenses and discount rate change. In this paper whole life insurance in force and annuity in force are used to show the profit test of the life insurance business. This paper is focused on the importance of the profit of the life insurance products when actuaries design the insurance products. This paper can be modified and used for the calculation of the life insurance premiums with profit objectives and embedded value of life insurance company. Using the methods in this paper, premiums are then adjusted to meet the desired profit objectives.

        • 웹 표준기술 기반 Frame 요소 접근성 평가 모형 개발

          박성제 ( Park Seong-je ),정석찬 ( Jeong Seok-chan ) 동의대학교 경제경영전략연구소 2013 經濟經營硏究 Vol.8 No.2

          Recently usage of internet and information and communication devices is growing in every aspect of social life including politics, economics and education due to developments in information and communication technology, and rapid expansion of internet. On the other hand low information level of elderly and the handicapped is still remaining as a social problem. Also the advent of Web 2.0 has increased the multi-functionality and complexity of the web making it even more difficult to use for them. For this reason, various countries are conducting severe efforts to ensure web accessibility, such as preparing legal regulations to solve information gap issues. Due to increase of interest in web accessibility and realization of its necessity, plenty of accessibility indicators and automatic assessment tools have been developed, but previous literature indicated various problems about these indicators and tools. Thus this research proposes and verifies a frame elements web accessibility assessment model by considering web standards which develops the same web page for every client environment. Provided that web-based accessibility is directly affected by the use of special technical elements related to formation of web contents, the problems of accessible web development methods can be solved by proposing a particular web accessibility assessment method based on standard technical elements.

        • 이슬람 무이자 은행에 대한 투자가의 경제적 후생극대화에 관한 연구

          최태영 동의대학교 경제경영전략연구소 2005 經濟經營硏究 Vol.3 No.2

          We show how risk-averse investors of Islamic interest-free banking maximize their welfare with a focus on mudaraba contract using a simple PLS model and diagrams. Under a restricted situation where western-type traditional banks are excluded, we find that a risk-averse investor will decide the amount of liquid asset put on PLS account to maximize his/her economic welfare. However, under a more realistic situation where Islamic interest-free banks and western-type banks compete each other in financial market, we show that a risk-averse investor will choose the western-type banks to maximize his/her economic welfare. This means that the western-type banks are more competitive than the Islamic interest-free banks. We should pay special caution to the fact that the above results does not consider the significant impact of Islamic principles on a risk averter's portfolio selection. If the PLS model had included the influence of the faith of Islam, we might have obtained different results.

        • Comparative Analysis of IT Industry`s Competitiveness through Enterprise Innovation between Korea and China

          ( Noh Hyun-soo ),( Lee Jae-sung ) 동의대학교 경제경영전략연구소 2014 經濟經營硏究 Vol.9 No.1

          This paper review change of IT export-import structure between Korea and China by use of trade related index and focuses on analyzing comparative advantage based on time-series analysis statistics data by using analysis index of trade intensity index(TII), revealed comparative advantage index(RCA), trade specialization index(TSI). The purpose of this research understand both 2 country`s trade structure to strengthen Korea-China economic cooperations and examine trade drawback to analyze causes which affect trade and by its improvement direction, find out way of trade expansion. According to this effects, mutually, intra-economy`s potential complementation is immense and furthermore, expected profits from here is also sufficiently guaranteed compared to that of any area of regional economic integrated community. From our economic viewpoint, Northeast economic cooperations can provide opportunity for industry technological cooperations with partner Japan under the circumstance of accelerating competitions among industries day by day and secure stable resource supplier as well as enlargement of export market and diversification which is expected to bring significant positive effects.

        • 카지노 종사원의 내부마케팅이 조직성과에 미치는 영향

          김기동 동의대학교 경제경영전략연구소 2010 經濟經營硏究 Vol.5 No.1

          Service firms is dependent is recognizing the importance of the human resource. The Kangwon Land also depends on the quality of internal service to employees. The objective of this paper is to analyzed through internal marketing. It comes to the summary of the results which is following. First, the internal marketing do not affect personal satisfaction, affect business sense of satisfaction. second, job satisfaction which is of two factors(personal and business satisfaction) affect job performance. third, personal satisfaction affect job performance, but business satisfaction do not affect. According to this results, internal marketing should require educational, compensation and policy for creating more professional attitude of employees and organizational goal of Kangwon Land.

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