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          • 보육시설의 조직문화 연구를 위한 방법론 고찰

            김진아,이종희 동덕여자대학교 생활과학연구소 2008 생활과학연구 Vol.13 No.-

            This study examined the methods of identifying the organizational cultures of child care centers. The premises of this study were two fold: first, organizational culture is a significantly influential determinant of organizational efficiency, and second, studies exploring organizational cultures of child dare centers are impendingly necessary to enhance the organizational efficiencies of the centers which have been rapidly increased in our country. For the purpose, the researchers reviewed the concepts of organizational cultures and the beginning of the research movement on organizational culture which was started in the academic area of business administration. Based on the review, two conclusions were made. First, 'the organizational cultures of child care centers' can be conceptualized as the values and beliefs shared among the members of the organizations, and also as the symbols or symbolic behaviors of the members which reflect the shared values and beliefs. Second, considering the fact that studies on organizational culture were very limited in the child care area, the Competing Values Model is appropriate to be applied because the broad and general description of the organizational culture will be possible through the model. Accordingly, the researchers suggested to focus on the shared values and beliefs as a way to study organizational cultures of child care centers, and to classify the cultures according to their types as tried in CVM. The researchers also suggested quantitative approach or the combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches as a way to practically carry out a study.

          • 비타민C가 혈액암세포에 미치는 영향

            박세연 동덕여자대학교 생활과학연구소 2006 생활과학연구 Vol.11 No.-

            L-Ascorbic acid (LAA) is being investigated clinically for the treatment of patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) based on the observed effects of LAA on AML progenitor cells in vitro. However. the mechanism for LA A-induced cytoreduction remains to be elucidated. LAA at concentrations of 0.25-1.0mM induced a dose- and time-dependent inhibition of proliferation in three AML cell lines and also in leukemic cells from peripheral blood specimens obtained from three patients with AML. Flow cytometric analysis showed that LAA at concentrations of 0.25-I.0mM could significantly induce apoptosis in the AML cell lines. LAA induced oxidation of glutathione to oxidized form (GSSG) and subsequent H_(2)O_(2) accumulation in a concentration-dependent manner. in parallel to induction of apoptosis. The direct role of H_(2)O_(2) in the induction of apoptosis in AML cells was clearly demonstrated by the finding that catalase could completely abrogate LAA-induced apoptosis. Induction of apoptosis in LAA-treated AML cells involved a dose-dependent increase of Bax protein. release of cytochrome C from mitochondria to cytosol, activation of caspase 9 and caspase 3, and cleavage of poly[ADP-ribose]polymerase. In conclusion, LAA can induce apoptosis in AML cells. and this is clearly due to HzOz which accumulates intracellularly as a result of oxidation of reduced glutathione by LAA. There is a continuing interest in cellular antioxidants and oxidants, and with the mechanisms that cells possess for dealing with their effects. One of the most important mechanisms is mediated via the widely distributed tripeptide thiol glutathione (L--glutamyl-L-cysteinyl glycine, GSH). Here, we report the molecular mechanism underlying the induction of GSH and glutathione S-transferase (GST) in human acute myeloid leukemia HL-60 and NB4 cells, treated with LAA.

          • 가족개념과 가족복지서비스에 대한 세대간 인식 차이

            남기철 동덕여자대학교 생활과학연구소 2006 생활과학연구 Vol.11 No.-

            This empirical study is aimed at analysis on the difference of the family concept and family service needs between generations. Data were collected by structured questionnaire. Data from 270 college students and 162 parents were analyzed. Students generation showed family concept that is broader and more acceptive in diversity terms. But parents generation showed the position that the function of the family should be more important. It was analyzed that students generation accepted single-parents family and remarriage family without stigma. And Students generation saw the problem of the family poverty more serious. About family welfare service needs, students generation and parents generation showed different characteristics. The implication of this analysis were discussed for practical issues.

          • 조선시대 아동의 삶과 소파 방정환의 아동관

            우남희 동덕여자대학교 생활과학연구소 2007 생활과학연구 Vol.12 No.-

            The purpose of this study was to investigate the lives of the children lived at the end of Chosun dynasty in Korea and Jungwhan Pang's view of the children who was a writer of children's literature and the leader of child-movement at that time. The lives of the children in Chosun Dynasty was miserable because the economy and the cultural environment of the country was terrible under the invasion by Japan for 36 years. In addition to that children had to obey and worship their parents and other grown-ups, because Chosun was a hierarchical society with strict Confucianism. The status of the children was very low and they were treated inappropriately by adults. Although adults despised and had given hard time to children, Chungwhan valued children as the future of the country and tried to enhance children's status and rights. He viewed children as independent human beings with much potential, so adults shouldn't look down upon the children but have to respect them and use descent languages to them. His view toward the children was totally opposite to that of his age, but he tried every efforts to make the children's lives better: writing children's stories, poems, and translating foreign stories for children, lectures for parents, establ ishing the Day of the Children, and pub I ishing children's journals.

          • 유아의 장애에 대한 이해증진에 관한 연구

            안명희,이효진 동덕여자대학교 생활과학연구소 2006 생활과학연구 Vol.11 No.-

            The purpose of this study was to investigate the nature of young children's understanding about individual differences with regard to physical disability and to test the effectiveness of a short-term awareness program consisting of 1) picture book reading 2) in-depth discussions about different types of disability 3) hands-on experiences: riding wheel-chairs, pretending to be visually-impaired by using blindfolds or pretending to be hearing-impaired by having students use sign language 4) writing letters to the handicapped children depicted in the story books. All activities were designed to increase exposure to, build understanding of, and foster positive attitude toward handicapped children at preschool level. With a total of 40 kindergarten children aged 5, the extent of their understanding about physical disabilities with regard to the reason, implication of, and attitude toward different type of disability was measured before and after the children participated in the activities designed for this pilot study, using a modified version of Primary Student Survey of Handicapped Persons (PSSHP). Significant positive results from the training sessions added to developing effective early intervention program aimed at preventing prejudice and at fostering positive attitude toward individuals with disabilities.

          • 가정에서의 바람직한 시민교육 모형 개발을 위한 연구

            신용주 동덕여자대학교 생활과학연구소 2006 생활과학연구 Vol.11 No.-

            Despite the fast economic development and technological advancements, the level of citizenship qualities of average Koreans has not been perceived to match them. There has been a growing need to establish a citizenship education model at home in Korea to raise children to be global citizens. In this paper, the changes happened in the context of the Korean family in terms of the types, functions and values and the parental attitudes were described. In comparison, the contents of citizenship education in the U. K. and the U. S. were reviewed. In order for Korean children to build up good citizenship qualities, the values and attitudes of Korean parents need to be extended beyond their own families to cherish life in the community and the society. Rather than encouraging academic success, parents need to discipline their children to learn rights, to fulfill responsibilities and to enjoy life as good citizens. A call for a new citizenship model to reflect the traditional Korean values as well as global citizenship qualities was addressed.

          • 나노 캐리어의 제조 및 특성조사

            진병석 동덕여자대학교 생활과학연구소 2007 생활과학연구 Vol.12 No.-

            Calcein entrapped nano carriers, which are vesicular system composed mainly of phospholipid, solvent, and water, were prepared with varying the composition of constituent components. They are named as ethosome, PGsome, and BGsome according to solvent used to dissolve the phospholipid. Liquid crystalline vesicle was formed by hydration of solvent-dissolved phospholipid with a solution containing a hydrophilic component. Liquid crystalline phase behavior and thermal phase transition of the nano carrier were investigated by the polarized optical microscopy equipped with hot stage. Constituent lipid composition and amount of added solvent had a considerable effect on the average particle sizes of the nano carrier. Compared with liposorne, nano carrier showed much higher encapsulation efficiencies, which were dependent of constituent lipid composition and amount of added calcein solution.

          • 중년기 위기와 가족 스트레스

            신혜섭 동덕여자대학교 생활과학연구소 2006 생활과학연구 Vol.11 No.-

            The purpose of this study were to identify dietary pattern in relation to artherosclerosis among Korean. The relationship was investigated based on longitudinal observation of diet and artherosclerosis prevalence during 1970-2000. The observed year of artherosclerosis prevalence had been matched with 10 years interval after the year of food consumption. Artherosclerosis prevalence was studied based on cause of death during 1980-2000. Food consumption was studied using the Korean National Health and Nutrition Survey during 1970-1990. As a result artherosclerosis prevalence increased with increasing consumption of meat, fish, egg, fruit up to the certain level of consumption. However, the relationship disappear when the prevalence had reached the higher level of prevalence. It may imply that other health related behavioral factors than dietary factor had influenced more on artherosclerosis incidence when the rate of incidence had reached higher level.

          • 유아의 창의성과 조기 영어교육의 관계 분석

            우남희 동덕여자대학교 생활과학연구소 2006 생활과학연구 Vol.11 No.-

            This study investigated the relations between preschool children's experiences of English learning and their intelligence and creativity. The subjects were ten preschool children and their mothers. Five children were from two English Institutes where kindergarten curricula were taught in English, whereas five children were from a regular kindergarten in Seoul. K-WPPSI(Korean-Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence) and TTCI(Torrancc Test of Creative Thinking) were used to examine the children's intelligence and creativity. Interviews with the mothers were provided to find out children's experiences of English education. The results as follow: The difference between the two groups in IQ scores was trivial, whereas the difference in TTCT scores was significant with 30.2 points. The children who spent more time in learning English got lower scores in creativity test.

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