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        • KCI등재

          소청룡탕이 천식이 유발된 생쥐의 면역세포에 미치는 영향

          김형우,Kim, Hyung-Woo 대한예방한의학회 2006 대한예방한의학회지 Vol.10 No.2

          BACKGROUND : Socheongryong-Tang(小靑龍湯, SCRT), a herbal medicine, has been widely used for the control of respiratory disease in Eastern countries. Recent years SCRT was known as anti-allergic agent. However, its therapeutic mechanisms, especially an inhibitory effect on inflammatory cell infiltration and airway remodeling in allergic asthma are unclear. METHODS : We investigated the effects of SCRT on levels of IL-4, and IFN-g using flow cytometric analysis and infiltration of inflammatory cells in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid(BALF) using cytospin methods in allergen-induced asthma. RESULTS : SCRT decreased levels of IL-4, a Th2-driven cytokine. But INF-g, a Th1-driven cytokine, was not changed. With SCRT treatment, infiltration of inflammatory cells showed reduced tendency. CONCLUSION : In conclusion, we demonstrated that regulation of Th1/Th2 imbalance may be one of mechanism contributed to reduction of inflammatory cell infiltration.

        • KCI등재후보

          예방한의학 연수의 제도 시행에 따른 구체적인 규정의 개발과 시행 방안

          신용철,고성규,Shin, Yong-Cheol,Ko, Seong-Gyu 대한예방한의학회 2008 대한예방한의학회지 Vol.12 No.1

          With the start of the residentship of Korean preventive medicine in 2008, the residency training programs should be established and also operation plan for the residentship of Korean preventive medicine should be setup. This residency training program need to contain the future oriented study objective to be an expert of the preventive medicine and could be updated the changes in health service needs of the population. Specially in the part of Health Promotion(YangSaeng) in Korean Medicine, strengthening in medical practice, not just in knowledge is urgently required. And we should have more concentrations on preventive service for the individual, as in clinical preventive medicine. Training residents by the systematic and well scheduled programs, not just teacher..and assistant..in the academic facilities. These approach may not only contribute for the better future of the preventive medicine, but also improve in disease prevention and health promotion.

        • KCI등재후보

          약물사용평가 시스템 구축을 위한 한약제제의 실태 조사 연구

          고호연,장보형,선승호,전찬용,박종형,권동렬,오미현,정희,고성규,Go, Ho-Yeon,Jang, Boh-Young,Sun, Seung-Ho,Jun, Chan-Yong,Park, Jong-Hyeong,Kwon, Dong-Ryul,Oh, Mi-Hyune,Jung, Hee,Ko, Seong-Gyu 대한예방한의학회 2008 대한예방한의학회지 Vol.12 No.3

          The purpose of this study is to investigate the actual conditions of herbal medicine products for the establishment of drug utilization review system. To accomplish of the purpose, we investigated medical treatment pay of insurance and consumption of herbal medicine products in pharmacy at jeollabuk-do, two oriental hospital etc. To gain valid and reliable the actual conditions of herbal medicine products, it needed close relationship with oriental hospital, society for manufacture of herbal medicines etc and further study classify herbal medicines by Korean Medicine.

        • KCI등재

          경상북도 일부 고교생을 대상으로 한 도인안교의 스트레스 저하 효과에 대한 파일럿 연구

          박혜정,이상재,임병묵,Park, Hye Jung,Lee, Sangjae,Lim, Byungmook 대한예방한의학회 2014 대한예방한의학회지 Vol.18 No.2

          Objective : This study was to examine the effects of Doin-Angyo program, evidenced by East Asian Medicine literatures, on stress among smoking adolescents. Method : This study was a prospective community trial using a one-group, pretest-posttest design. As an intervention, Doin-Angyo program was implemented for 10 minutes per session, 3 days a week, for 6 weeks to smoking students who attend a Girl's high school. Psychological stress was measured by self-report questionnaire and physiological stress was measured by salivary cortisol. The final sample for the questionnaire included 18 participants. In addition, pre- and post-salivary cortisol levels of 24 adolescents participating in the last session were compared in order to identify the acute effects of Doin-Angyo program in reducing stress. Results : There were no significant differences in overall stress-test results from the comparisons before and after the intervention. However, we found a significant going-down of the stress level(p = .032) in the question, "About School-work" among six sub-category questions. From the salivary cortisol tests in the last session, we found, in comparison with the standard salivary cortisol density level, $0.3{\mu}g/dL$, the density level tended to go down(p = .062) when higher than the standard, and it went up(p = .001) when lower than the standard, after 10 minute session. Conclusion : The results of this pilot study supported the partial effect of Doin-Angyo program in reducing the stress levels. The study protocol and results can be used to elaborate the community trials design aiming to prove the effect of Korean Medicine based health promotion modalities.

        • KCI등재

          감두탕(甘豆湯)의 농약중독 예방효과에 대한 임상적 연구 (I) - 살충제(유기인제)를 중심으로 -

          장인수,김길중,김권희,유성기,안철호,한일수,Jang In-Soo,Kim Gil-Jung,Kim Kweon-Hee,Yu Sung-Ki,An Chul-Ho,Han Il-Soo 대한예방한의학회 2000 대한예방한의학회지 Vol.4 No.2

          Objectives: We have accomplished a clinical research about counteracting the pesticides intoxication using oriental medical method and treatment. And we observed the preventive effect of Gamdu-tang(甘豆湯) to intoxication of Organophosphorus Insecticides. Material and Methods: The subjects were 8 volunteers who were healthy and not taking medications. we observed change of cholinesterase(ChE) activity in serum of them after exposed to pesticides Results and Conclusions : In this study of the preventive effects of Gamdu-tang(甘豆湯) on the intoxication of Organophosphate Insecticides, we evaluated that the decreasing value of ChE activity after spraying insecticides of Gamdu-tang medication group was smaller than non-medication group, but it was less significant(P>0.05 P<0.1). We had a difficult to gather participant in this study, so it's necessary for us to get together more larger group in the next study.

        • KCI등재

          일개 보건소의 양약-한약 병용투여 현황 보고: 2019년 의무기록에 대한 후향적 분석

          박성준,최성훈,박찬종,이근희,공규동,홍지은,추홍민,강경호 대한예방한의학회 2020 대한예방한의학회지 Vol.24 No.2

          Objectives : This study is retrospective chart review research on the combined-prescription of Western and Korean medicine in Public Health Center in rural area. Methods : Researchers reviewed medical records of patients who was prescribed Korean medicine and Western medicine from 1st, Jan, 2019 to 31st, Dec, 2019 in Public Health Center. 50 patients’ medical records were included. Results : Total number of treatment is 3,808 cases and 1.3% of them is prescribed Korean medicine and Western medicine simultaneously. Prescription of Korean medicine is 153 cases and Western medicine is 160. Jowiseunggi-tang and Diroba tablet were the most frequently prescribed Korean medicine and Western medicine. Furthermore, Korean Medicine Doctors of Public Health Center use muscular skeletal disease system code(M code among KCD code) for prescription and Western Medicine Doctors use diseases of the circulatory system(I code among KCD code) frequently. Conclusions : We analyze 50 patients who were prescribed both Korean medicine and Western medicine. Mostly, patients were prescribed medicine for different diseases in each clinic. In western medicine clinic, drugs about circulatory or endocrine disease were prescribed frequently and in Korean Medicine clinic, drugs about muscular skeletal disease were most frequently prescribed. This result imply the real world’s combination of prescription status that was different from result of National health insurance corporation database. Senior patients in rural area take medicine long period and have various underlying disease. We call for some attention about senior and rural area patients’ prescription status in interaction studies of Korean medicine and Western medicine.

        • KCI등재

          건강 증진을 위한 평소 증상 기반의 한열변증 설문지 개발 - 일치도를 중심으로

          배광호,윤영흠,여민경,김호석,이영섭,이시우,Bae, Kwang-Ho,Yoon, Youngheum,Yeo, Minkyung,Kim, Ho-Seok,Lee, Youngseop,Lee, Siwoo 대한예방한의학회 2016 대한예방한의학회지 Vol.20 No.2

          Objectives : We presented the results of reliability study in advance, and analyzed agreement between Korean medicine doctors(KMDs)' diagnosis and cold-heat pattern identification questionnaire(CHPI)'s diagnosis. Methods : This survey was conducted from May 16 to 17, 2015. The subjects were 93 adults living in rural society. Diagnosis of CHPI was performed by 2 KMDs who have clinical experience more than 5 years. The KMDs' diagnosis was set as a reference index, and then we compare 23 items(cold pattern 11 items and heat pattern 12 items) of CHPI questionnaire and 15 items(cold pattern 8 items and heat pattern 7 items) that were brief form of it. We had cut-off value by standard of KMDs' diagnosis using receiver operating characteristic-curve(ROC-curve), with which we calculated agreement including kappa value. Correlation analysis between CHPI evaluation score by KMDs and by the questionnaire was fulfilled as well. Results : Agreement about 11 and 8 cold pattern items showed 87.1% together, and the value of kappa each recorded 0.742 and 0.741. Agreement about 12 and 7 heat pattern items suggested 81.7% and 78.5%, and the value of kappa showed 0.634 and 0.570. Correlation coefficients were 0.803 of 11 items and 0.761 of 8 items about cold pattern. In addition, correlation coefficients were 0.789 of 12 items and 0.767 of 7 items about heat pattern. The significant probability (p-value) was under 0.001. Conclusions : We have developed CHPI questionnaire involving reliability and agreement based on usual symptoms, and hope additional complements so that Korean medicine diagnostics and Korean preventive medicine would be improved.

        • KCI등재

          십전대보탕을 투여한 흰쥐의 중요장기중 금속농도변화에 대한 연구

          윤성욱,이선동,Yoon Seong-Wook,Lee Sun-Dong 대한예방한의학회 2000 대한예방한의학회지 Vol.4 No.1

          This dissertation was to research how some metal level within SipJeonDaeBo - Decoction, one of oriental prescriptions, influence Sprague-Dawley animals. 1. Under the experiment with drinking waters there was no metal ${\sim}0.65\;mg/L$ detected. A metal with feed found 0.001-376.983mg/kg. 2. In the mice's kidney, brain, bones used experiment, As searched 0.474 mg/kg, 0.486 mg/kg, 0.314 mg/kg 0.834 mg/kg respectively ; Cd 0.060 mg/kg, 0.045 mg/kg, 0.030 mg/kg, 0.353 mg/kg, ; Co 0.105 mg/kg, 0.063 mg/kg, 0.030 mg/kg, 0.399 mg/kg, ; Cr 0.292 mg/kg, 0.304 mg/kg, 0.234 mg/kg, 0.962 mg/kg, ; Cu 4.201 mg/kg, 3.759 mg/kg, 1.923 mg/kg, 0.484 mg/kg, ; Fe 57.535 mg/kg, 150.571 mg/kg, 17.178 mg/kg, 281.506 mg/kg, ; no Hg, Mn 0.612 mg/kg, 2.968 mg/kg, 0.528 mg/kg, 4.205 mg/kg, ; Ni 0.094 mg/kg, 0.072 mg/kg, 0.078 mg/kg, 27.714 mg/kg, ; Pb 0.269 mg/kg, 0.293 mg/kg, 0.283 mg/kg, 43.142 mg/kg ; Zn 4.149 mg/kg, 21.861 mg/kg, 8.088 mg/kg, 226.283 mg/kg respectively. 3. In level of hazardous metal within idney control group searched 0.194 {\pm}\; 0.052 mg/kg, experimental I g개up $0.189{\pm}0.036\;mg/kg$, experimental I group $0.264 {\pm}{\pm}\;0.179\;mg/kg$. In level of non hazardous metal control group searched $15.917{\pm}5.575\;mg/kg$, experiment I group $17.064{\pm}2.246\;mg/kg$, experiment II group $16.892{\pm}3.586\;mg/kg$. Besides in total level of metal control g.cup detected $6.484{\pm}2.258\;mg/kg$, experiment I group $6.940{\pm}0.914\;mg/kg$, experiment II group $6.915{\pm} 1.508\;mg/kg$ There all was no statistical significance. 4. In level of hazardous metal within the liver control group searched $0.187{\pm}0.048\;mg/kg$, experiment I g개up $0.168[\pm}0.079\;mg/kg$, experiment II group $0.277{\pm}0.159\;mg/kg$. In level of non hazardous heavy metal control group detected $44.925{\pm}18.468\;mg/kg$, experiment I group $39.917{\pm}12.772\;mg/kg$, experiment II group $49.525{\pm}33.484\;mg/kg$. Besides in total concentration control group searched $18.082{\pm}7.395\;mg/kg$, experiment I group $16.068{\pm}5.128\;mg/kg$, experiment II group $19.977{\pm}13.443\;mg/kg$. There was no statistical significance but hazardous metal gets more level in the experilnent group than in the control group. 5. In level of hazardous metal within brain control group searched $0.145{\pm}0.056\;mg/kg$, experiment I group $$0.167{\pm}0.030\;mg/kg, erperiment II group $0.172{\pm}0.123\;mg/kg$. In level of non hazardous heavy metal control group detected $6.488{\pm}0.965\;mg/kg$, experiment I group $7.290{\pm}0.588\;mg/kg$, experiment II group $7.010{\pm}1.627\;mg/kg$. Besides in total concentration control group searched $2.683{\pm}7.395\;mg/kg$, experiment I group $3.017{\pm}0.238\;mg/kg$, experiment II group $2.908 {\pm} 0.711\;mg/kg$. Therefore there was no statistical significance. 6. In level of hazardous metal within bone control group searched $8.172{\pm}5.195 \;mg/kg$, experiment I group $9.128{\pm}4.143\;mg/kg$, experiment II group $9.401{\pm}6.924\;mg/kg$. There is statistical significance(p<0.05). In level of non hazardous metal control group detected $94.065{\pm}36.035\;mg/kg$, experiment I group $147.563 {\pm}79.939\;mg/kg$, experiment II group $142.730{\pm}77.374\;mg/kg$. Besides in total level control group searched $48.530{\pm}16.523\;mg/kg$, experiment I group $64.502{\pm}31.078\;mg/kg$, experiment II group $62.733 {\pm}34.641\;mg/kg$. Therefore there was no statistical significance. 7 In the correlative research as to how each metal influences to ingestion Cd and Co searched 0.954 and Pb and Ni -0.0884 from kidney. Co and Cd was 0.995 and Zn and As

        • KCI등재

          암 환자 식욕부진 증상 평가 도구의 활용 및 특성에 대한 분석

          오소미,전천후,박선주,장보형,박정수,장수빈,신용철,고성규,Oh, So-Mi,Cheon, Chunhoo,Park, Sunju,Jang, Bo-Hyoung,Park, Jeong-Su,Jang, Soobin,Shin, Yongcheol,Ko, Seong-Gyu 대한예방한의학회 2013 대한예방한의학회지 Vol.17 No.3

          Objectives : Anorexia is the primary symptom impinging cancer patients' Quality of Life. It is usually accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms(GI symptoms). Thus, to measure anorexia symptom precisely, assessing anorexia and GI symptoms together is recommended. This study was designed to analyze cancer-related anorexia assessment tools, extract GI symptoms included in these tools and investigate usefulness of instruments in clinical trials. Methods : Instruments were selected by searching PubMed, PROQOLID database. We analyzed instruments by number of items, assessment method, type of question, GI symptoms. Results : 9 instruments were selected to assess cancer-related anorexia symptom. Most tools adopt Likert scale as response scale and 'during past week' as recall period. Assessment method of all 9 instruments is the self-administration. Questions measuring anorexia are able to be sorted into 3 forms (frequency, severeness, distress of anorexia symptom). Among the GI symptoms, nausea is included in all 9 instruments. In clinical trials of cancer-related anorexia, Edmonton Symptom Assessment Scale(ESAS) and Functional Assessment of Anorexia/Cachexia Therapy Questionnaire(FAACT) were selected as endpoint measure. Conclusions : The result showed that FAACT is the only specialized tool to assess cancer-related anorexia. To measure cancer-related anorexia precisely, the need to develop new instrument exists.

        • KCI등재후보

          추출조건을 달리한 마늘 추출물이 Triton WR-1339 유발 고지혈증 흰주의 체내 지질대사에 미치는 영향

          정명수,김혜자,조화은,최윤희,한중호,이기남,Chong, Myong-Soo,Kim, Hae-Ja,Cho, Hwa-Eun,Choi, Yun-Hee,Han, Choong-Ho,Lee, Ki-Nam 대한예방한의학회 2009 대한예방한의학회지 Vol.13 No.1

          The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of garlic(Allium sativum L.) extracts with extraction conditions on hyperlipidemia prevention. The extracts prepared for garlic by hot temperature extraction(HG), low temperature extraction(LG), UMPM extraction(UG), fermentation(FG) and black garlic hot temperature(BG) method. To evaluate of hypolipidemia effect in vivo, we examined serum and liver lipid profiles of Triton WR-1339 induced hyperlipidemia rats. Serum triglyceride and total cholesterol levels in UG group were significantly higher than control group. Liver total cholesterol content in LG group and liver triglyceride in UG group was significantly lower than control group.

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