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        • 교직과정 발전계획 및 추진과제 탐색 : 남서울대학교 교직과정을 중심으로

          허영주,장선영,박희석,이석열 남서울대학교 2011 남서울대학교 논문집 Vol.17 No.1

          The purpose of this study is to search for plan and strategies that pre-teacher's educational process of Namseoul University is been professional and systematic process. For success of this purpose, we analyze the criteria for teacher's certificate, an appraisal standard of 3nd evaluation in teacher training institute, stages of development and present condition on Narnseoul University pre-teacher's educational process. According of this analysis, we establish plan and strategies that pre-teacher's educational process of Narnseoul University is been professional and systematic process. Plan is established eight domain about specialized strategies, internationalized strategies, professor, facilities and administration and finance, curriculum, lesson, work experience, outcome. Also, Plan is established in the middle of tasks and detailed tasks, pushing ahead with a tasks.

        • 기독교대학의 정체성, 기독대학인의 책임

          문시영 남서울대학교 2004 남서울대학교 논문집 Vol.10 No.-

          What is the Christian university? This paper studied on responsibility of the Christian in Christian university. They identified as man-the-answerer which has appeared in H. R. Niebuhr. The theological basis of this paper is the theory of God's calling and response of man. So, this paper proposed three responsibility of the Christian in Christian university as the responser for God. First, enhancement of Christian spirituality through Q.T, prayer, worship etc. Second, positive participation of all the Christian in Christian university. And third, embodiment of Christian world view in academic, administrative, and student activities. Now, the most important point in this paper is being responsible members of all the Christian in Christian university from the perspective of missio Dei. It is the most meaningful responsibility of them. And this study emphasis on conclusion as this: the identity of Christian university depend on enthusiasm for responsibility of the Christian in Christian university.

        • 대학 교육개발센터의 기능에 대한 요구 분석 : 남서울대학교를 중심으로

          이석열 남서울대학교 2004 남서울대학교 논문집 Vol.10 No.1

          Recently the establishment of Center for Teaching and Learning has been popular in Korean universities. But there is insufficient discussion of what the function of the CTL in Namseoul universtiy(NCTL) should be to do its accountaility. The Purpose of this study was to investigate and to suggest the function of NCTL to meet the nees of professor. CTL in university should be educational quality assurance system as follows; a) for professor, we have to prepare instructional support service as microteaching, mentoring, workship, teaching portfolio, b) for student, learning support service as study skill, college life style, testing services, c) for cyber education, cyber lecture development and management, d) for instruction material, introduce a better media production methods.

        • 연구개발 성과물의 효율적 관리를 위한 국가차원의 정보체계구축 방안연구

          이재하 남서울대학교 2005 남서울대학교 논문집 Vol.11 No.1

          National R&D programs have been focused on the planning, selection & evaluation, and management of R&D project up to date. But it is more important not only to produce R&D output, but also to spread it's output and outcomes to the related industries. For the attainment of this goals, integrated information system that can catch and control National R&D outputs, which is scattered through organizations under the umbrella of the Government must be build up previously. The purpose of this study is to examine a scheme for the total information system on the National R&D outputs. It will be covered all National R&D information and results, outputs & outcomes etc. in this system.

        • 통합의료정보시스템을 위한 접근제어모델

          황정희,차효성 남서울대학교 2014 남서울대학교 논문집 Vol.20 No.1-2

          Ensuring the security of medical record is becoming an increasingly important problem as modern technology is integrated into existing medical services. Electronic medical record system is established in independent private network, which provide certifications for medical practice. An outflow of confidential medical information is an invasion of privacy of the person. Advanced medical information system is integrated with unit of the system because user needs is various. It is necessary to control access management of health information system according to user role. In this paper, we propose an efficient and appropriate management authority system and also introduce the instances applied into a large hospital EMR system, developing appropriate access management. to match the characteristics of the integrated medical information system.

        • 첨단기술 중심의 대규모 기업에 있어 효과적 성과촉진 시스템의 개발

          이재하 남서울대학교 2004 남서울대학교 논문집 Vol.10 No.1

          Resonable criteria is necessary to motivate and reward for organization employees servicing organization growth. The purpose of this study is to develop a system that evaluate employee's contribution to organization performance and share their performance by accomplish criteria. Especially, it is focused the system on their motivation and performance maximization. For performance early warning and performance clinic, this study have an object to develop the system.

        • 산업 R&D발전에 관한 이론적 검토

          이재하 남서울대학교 2004 남서울대학교 논문집 Vol.10 No.-

          The primary objective of this study is to review theoretically an industrial R&D progress model. There are three major research tasks in this study. The first task is to analyze theoretically the time-lag structure between R&D input (R&D expenditure and R&D manpower) and R&D output(patents and utility model). The second task is to examine forecasting models (trend extrapolation model and cause-effect model) for predicting the R&D output. The third task is to identify and review theoretically the overall distribution of the R&D input variables with respect to the various R&D output.

        • 중등교육에서 GIS 학습에 대한 연구

          오충원 남서울대학교 2005 남서울대학교 논문집 Vol.11 No.2

          The purpos of this study is to search GIS education in High School in Korea. Firstly, Expanded Content of GIS in the 7th National Curriculum call upon increased demand of GIS education. Secondly, It is urgent to development of GIS Education Program, There is insufficient practical instruction of GIS in High School because of ill-equipped environment. For that reason we proposed GIS program. Thirdly, It is necessary to integrate between 'Instruction about GIS' and 'GIS Assisted Instruction' in School. Finally, It is necessary to systematically prepare and study of GIS Education for the future National Curriculum.

        • 주차안전시설물 중소제조기업의 품질경영 만족수준이 재 구매 및 타인 추천에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

          이재하,김인숙 남서울대학교 2005 남서울대학교 논문집 Vol.11 No.1

          The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between quality management satisfaction and product repurchasing and recommendation in small sized manufacturing industry which produce parking safety products. The categories for quality management satisfaction level are classified into product management, order disposal and quick delivery, and the extend of communication between manufacturer and buyer. The major findings of this study are as follows enterprise. 1) It has a positive relationship statistically significant between the quality management level and product repurchasing or product recommendation to another buyers. 2) The level of quality management & control and order disposal and quick delivery of parking safety product industry is not high. 3) Product repurchasing and recommendation were more affected by the extend of communication than the product management and order disposal and quick delivery. 4) It has a positive relationship statistically significant between product re-purchasing and recommendation. Concurrently, the results of this study will be useful guidelines for QMS framework in medium and small-sized parking safety product

        • 제품속성별 신제품개발의 성패구조 분석모형

          이재하 남서울대학교 2002 남서울대학교 논문집 Vol.8 No.-

          The purpose of this paper is 1) to extract managerial factor into each cell which is classified by the characteristic grill of new products 2) to construct a management model of new product development for korean companies. For this purpose, the characteristic grill of new products is classified by which is market/technology sphere. Moreover the focus of this analysis is on examination of success/failure factors, which have an important effect upon new product success or failure. The variables for this study were selected from literature survey and pre-interview was implemented specially. The subject of study was project leaders of electronics industry where have taken the leading part in product development activities in Korean manufacturing industries. Enquete survey was conducted in each firm and project managers were asked to respond. Conclusion of this study based on many significant results gained by the various multi-variate analysis are summarized as follows. First, it can be noted that success/failure factors are different by each classified model and characteristic grill of a new product. Second, it has been identified that the important factors of success products were technical & management support and market ability, the key factor of failure product were lacking in ability of technical development and R&D management system construction. This paper presents some useful guidelines in strategic and managerial aspects for development of new products. Concurrently, the model of this study should be a great practical approach for application of actual affairs.

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