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        • KCI등재

          중등영어교사의 서술형 평가에 관한 인식 및 운영 실태에 관한 연구

          강양숙 ( Yang Suk Kang ), 진승희 ( Seung Hee Jin ), 장소영 ( So Young Jang ) 글로벌영어교육학회(구 호남영어교육학회) 2015 Studies in English education Vol.20 No.2

          The aims of this paper are to investigate English teachers' perceptions and management of the constructed response assessment using a survey, and to define English teachers' qualifications as professional language testers in Korea. The constructed response assessment has been employed in secondary English tests since 2011 and English teachers are required to have professionalism in classroom assessment in order to obtain more reliable and valid test results. The survey was developed based on the review of literature associated with secondary English teachers' professionalism. 91 English teachers participated in this study, and descriptive statistics and multiple response analyses were used to evaluate their responses using SPSS. It was found that secondary English teachers seemed to consider practicality as the most important aspect when designing constructed response items and evaluating students' responses rather than validity and reliability. The findings suggested that pre- and in-service teacher training should provide an educational program to help secondary English teachers build language assessment knowledge, principles and effective techniques in classroom practices.

        • KCI등재

          영어 원어민 · 비원어민 교사의 영어 말하기 평가 시 모국어 변인이 채점 수행에 미치는 영향

          최윤희 ( Choe Yoonhee ) 글로벌영어교육학회(구 호남영어교육학회) 2018 Studies in English education Vol.23 No.1

          This study investigates the current issues of English speaking assessment in Korean secondary schools and the effects of raters' mother tongues on the raters' performance in English speaking assessment. The participants were eight Korean English teachers in secondary schools and three native English speaking instructors in a private university located in Seoul. To examine the current issues, the focus group interview with Korean teachers of English was conducted. Additionally, multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) tests were conducted. to investigate how differently participants rated test-takers' speaking skills according to their mother tongues. The results showed that Korean teachers of English had some challenges in assessing their students' English speaking skills due to several reasons, including not having enough knowledge of speaking assessment rubrics. Additionally, raters according to their mother tongues performed differently in assessing the test-takers' speaking skills, especially test-takers' grammatical accuracy. These results provide some pedagogical implications for developing in-service English teachers' training programs to enhance their speaking assessment skills.

        • KCI등재

          과업 유발 관여도와 능숙도가 중학교 영어 학습자의 어휘 학습에 미치는 영향

          김혜진 ( Kim Hye Jin ), 안병규 ( Ahn Byung-kyoo ) 글로벌영어교육학회(구 호남영어교육학회) 2017 Studies in English education Vol.22 No.4

          This study aims to investigate the role of task-induced involvement and proficiency in the vocabulary development of adolescent Korean EFL learners. A total of 203 middle school students in Daejeon were assigned to 4 groups on the basis of the amount of task-induced involvement and the level of proficiency: Group 1 (low involvement + high proficiency), Group 2 (low involvement + low proficiency), Group 3 (high involvement + high proficiency) and Group 4 (high involvement + low proficiency). Immediate learning and delayed retention of 10 unfamiliar words were examined. Statistical analyses revealed that task-induced involvement load and proficiency played a significant role in both short-term vocabulary learning and retention. No interaction effect was observed between the two variables. These results suggest that a high level of task-induced involvement is important in the vocabulary development of middle school students at different proficiency levels. Pedagogical implications of the findings are discussed, and directions for further research are suggested.

        • KCI등재

          중등영어교사들의 멀티미디어 활용의도에 영향을 주는 요인에 대한 실증연구

          정희정 ( Hee Jung Jeng ) 글로벌영어교육학회(구 호남영어교육학회) 2011 Studies in English education Vol.16 No.1

          The purpose of this study is to empirically examine English teachers` behaviors of adopting multimedia. Based on the well-known technology acceptance theory, Technology Acceptance Model(TAM), this study developed a model to investigate the relationship between theoretical constructs including Teachers` Self-Efficacy, Openness, Experience, Supports, and Expectation of Learning Performance, and their impact on perceived usefulness of multimedia. A total of 228 data from teachers at middle and high schools were used to analyze the proposed model using multiple regression. The results are twofold: first, results suggest that variables in the proposed model have a significant role in regards to the perceived usefulness of teachers` multimedia, accounted for 78.6% of the variance explained in perceived usefulness. Second, results support the significant effect among TAM variables, implying that TAM is applicable in explaining English teachers` intention to use multimedia. The findings suggested that the important determinants influencing multimedia adoption should be considered for educators using multimedia in ordre to revitalize multimedia for English education.

        • KCI등재

          문학텍스트 기반 반응저널쓰기를 통한 초등영어쓰기에 대한 연구

          김혜리 ( Hae Ri Kim ), 김소종 ( So Jong Kim ) 글로벌영어교육학회(구 호남영어교육학회) 2010 Studies in English education Vol.15 No.1

          The study is to investigate the effect of using literary texts on students` writing in primary English education. To accomplish the objective, the researchers designed a program in which students wrote double-entry journals as their responses to literary texts on a regular basis. The following research questions were proposed: 1) What effect does the utilization of literary texts have on reaction-centered writing activities? 2) What changes can literary text-based writing activities bring about in learners` and their parents` awareness of English education? Data collected from students` journals, classroom teachers` observation diaries, surveys, and interviews, were encoded and categorized. Data analysis revealed the following results. First, students experienced diverse literary texts, and tried to write their own journals creatively utilizing such texts. Second, students and their parents developed a positive attitude about reading and writing in English through writing-activity utilizing literary texts. Based upon positive results of the study, several suggestions are provided for future studies.

        • KCI등재

          초등영어 교사의 교실영어 사용 실태 분석

          선규수 ( Sun Kyu-soo ) 글로벌영어교육학회(구 호남영어교육학회) 2016 Studies in English education Vol.21 No.3

          This study aims to investigate elementary school English teachers' use of classroom English in English classes. To achieve this aim, it administered a questionnaire to 91 elementary school teachers who work at G City and C Province. The results from this study were as follows. First, a large number of the teachers used various strategies in introducing English expressions. Second, most teachers gave priority to the form of language. Third, a majority of the teachers felt that it is desirable to use the students' L1 during their lessons. Fourth, most teachers thought that they should change the number, the difficulty, and the length of English expressions according to the learners' grades and proficiency. As many SLA researchers note, the use of the learners' L1 may help promote the acquisition of an L2. L2 teachers should therefore take a balanced approach to their L2 instruction, based on the bilingual-teaching principle.

        • KCI등재

          초등학부모, 교사의 초등영어교육 및 자녀 영어 학습에 대한 인식

          오마리아 ( Maria On ), 조은선 ( Eun Seon Joh ) 글로벌영어교육학회(구 호남영어교육학회) 2012 Studies in English education Vol.17 No.1

          The purpose of this study is to scrutinize how primary school parent-teachers perceive primary English education and their children`s English learning at public primary schools and private academies. The participants of the study were 84 primary school teachers in Jeolabuk-do and Gyeonggi-do. The major findings of the study are summarized as follows: most teachers perceived that English Subject Teachers teach English more successfully than homeroom teachers who teach English, English native-speaking teachers or English Conversation Instructors; they need to improve their English skills and teaching skills to teach more effectively; they implement both Audiolingual and Communicative Language Teaching class activities; Korean teacher training programs are the key to making primary English education more successful; since primary English education started at public schools in 1997, more children have been forced to learn English at private academies, than before. They perceived also that children`s English learning at public schools is very limited, so they helped their children by sending them to study English at private academies paying expensive so burdensome tuition fees. Some regionally different perceptions indicate that Gyeonggi parent-teachers valued the importance of private English learning more. The study results shed light on parent-teachers` yearning to improve their teaching and English skills and to become educational innovation pioneers. The study results also highlight regionally different parent-teacher perceptions and a primary school parent-teachers` dilemma between English education providers at public schools and parents of children at private academies.

        • KCI등재

          영어교사 심화연수프로그램 평가: 연수교사들의 인식과 발전을 중심으로

          김진완 ( Jin Wan Kim ), 안경자 ( Kyung Ja Ahn ) 글로벌영어교육학회(구 호남영어교육학회) 2011 Studies in English education Vol.16 No.1

          This study aims to evaluate a six-month domestic intensive English teacher training program (IETTP). It specifically examines what the participating teacher Learners expected from the program, how they perceived its effectiveness. It also investigates how they developed in terms of Linguistic and instructional skills through the program. Mixed methods were used to investigate 28 participants` Learning experiences in the program. The data include the program manuals, the participants` pre- and post-test results, their surveys on the program and the courses, instructors` feedback and evaluations on the teacher Learners` microteachings, and the interviews with the program and academic coordinators. The results of the participants` pre- and post-tests showed statistically significant improvement in their English skills except their speaking skills. In addition, the performance-based evaluation of their teaching demonstrations revealed their development in instructional skills. Overall, the teacher Learners perceived that their Language and teaching skills improved through the IETTP. However, some teacher learners suggested that more direct support should be made to improve the communication skills. This study provides important implications for teacher Learners, teacher educators, and policy makers. (177 words)

        • KCI등재
        • KCI등재후보

          교사와 학습자가 공유한 루브릭이 초등영어 말하기 능력에 미치는 영향

          김영철 ( Young Cheol Kim ), 공진숙 ( Jin Suk Gong ) 글로벌영어교육학회(구 호남영어교육학회) 2008 Studies in English education Vol.13 No.1

          This study examined the right direction of assessment by analyzing the effects on speaking ability when learners participated in the rubric development. 140 students of 6th grade in the elementary school were divided into two groups. An experimental group took part in the rubric development before the assessment. A controlled group just was assessed without participating in the rubric development. The experimental group participated in the categorization and extraction of performance element by means of brain-storming technique. Three assessments were conducted, and an experimental group participated in the rubric development in terms of free time activities a week before the assessment. The results show that learners` participation in the rubric development made positive effect on speaking. The learners of the experimental group was more improved in vocabulary, grammar, and attitude of rubric element than the controlled group. Concerning the attitude, the subjects spoke in louder voice, and their eye looked natural with appropriate gestures. However, there were no significant discrepancies between pronunciation and fluency. That is, pronunciation and fluency was not improved in short period. While there were slight increases of interest, participation. the anxiety of the subjects was decreased slightly between experimental group and controlled group. More than anything else, there were relatively significant Increases of self-confidence in the experimental group. This indicates that the learners understood the task more in the process of developing assessment.

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