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      • 유해 정보 차단 시스템의 문제점과 해결방안에 관한 연구

        최규정,오경수,박기홍 군산대학교 정보통신기술연구소 2000 情報通信技術硏究論文集 Vol.4 No.-

        This paper is exhibit to interior of a country·outland seal damage by serious harmfulness information at father great harm that should be embodied new harmfulness site interception software from reclamation by presentation same province and point at issues of reclamation idling interception softwares. Each software is knowing point at issue of ability top or whether one be and hold hackish abilities. This makes will harmfulness information interception art as natural disposition harmfulness interception softwares was used sorting art of interception catalogue yoke use software of interception catalogue periodic renewal tough at unwholesomeness site to big exposure danger relatively of permission catalogue yoke from sorting art restrictives is exceedingly can approach site soling art of content class yoke excludes all information of dissolution site. To interception ha beneficial to information of interception catalogue yoke sorting art of sorting arf permission catalogue yoke is necessary of duration data base renewal sorting art of content class yoke is do not 99% over class indication of yet web site with lets class system class indication. Only when one be accomplished at class follow harmfulness site interception by making peace to so lets bins with present of parental at part time only when one mobilixation coercive way class information at web document that insertion certainly by buying class information from browser top that is doing not be is effective in interception way harmfulness site that interception can see.

      • 경로도메인에 기반한 신뢰성있는 시험데이타 선택기준

        장민석 群山大學校 情報通信技術硏究所 1997 情報通信技術硏究論文集 Vol.1 No.-

        For the purpose of reliable program testing, there have been recently a variety of test data selection strategies in the field of data part testing. Not only, however, it is doubtful how reliably the test data derived from them is able to detect program faults, but also in many cases they are only theoretical and the concrete testing methodology is not suggested. It is because they do not analyze types of faults and the effects of faults on program in a systematical manner. In this paper, the more reliable domain-based test data selection strategy is proposed through using fault detecting probability or reliability.

      • 고정 M/W 서비스에 미치는 WLL 시스템의 간섭 영향 분석

        강영홍 群山大學校 情報通信技術硏究所 1998 情報通信技術硏究論文集 Vol.2 No.-

        This papar analyzes the effects of interference from WLL system has been introduced as a new service into the fixed-service M/W system. To achieve this goal, the interference powers of WLL forward link and reverse link, respectively, effects on a M/W station has been examined and estimated. As the results the interference power from the forward link of WLL system increases proportional only to the base's transmitting power, but the interference power from the reverse link increases proportional to the subscriber's transmitting power and as the cell radius decreases. Although this paper analyzes only the effects of interference from WLL system into M/W system, it can be easily extended to analyze the effects of interference form M/W system into WLL system.

      • 다중계위 셀 구성에서 트래픽 절체 방식

        김정수,조원홍 群山大學校 情報通信技術硏究所 1997 情報通信技術硏究論文集 Vol.1 No.-

        Now, a wireless communication has been changed and will be changed very fast. An examples of wireless communication ; pager, portable radio telephone, CT2, car phone, cellular, etc, have been used each other channel. As the use of these channel has been increased, a overflow state of channel has been already become. Because, the several methods are proposed to overcome such a overflow state of channel. In this paper, We proposed a traffic model that is increased traffic transfer methods to cell, channel distribution method and blocking probability under cellular mobile radio telephone system serving vehicular that has composed overlaid cell. This paper proposed a lot of method that is decreasing a blocking probability of handover call and analyzed each performance under simulation and we analyzed the transfer method of overflowed traffic from microcell to macrocell in micro/macro overlaid and when microcell and macrocell is not call control, classified several the transfer 7 method to satellite cell and analyzed to traffic simulation each case. After simulation analysis result appear superiority to use limit channel efficiency traffic exchange method of ③ method.

      • CORBA를 기반으로 한 XML 정보검색 시스템 통합 구현

        이재완,정병인 군산대학교 정보통신기술연구소 2000 情報通信技術硏究論文集 Vol.4 No.-

        The Internet is convenient to use and makes possible to utilize the dispersed information source through single/unity interface so that it provides the most effective computing environment since 1990. But the current web reveals the limitation in data control and expansion due to the unstructured character of the HTML. The XML, the next generation language and developed to overcome the limitation of the current web, can make the data controlled and managed very efficiently. With these advantages the XML is now using broadly in the area of electronic commercial transaction, EDI, medical management system, etc. This paper shows that the development of 3-Tier client/server system with the CORBA basis dispersed object technique. It makes use of the advantages of XML and CORBA, which can make the document data access dynamically.

      • 상대적으로 안정한 Lattice 필터 구조

        지석근 群山大學校 情報通信技術硏究所 1999 情報通信技術硏究論文集 Vol.3 No.-

        This paper proposes a new lattice filter structure that has the following properties. When the filter is Linear Time Invariant(LTI), it is equivalent to the celebrated Gray Markel Lattice filter. When the lattice parameters vary with time it sustains arbitrary rate of time variations without sacrificing a prescribed degree of stability, provided that the lattice coefficients are magnitude bounded in a region where all LTI lattices have the same degree of stability. It is also presented that the resulting Linear Time Varying lattice obeys an energy contraction condition. This structure thus generalizes the normalized Gray-Markel lattice which has similar properties but only with respect to stability as opposed to relative stability.

      • 한글 고유 명사의 로마자 표기 변환에 관한 연구

        장기철,오경수,박기홍 군산대학교 정보통신기술연구소 2000 情報通信技術硏究論文集 Vol.4 No.-

        This Paper described for composition of system that Korean proper noun convert into Roman notation by newly amended Korean-Roman notation. The program that Korean auto convert into Roman notation, have not appeared since The Ministry of Culture-Sports distributed program in 1995. The reason existing program also follow not newly amended Roman notation but old Roman notation. This paper will reveal system that Korean proper noun auto convert mot Roman that abide by newly amended notation.

      • ATM 망에서 ABR 서비스를 위한 속도기반 및 크레이트기반 흐름제어의 연동성능 분석

        양해권,안탁현 群山大學校 情報通信技術硏究所 1999 情報通信技術硏究論文集 Vol.3 No.-

        The ATM Forum has been focusing on flow control mechanism for ABR traffic management. The goal of this activity is to efficiently manage the leftover network bandwidth and fairly distribute it among contending ABR VC so that communication links can be optimally utilized ABR traffic is difficult to predict traffic shape because it has bursts and variable behavior. Also it's sensitive to lose but not to delay. This behavior makes difficult to UPC function in network and cause of congestion in switch, thus performance is degraded. To resolve this problem, various flow control mechanism has been worked in the ATM Forum. Especially, the rate-based flow control mechanism for ABR traffic has been standardized in the ATM Forum, Sept. 1994. Thus, various flow control mechanism has been working which liked EFCI, ER, VS/VD. VS/VD control is superior than existed ER ontrol because it isolate different networks from each other. In this paper, we propose an expanded VS/VD flow control algorithm and compare with existed VS/VD flow control algorithm. Simulation result shows that this algorithm improve a problem in aspect of delay and buffer occupancy and provide a better performance to ABR service in response time, throughput and link rate.

      • Power Amp.용 3KW급 ZVT PFC 컨버터 설계

        이성룡,전칠환,권순신 군산대학교 정보통신기술연구소 2000 情報通信技術硏究論文集 Vol.4 No.-

        A new ZVT PFC for using 3[KW] power amplifier is proposed. Generally, the single phase diode rectifier has been widely used in the SMPS of the conventional power amplifier. But this rectifier has occurred some problems which are the input power factor and current harmonics. To solve the above problems, in this paper, two topology is adopted. The one is the boost type PFC for improving the input power factor. The other is the ZVT resonant circuit for reducing the switching loss and stress. In this paper, the proposed topology is analyzed and designed to built the ZVT PFC for using 3[KW] power amplifier. In order to verify the circuit validity, finally, the PSPICE simulation and experimental results are presented.

      • 색상과 모양 정보를 이용한 상표 영상 검색 시스템의 설계 및 구현

        이양원,김성만,강오형 群山大學校 情報通信技術硏究所 1999 情報通信技術硏究論文集 Vol.3 No.-

        This paper is proposed to image retrieval system using color and shape feature. Color feature used to four maximum value feature among the maximum value extracted from local color distribution histogram. The preprocessing of shape feature consist of edge extraction and weight central point extraction and angular sampling. The sum of distance from weight central point to contour and variation and max/min used to shape feature. The similarity is estimated compare feature of query image with the feature of images in database and the candidate of image is retrieved in order of similarity. We evaluate the effectiveness of shape feature and color feature in experiment used to two hundred of the closed image. The Recall and the Precision is each 0.72 and 0.83 in the result of average experiment. So the proposed method is presented useful method.

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