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        송병만,오미진,강정림,정경택,정동수 국립7개대학공동논문집간행위원회 2001 공업기술연구 Vol.1 No.-

        In this paper, reflex RGB data captured from WebCam is stored to HDD through USB port at every 5 seconds intervals. Also, if strangers are detected through Motion Detection routine, warning voice message is broadcasted and invasion message is transmitted by e-mail and transmit the e-mail title to mobile phone through WAP(Wireless Application Protocol) Push. The detected image is stored to hard-disk in 'month - day - hour - minute - second . jpg' data type. And the image data is transmitted to web server through FTP(File Transfer Protocol) because invader can deletes or destroys the image data on hard-disk. We implement a surveillance system which is able to utilize through internet regardless of time and space.

      • ≪㓆语•侍坐≫ 曾点之志考辨

        魯洪生 국립7개대학공동논문집간행위원회 2003 人文學論叢 Vol.3 No.-

        <논어> <선진편>의 끝장 시좌장은 공자의 그의 제자 자로, 염구, 증점 3인의 포부에 대한 평가로서, 공자 자신의 적극적인 처세와, 예로써 나라를 다스리고 덕으로써 정치를 함의 생각을 담고 있다. 그러나 증점의 포부에 대한 평가인 즉은, 당시의 공자 자신의 처지 및 사상 가운데의 소극적인 심회의 일단을 반영한 것으로 보여진다.

      • 장셴량의 『남자의 반은 여자』 분석

        임춘성 국립7개대학공동논문집간행위원회 2003 人文學論叢 Vol.3 No.-

        The spectrum of liberalism is very widespread. Historically, it has been opposed to the substantial democracy but connected with the formal democracy. Because of an appearance of equalitarianism(socialism), liberalism and democracy became closer. In modern China, the confrontation between liberalism and equalitarianism expressed remarkably. As Marxism occupied the position of main stream, liberalism was disregarded. Zhang, Xian-Liang(張賢亮) succeeded in the tradition of liberty-oriented writers and tried to articulate it with equality. In the age of ideological monologue(Liu, Zai-Fu, 劉再復), Zhang, Xian-Liang was not willing to give up pursuing liberty, so he was castrated. The Half of Men are Women is the report which was written by a liberty-oriented intellectual who had searched for his identity in the conditions of many-folded duplicity. In this fiction, Zhang, Yong-Lin almost lost his freedom. He even lost himself in the extreme suffering, but he was saved by a woman named Huang, Xiang-Jiu. Though, because of a longtime desolation of spirit, he almost lost a physical instinct. His deprivation of sexual capacity not only was a symbol of castration of individual desire but also was sterilization of social rationality. Zhang, Yong-Lin's pursuit of liberty which was intermediated by Huang, Xiang-Jiu, were consisted of two steps. The first step was 'an escape from suppression', and the second step was 'a pursuit of ideal'. However, the liberty he has pursued had a limit which can not get out of the spectrum of liberalism.

      • 外國의 敎員人事制度 比較硏究

        임규진 국립7개대학공동논문집간행위원회 2003 人文學論叢 Vol.3 No.-

        The purpose of this study is to present theoretically and practically the basic data to set up a new direction of personnel management system for teachers by analysing the cases of foreign countries. As subject nations, the USA, the Great Britain, Germany, Japan and France were selected among nations which can be references in our system development. The results of the analysis were as follows: (1) teacher training system; (2) teachers' qualification system; (3) teachers' salary system; (4) welfare policies for teachers; and (5) in-service training system. What is important among the comparison results of teacher training system is the trend to extend training years from the level of undergraduate courses to that of graduate courses. In the case of Japan differential qualification certificates for teachers are awarded according to levels of schools and kinds of qualifications. Also in the cases of Germany and France qualification certificates for teachers are awarded to the applicants who passed the national examination for employing teachers. Germany and France adopt the apprenticeship for a certain period before employing teachers formally. As for the salary system, most of the developed countries adopt the incentive policy for employing new teachers who got degrees of Masters and Doctors. In addition to this, special advantages are given to excellent teachers with good ability and record. Finally, in the case of welfare system various kinds of benefits are given to teachers in the following areas: (1) the area related with the life of teachers as instructors; (2) the area related with teachers' life in both home and community; and (3) the area related with teachers' life after retirement.

      • 일본어 종조사 「ね」「よ」의 기본적인 기능

        고대곤 국립7개대학공동논문집간행위원회 2003 人文學論叢 Vol.3 No.-

        よ and ね have been much studied as final particles used widely in the spoken language. If we listen carefully their conversation among the Japanese people, we come to know the frequent use of よね in the conversation besides よ and ね. Likewise in spite of using widely in daily life, a study of よね is recently being studied by some scholars. よね has been comparatively studied as yet. よ is used to tell what the hearer doesn't know on the assumption that the difference of information and judgment between the speaker and the hearer exists, while it is said that ね is used to obtain consent and ascertainment on the assumption of the coincidence of information and judgment of the speaker and the hearer. If we examine a study of よ and ね so far, the expression of よ and ね is apparently nothing but combined form of よ and ね. Indeed I have a question if よね is explainable as a mere combined form of よ and ね. I have examined the basic function of よ and ね よね.

      • 지방의회와 집행부간의 파트너십 구축방안

        최창희,최병학 국립7개대학공동논문집간행위원회 2003 人文學論叢 Vol.3 No.-

        Indeed, open parliamentary politics and self-parliamentarism as well as open administration and self-administration are the real proposition that needs to be implemented in the era of local self-governing. Self-administration and self-parliamentarism are the two wheels that are vital to have a successful local self-government. Both local parliament and executive branch of the local government are the genuine owners of the local administration, and thus, they must provide administrative services best for the local citizens as their guests. Especially, local parliament as the autonomous decision-making institution and executive branch as the policy implementing institution ought to accomplish their duties and roles. As a result of such activities, both should make every possible effort to advance toward a cooperative, reciprocal and productive partnership. Both, as rational critics and check-and-balancers, also need to provide policy alternatives, since they have some objective standards for the development and establishment of aggregating local citizens' opinions, reliable local economy, local political culture and local welfare system after managing local self-autonomy over the last decade.

      • 지드 소설에 나타난 어둠의 이미지

        동성식 국립7개대학공동논문집간행위원회 2004 人文學論叢 Vol.4 No.-

        Cet article a pour but de comprendre systématiquement l'univers imaginatif des romans en éclairant la signification et les aspets variés de la dialogue parmi la Bible et trois textes de Gide et d'avoir une connaissance profonde de la structure des images des ténèbres qui se trouvent dans L'Immoraliste, La Porte étroite et Les Faux-monnayeurs. D'après Todorov, en un certain sens, tous les textes peuvent être considérés comme des parties d'un seul texte qui s'écrit depuis que le temps existe. L'intertextualité peut opérer d'un ouvrage à l'autre du même auteur. Les différents textes d'un auteur apparaissent comme autant de variations les uns des autres, ils se commentent, et s'éclairent mutuellement. Si on utilise cette théorie dans trois textes de Gide, on peut y distinguer quatre images des ténèbres intertextuels qui sont les plus signifiants ; 1) l'ombre et la nuit 2) l'obscurité dans la chambre 3) l'oscurité intime 4) la couleur noire qui est variation de la ténèbre. En conclusion, on peut voir, dans trois romans gidiens, les significations bibliques des images des ténèbres; le Satan, la nature humaine péchée, la douleur, la tristesse, le désespoir et la mort.

      • E. 베른슈타인의 역사관

        강성호 국립7개대학공동논문집간행위원회 2004 人文學論叢 Vol.4 No.-

        Historical thought of E. Bernstein was formed in the age of monopoly capitalism in the late 19th century. He emphasized importance of higher productivity and continuity of contemporary capitalism. But he can be criticized in that he underestimated the role of monopoly capital and overestimated living level of german workers. Bernstein criticized basically historical view of Marxism. He tried to divide Marx's theory in two: pure theory and applied theory. He thought that analytical approach of scholasticism was helpful for overcoming dogmatism of Marxism as scholasticism had played a great role in overcoming dogmatism of Catholic Church in medieval age. But Marx didn't devide his theory into pure and applying theory, I think this division is not useful for overcoming dogmatism of Marxism. Bernstein would see historical development in organic relations. His idea of organic interaction was influenced by 'society of organic condition' of Saint-Simon. His organic evolutionary theory was strongly influenced by later historical thought of F. Engels who emphasized active role of superstructure on` historical basis. Bernstein was different from Engels in the point that he disregarded the importance and overestimated the subjective aspect of history.

      • 세계화 시대의 문화적 정체성의 분절과 통합 : 다문화주의'와 '신민족주의'는 병존 가능한가? Multiculturalism? or Neonationalism?

        홍석준 국립7개대학공동논문집간행위원회 2004 人文學論叢 Vol.4 No.-

        This paper examines the characteristics and meanings of the segmentation and integration of cultural identity in contemporary Korea in the age of globalization in terms of questioning the interrelationship between multiculturalism and neonationalism. Exactly speaking, it is concerned with the question about "Can multiculturalism be coexisted with neonationlism in global situation?" Thus this paper's subtitle, "multiculturalism? or neonationalism?" has the double meanings in that multiculturalism can or cannot be coexisted with neonationalism according to the different and heterogeneous cultural environment. In globalizaton process, multiculturalism is an important concept to understand the segmentation and integration of cultural identity among ethnic groups in the world. There are few societies in the world today not marked by multicultural heterogeneity of one kind and degree or another. Those who find themselves in one multicultural context might learn from or illuminate conditions in another. Multiculturalism stands for a wide range of social articulations, ideas, and practices that the "-ism" reduces to a formal singularity, fixing it into a cemented condition, the ideology of "political correctness." Thus converted into the fundamentals of and "-ism," the heterogeneity characteristic of multicultural conditions is reduced to a pat and pedestrian doctrine, the dogma of presumptive correctness easily dismissed as politics hiding in an academic gown. Cultural identity has framed the theoretical structure for the contests around muliculturalism. Vigorous attention has been given to defining cultural identity. Hegemonic or dominant cultural identities and the exclusions they purport to license have been challenged in terms of cultural difference, of local or particular identities. It has been pointed out commonly that cultural identity can be exclusionary of those who are outside its scope, those who are in no way affiliated. However, cultural identity can also be a bondage within. It can keep people in who don't want to be in. And it can do so by insisting on an essential racial character, or simple by requiring racial solidarity. It is shown that through the 2002 Worldcup Korea-Japan, multiculturalism stands for a liberating recognition of the heterogeneity of the cultural constitution of contemporary Korean society and to call for an critical retheorizing of the relation of culture and power that would accommodate the cultural identity in Korea. In this form, during 2002 Worldcup it becomes a vantage point for unique critical insights into the nature of contemporary Korean national culture as well as current developments and transformations of Korean culture associated with transnational developments in media technology, commodity consumption, and other political and economic changes through the outcomes of 2002 Worldcup in this year. Multiculturalism is one manifestation of the postmodernist reaction to the delegitimization of the state and the erosion of the hegemony of the dominant culture in advanced capitalist countries. This weakening of "centers" is part of a material decentering process grounded in the organization of capital on a global scale, manifested in the development of transnational labor, commodity and capital markets, and corporate structure which have reduced the power of transnaional political and social structures to control or protect social groups within the state. As state structures have lost much of their power to control social and economic conditions within their boundaries, and the transnational centralization of political and economic power and exploitation has intensified, people turned to local identity as a means of mobilizing themselves for the defence of their social and political/economic interests. However, on the other hand, It would not be denied that we have seen neonationalism would appear and develop in Korean society during the 2002 Worldcup. In this paper, I try to argue that the increasing political importance of culture as an ideological vehicle for the new forms of neonationlism has made it a favored idiom of political mobilization for maintenance of central political authorities and hegemonic national cultures. In this respect, the intensification of neonationalism in Korea has overlapped with the rise of identity politics and subcultures of symbolic power among minority groups in Korea in the age of globalization. Especially, through the 2002 Worldcup Korea-Japan, multicultural commitments would seem to suggest a specificity of multicultural conditions to a local social context in Korea, in terms of the clash of two cultures, namely multiculturalism and neonatinalism in Korea. It remains not yet solved that how some features of multiculturalism and neonatinalim are segmented and others of the two different "-ism" integrated in certain ways.

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