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        고영수,박혜련,이경희,이성순,조경자 한양대학교 한국생활과학연구소 1998 韓國 生活 科學 硏究 Vol.- No.16

        This study was performed to assess the health and nutritional status of 125 elderly living in the Yongin area, Kyonggi-do. Survey questionnaires including 24-hr dietary recall, attitude related to fat intake, anthropometric and biochemical measurements were applied as the instruments. Major finding were as follows : The average age of the subjects were 77 for male and 75 for female. Mean value of BMI was 23.2. About 30% of the subjects was overweight, which is over 25 of BMI. Caloric intake and protein intake were about 50% of the Korean RDA. Their diets were inappropriate, showing C : P : F ratio = 75 : 15 : 10. Based on lipid profile analyses, the average HDL-C, LDL-C, TC, TG were 49.6±16.3mg/dl, 94.4±38.3mg/dl, 179.5±41.0mg /dl, 176.2±96.2mg/dl, respectively. Prevalence of high risk groups based on blood lipid profiles were 31%, 3%, 5%, 56% by under 40mg/dl of HDL-C, over 170mg/dl of LDL-C, over 250mg/dl of TC, over 150mg/dl of TG respectively. The average attitude score about fat intake was 18.7±4.4. Attitude score about fat intake was not significantly different among age groups (p=0.53). According to Linear regression analysis, the older subjects showed low attitude scores about fat intake. By Pearson's correlation analysis, BMI, and attitude score about fat intake were positively related to the Atherogenic Index (p<0.01), LDL-C (p<0.05), TC (p<0.05), and TG (p<0.05) level of the subjects.

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