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      • 光陽灣의 二次元 潮汐 數値模型

        崔秉昊 成均館大學校 科學技術硏究所 1990 論文集 Vol.41 No.1

        A two-dimensional hydrodynamics-numerical model was established to investigate the hydraulic process in the vicinity of large steel mill cnstructed on the reclaimed platform at the estuary of Sumjin River, Kwang Yang Bay. The developed model was first used to simulate M_2 tide in the estuary. The computed results were presented in the form of tidal ellipses, maximum bottom stress and energy dissipation and discussions were also made for furture development of the model.

      • 임의단면에 대한 알미늄 板材의 成形性

        임영석,김상도,서대교 成均館大學校 科學技術硏究所 1994 論文集 Vol.45 No.1

        The formability of aluminum sheet(Al 1100), i.e., the maximum effective cup height, the uniformity of drawn cup height, the limiting drawing ratio, the thickness distribution of drawn cup and the maximum drawing load are discussed for the arbitrary quadrilateral cup drawing. Two blank shapes are adopted to compare the above formabilities. One(h-bl) is designed by the slipline theory and the other( G-bl) is the conventional shape. The five punch shape factors are considered to investigate the wide range of formability. As a result, the theoretical blank shape(h-bl)is recommended to accomplish the higher effective cup height, the larger limiting drawing ratio, the superior uniformity of drawn cup height and more smooth thickness distribution.

      • 직류전동기 위치제어용 Neuro-Fuzzy 제어기 설계

        고성균,이택종 成均館大學校 科學技術硏究所 1994 論文集 Vol.45 No.1

        This paper describes a scheme that the fuzzy logic controller(FLC) compensates for variable load while a neural controller holds the control of the DC motor using pre-learned information without relearning. FLC can be used effectively to minimize the variable loading effects in the positon control of DC motor. The proposed controller consists of FLC, which is added in parallel to neural controller. The proposed controller has implemented with low cost DSP processor (ADSP-2105) in order to be directly applicable in the industrial field and the results show the proposed scheme is very effective to attain good cntrol characteristics under the variable load condition.

      • Cellulose Acetate/Polypyrrole 複合體의 電氣化學的 性質

        박연흠,전유종,한명희 成均館大學校 科學技術硏究所 1994 論文集 Vol.45 No.1

        Electrically conducting cellulose acetate (CA )/poly( pyrrole) (PPy) composites were prepared by eletrochemical polymerization of pyrrole in an insulating CA matrix and their electrochemical properties were studied. CA/PPy composite film on platinum electrode could be repeatedly driven between the conducting and insulating state. Cyclic voltammograms (CVs) showed that the redox reaction of CA/PPy composite was not electrochemically reversible and dependent on the nature of the polymerization conditions such as the type and concentration of the electrolyte, thickness of CA matrix film and polymerization temperature. The relationship between anodic peak current and scan rate during potential-cycling indicated that the redox reaction of CA/ PPy composite on platinum electrode was diffusion-controlled reaction.

      • Polyacrylamide 용액의 정압열팽창계수, 밀도 및 의사점도들에 대한 온도의 영향 측정

        조금남 成均館大學校 科學技術硏究所 1994 論文集 Vol.45 No.1

        Polyacrylamide 용액들 중의 한 종류인 separan 용액의 정압열팽창계수, 밀도 및 의사점도들이 온도의 함수로써 측정되었다. 작동유체의 물성치들 중 정압열팽창계수 및 밀도는 유체내의 자연대류 열전달과 관련된 연구분야에서 절대적으로 필요하다. 정압열팽창계수 및 밀도를 측정하는 실험장치는 증류수를 사용해서 측정의 정밀도가 검증된 후 separan 용액에 대해 사용되었다. Separan 용액의 정압열팽창계수 및 밀도는 실험장치의 측정오차 범위내에서 문헌에 나타나 있는 증류수에 대한 자료들과 일치하였다. 작동유체의 물성치 측정에 대한 작동온도 범위는 25∼55℃ 사이였다. 작동온도 범위내에서 정압열팽창계수 및 밀도 측정에 대한 온도변화로 인한 열순환 및 노화의 영향은 감지되지 않았다. Separan 용액의 의사점도는 작동온도 범위내에서 세 번에 걸쳐 측정되었으며 측정된 전단율 범위내에서 열순환 및 노화에 의해 최고 열배까지 감소되었다. The isobaric thermal expansion coefficient, density and apparent viscosity of separan solution which is classified as one of polyacylamide solutions were measured as the function of temperature. The isobaric thermal expansion coefficient and density among the physical properties of working fluid are absolutely needed in the research field related with natural convection heat transfer in fluids. The experimental apparatus measuring the isobaric thermal expansion coefficient and density were used for separan solution after the measuring accuracy was verified by using distilled water. The isobaric thermal expansion coefficient and density of separan solution were agreed with the data of distilled water shown in the literatures within the measurement error range. The working temperature range for measuring the physical properties of working fluids were 25∼55℃. The effects of thermal cycling and aging due to the temperature change on the isobaric thermal expansion coefficient and density were not detected. The apparent viscosities of separan solution were measured three times within the working temperature range and were decreased up to ten times within the measured shear rate range due to the thermal cycling and aging.

      • 열저장조 내의 Negative Buoyant Jet 유동 특성에 관한 실험적 연구

        박이동,황성일,조운 成均館大學校 科學技術硏究所 1994 論文集 Vol.45 No.1

        In cold water storage system, efficiency is mostly dominated by the mixture of incomming cold water and initial storage water. The most desirable flow pattern is to minimise the mixture of incomming water and storage water and to obtain the stable stratification. During the cold water storage, the flow pattern of incomming water is negative buoyant jet effected by initial momentum and buoyant force. In this study, two characteristics of negative buoyant jet were measured. One is concerned with degree of mixture such as entrainment rate, dilution ratio and the other is radius of curvature, concerned with the jet trajectory. There were two vairables used in this experiment. One was dynamic variables such as inlet mass flow rate, temperature difference between initial water temperature in the tank and inflow water temperature into storage tank, and the other was geometrical variables such as the height of inlet port, and inlet port diameter. Through this experiment, the optimum conditions of cold water storage by using the characteristics of negative buoyant jet were 5.7 < Fr< 8.1, 0-4<r<0.6, 7.3 < Er< 11, and 28<S<39. In this conditions, while incomming water was dropping into storage tank bottom, the mixture was minimized compared to other flow conditions and the negative buoyant jet trajectory dropped into the center of storage tank bottom. And the stable stratification was developed. Nomenclature D: Inlet port diameter(cm) E: Entrainment rate or entrainment function Fr: Densimetric Froude number g. Gravitational acceleration(m/sec^2) H: Height of single circular inlet port(cm) Q: Flow rate(GPH ) r: Radius of cuvature S: Dilution ratio T: Temperature of incoming water at centerline (℃) T_m: Temperature of incoming water, (℃) T_s: Temperature of initially stored water (℃) ΔT: Temperature difference with T_m-T_s U: The velocity of incoming water (m/s) U_m: The mean velocity of incoming water at centerline (m/s) <Greek symblos> α: Entrainment coefficient β: Volumetric expansion coefficient ρ_m: Density of incoming water, (kg/㎥) ρ: Density of initially stored water, (jg/㎥)

      • 低週期 疲勞壽命評價 시스템의 開發

        박종주,서상민,김영진,최용식 成均館大學校 科學技術硏究所 1994 論文集 Vol.45 No.1

        This paper describes the development strategy and contents of a fatigue life evaluation system, FLEVA. The system is comprised of 4 parts ; Material properties, load histories, cycle counting and life prediction. The cycle counting is based on the rain -flow counting method and peak counting method, and the life prediction is performed based on the linear damage rule. Material properties( static, fatigue) are also provided as a database obtained by a computer aided test system. Case studies are performed to verify the developed program.

      • DEN Tip에서의 피로균열 발생 및 진전거동에 대한 파괴역학적 해석

        최용식,석창성,조용근,임창현,박종주 成均館大學校 科學技術硏究所 1994 論文集 Vol.45 No.1

        In order to predict the behaviour of a crack growth with accuracy, the SIF K values for the double edge notched specimen have been determined by finite element method. With considering the root radius of notch and the crack length which increase step by step, the availability of the modified K values have been evaluated by comparing with the experimental results from fatigue test.

      • 열처리에 따른 Zircaloy-4 Tube의 부식특성에 관한 연구

        이동복,최송천 成均館大學校 科學技術硏究所 1994 論文集 Vol.45 No.1

        열처리에 따른 Zircaloy-4 tube의 부식 특성을 조사하기 위하여 pilger된 시편, 수냉된 시편, 열처리된 시편에 대해, 500℃, 102 기압의 증기하에서의 부식 시험을 실시하였다. 주어진 시험조건하에서 수냉된 시편과 pilger된 시편은 좋은 nodular 부식 저항을 보였으나, 열처리된 시편은 나쁜 nodular 부식 저항을 가졌다. To investigate the effect of heat treatment on the corrosion behavior of water-quenched, heat -treated, and as-pilgered Zircaloy-4 tubes, corrosion testing was conducted at 500℃ in 102 atm of steam atmosphere. Under these given conditions, water-quenched and as-pilgered and the grains become bigger and equiaxed. Heat treated specimens exhibited improved resistance to nodular corroson, while heat- treated specimens had poor nodular corrosion resistance.

      • 김장용배추 품종별 절임배추의 저장성 검토

        강국희,이인선,박완수 成均館大學校 科學技術硏究所 1993 論文集 Vol.44 No.2

        The ferrnetnation characteristics and microbial changes during the storage of salted Chinese cabbage cultivars were investigated. When 10 Chinese cabbage cultivars produced in fall were salted up to 3 and stored at 0%, their pHs were lowered with different modes. and total acid contents were increased with the same way as pH. Results on microbial counts was the best in "noranmat'.

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