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          • 旣存婦人服原型의 北較硏究와 原型構成法에 關한 考察

            韓惠景 圓光大學校大學院 1979 學位論叢 Vol.3 No.-

            It is often said that any pattern of clothes can be designed according to its measurement and the structure of human bodies, but every design has its characteristics and differences. It is thought that differences are resulted from the art of design due to the discrepancy of pattern designers' originality and to the varied opinions as to the structure of human bodies, In other words, it is partly because of differences of pattern makers' aesthetic senses and partiy because of various views on the features of human bodies. As a result of comparative study of the pattern. it is found out that measured size is designed on any pattern of clothes as accurately as possible and that the art of design could be attained its reasonable points through the practical measurement. Fundamentally speaking, structure of clothes is a formafive art required a high degree of techniques and is also attained its object only when the trinity designer, wearer, and surroundings must be accorded closely with each other. France, so-called kingdom of fashion circle, exported ready-made clothes to the United States and brought complaint from among Americans who wore them and found In the light of this fact, problems related between human bodies and pattern not been settled yet. This paper, therefore, focuses upon this question and obtained the following conclusion. First of all, it was discovered that the average value incleased year by year. It was resulted from the improvement of nutrition and physical conditions "due to the economical development of the nation. In indicated greatly an expectation of bright tommrrow. The researcher designed the thing correlated with bust and what in not through the practical measurement. The different design from existing one is summed up as follows for references; 1. Circuit of neck is designed as B/12-1 length and B/12 width. 2. As far as a dart amount of breast is concerned, the distinction between the circuit of breast and circuit of upper breast is made a dart amount. 3. The length of front is measured and designed as +B/24-length of back because the length of the front is practically more lengthy than estimated. 4. The back width and the breast width are measured as they are. 5. The length of elblw is measured as it is. 6. The line of sleeve is measured as size 3/2-the length of the breast line.

          • 壬亂時 湖南義兵運動에 對한 硏究 : 倡義使 金千鎰을 中心으로

            劉相鍾 圓光大學校大學院 1982 學位論叢 Vol.8-1 No.-

            On April 14, 1592, the war-loving Japanese general, Hideyoshi Toy tome, started out to invade Korea by attacking Pusan Port. The Korea forces armed with only bow and Arrow weapons continued to yield defeat after defeat to the overwhelming Japanese invaders armed with rifles. Many respectable Confucianists were aware that Korea was getting into danger or being completely conauered by the Japanese invaders. And they raised the "Cause Army" ("Eui-bying"in Korean) from all over the country for the purpose of defending the country. In the CholIa-province, more people volunteered for the "Cause Army" earlier than in any other province in Korea. In the ChoIla-province, the "Cause Army" was more outstanding in every respect than in any other province in Korea. The most famous Confucianist of many leaders of the "Cause Army" in the Cholla -province was Kim Chunil from the region of Naju, who fought the heroically to death against the Japanese invakers attacking Chinju-Castle. Kim Chunil, the most outstanding leader of the "Cause Army" in Cholla-provinca, fought desperately to death, with the strong conviction that he should defend the Cholla- province for the protection of the king's court and the country. This paper in to find out the details of the "Cause Army" especially with Kim Chunil as a central figure, and to discover his personality and thought by comparing him with other leaders of the "Cause Army.

          • 癲癎에 對한 文獻的 考察 : 古典을 中心으로

            李一郞 圓光大學校大學院 1980 學位論叢 Vol.4 No.-

            Throush tho classical recoeds of the oriontal modicino my. lnvostigation of the epilepsw by classifying tho otiology, symptoms and tho following concjusion. 1. The otiology of "epilopsy" can be classified into wind(風), sputum,(痰) fever(熱) convulaion and caul. 2. The symptoas of it fall into the follouing nino ones; Suddon strong contraction making sounds within the mouth, unoonsciousnoss, mutual jerks of the facial musoules foaming from the mouth, trismus contractive of extremitics general body rigidity recovering immediately after the fit and no rest. 3. The symptoms of Epilepsy are classified into "Um type epilopsy" (癲) and the "Yang type epilepsy" (癎), and then the former has nine kinds in sympatomatic state and the latter seventeen. 4. The traeantment of tfe case can be made by using or cold drugs mainly for the purpose of mind purafication (淸心) fever abatement(降火) putum-climination(化痰) and normaligation of metabolism(淸心) and sometimes the function of the liver should be nor normalijed by giving liver funotion normnlizing after Enetion. In comparison with the western way of using Anti convelsents therapy und electricshock therapy, the way of its treatment based on the classification of the cauoes is confidered to be far moro dosirable.

          • 艾灸가 膝關節炎의 消炎 및 鎭痛에 미치는 影響

            金文坤 圓光大學校大學院 1982 學位論叢 Vol.8-2 No.-

            Moxibustion has been applied to the treatment for the antiphlogosi and analgesia of the gonarthr itis, and incrder to find out the clinical effectiveness by the experimental method, 1) Experiment of inhibition on Heat Denaturization of Serum in Rats, 2) Expe riment of edema caused by Acetic acid, 3) Experiment of edema caused by Carrageenan, and 4) Adjuvant arthritis, comparing these above methods with the control group the results were as follow: 1) In the experiment of inhibitory effect of moxibustions on heat denaturization of serum in Rates, the moxa-cauterization group. of Jog-Sam-Ri showed some more inhibitory-action with 1.04±0.06(7.9%) than the group of Dog-Bi with 1.5±0.04(6.9%) 2) In the anti-inflammatory effect of moxibustions on the formation of edema caused by Acetic acid in Rates, applying cauterize Jog-Sam-Ri showed a considerable inhibitory-action with each 37.7±3.0, 48.7±2.7, 52.6±2.I, 55.3±1, 56.1±1.6 and 59.2±1.2 after 30th, 60th, 120th, 180th, 240th and 300th minutes, and Dog-Bi moxa-cauterization-group had an obvious inhibitory-action with each 29.5±2.3, 39.2±2.6, 42.8±1.8, 50.7±2.2, 45.4±1.4 and 47.1±2.1 after 30th, 60th, 120th, 180th, 240th and 300th minutes. 3) In the experiment of anti-inflammatory effect of moxa-cauterization n the formation of edemacaused by Carrageenan in Rates, the group of Jog-Sam-Ri show-eda confirmed consideration as a superior inhibition with each 30.5±0.7, 35.9±0.6, 45.1±1.0, 40.0±2.3, 46.9±3.4 and 47.8±3.9 after 30th, 60th, 120th, 180th, 240th and 300th minutes, and Dog-Bi moxa-cauterization group admittes a considerable action with 34. 7± 1.9 after 30th minutes, and showed a superior inhibitory action on the formation of edema with 41.9±0.8 and 52.1 after 60th and 120th minutes, and showed exceedingly considerable inhibitory-action of edema with 57.4±0.9 after 180th minutes, and showed a higher conuiderable inhibitory action with each 52.9±1.1 and 53.3±1.2 after 240th and 300th minutes. 4) In the experiment of anti-in flamrnatory effect of moxibustions on the formation of edema caused by Adjuvant arthritis in Rates, the group of Iog-Sam-Ri moxa-cauterization showed highly remarkable inhibitory effectivness with each 42.0±2.2 , 26.0±2.4, 20.0±2.3 and 18.3±2.5 after 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th day, and recognized more highly considerably inhibitory action with 2.4±1.7after 9th day, but it was observable that there were some considerable inhibitory action with 23.9±1.4 after lith dayo. Also Dog-Bi moxa-cau terization-group confirmated someinhjbitoryaction with 56.4±3. 7 after lstdag, and showed more higher inhibitory action with each 36.6±0.5, 27.7±1.0, 23.9±06 after 3rd, 5tth and 7th day, and admitted some recogni zaffe inhibitory-action with 24. 4± 1. 6 after 9th day.

          • 동화책에 기초한 통합활동이 유아의 이야기 이해에 미치는 영향

            김경의,김영실 圓光大學校大學院 1998 論文集 Vol.21 No.-

            This study was designed to invesgate the effects of the literature-based program on the children's comprehension ability about picture book. The subjects consisted of 38 young children from two kindergarten in lk-San City. The children were divided into eperimental and control groups randomlyh. All children selected through Chu, Young Hee's 『The test for language and tinking ability』for pre-test. The intervention was children's literature incorporated into the curriculum of the experimental group. The control group used a traditional curriculum. Thetoos were five fairy tales of Heon, Eun Ja & Kim, Young Sil selected for this study, literature-based program, and the test of children's comprehension ability was obtaqined from the administration as a pre-and posttest. The experiment was conducted by researcher and 3 research supporters and the process of research were first, presenting of story in regard to experimental conditins, then, testing story comprehension of the groupwith test sheets. All process was recorded for controlling experimental conditions. Socoring was conducted by two markers. Children's comprehension achievement data were analyzed using a t-test to determine differencess in mean socores experimental and control group. The findings of this study were as follow : 1. There was significant improvement in the children's comprehension of whole story content according to the literature-based program. Children's comprehension score in literature-based program setting was higher than in control group. 2. There was significant improvement in the children's comprehension of story grammar questions according to the literature-based program. Children's comprehension score in literature-based program setting was higher than in control group. 3. There was significant improvement in the children's comprehension of traditional questions(literal, inferential, critical) according to the literature-based program. Children's comprehension score in literature-based program setting was higher than in control group.

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