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      • Atomistic investigation of crack growth resistance in a single-crystal Al-nanoplate

        Zhuo, Xiao Ru,Kim, Jang Hyun,Beom, Hyeon Gyu Cambridge University Press (Materials Research Soc 2016 Journal of materials research Vol.31 No.9

        <▼1><B>Abstract</B><P/></▼1><▼2><P>The fracture behavior of a single-crystal Al-nanoplate with an edge crack under tensile loading was simulated using a molecular statics technique to evaluate crack growth resistance in Al. The crack length was determined using a stiffness method. A parabolic function fitted from simulation results was used to predict the crack length from the stiffness value extracted from unloading curves. Based on energy considerations, crack growth resistance was calculated. Crack growth resistance rose sharply in the initial stages of crack growth, and with an additional crack extension, it increased gradually to converge to a constant far exceeding the fracture toughness predicted by the Griffith criterion. This trend in the crack growth resistance curve was closely related to the amorphous zone formed at the crack tip after the onset of crack propagation.</P></▼2>

      • Detecting Moving Object via Projection of Forward-Backward Frame Difference

        Zhuo Bian,LiangliangWang 보안공학연구지원센터 2016 International Journal of Future Generation Communi Vol.9 No.5

        Frame difference is a quick dissimilarity based segmentation approach for object detection, unfortunately, it gets trapped in over-segmented when the pixels of interest over time overlap each other. This paper presents a rather fast visual object detection approach capable of approximating the location of moving object under heavy background noise or big overlap caused by negative similarity. Specifically, frame forward-backward difference concept is proposed to extract object features in current frame through fusion of pixel-based current-previous and current-following frame difference. Based on this, we formulate object localization applying the statistics of horizontal-vertical projection of the fused difference. Therefore, our object detection can be regarded as a direct thresholding process which guarantees high efficiency while holds good accuracy performance. We evaluate our method on Weizmann human action dataset and some traffic videos for both single and multiple objects detection which demonstrates its applicability and prospect.

      • KCI등재

        A Rapidly New-typed Detection of Norovirus Based on F0F1-ATPase Molecular Motor Biosensor

        Zhuo Zhao,Jie Zhang,Mei-Ling Xu,Zhi-Peng Liu,Hua Wang,Ming Liu,Yan-Yan Yu,Li Sun,Hui Zhang,Hai-Yan Wu 한국생물공학회 2016 Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering Vol.21 No.1

        In order to adapt port rapid detection of food borne norovirus, presently we developed a new typed detection method based on F0F1-ATPase molecular motor biosensor. A specific probe was encompassed the conservative region of norovirus and F0F1-ATPase within chromatophore was constructed as a molecular motor biosensor through the “ε-subunit antibody-streptomycinbiotin- probe” system. Norovirus was captured based on probe-RNA specific binding. Our results demonstrated that the Limit of Quantification (LOQ) is 0.005 ng/mL for NV RNA and also demonstrated that this method possesses specificity and none cross-reaction for food borne virus. What’s more, the experiment used this method could be accomplished in 1 h. We detected 10 samples by using this method and the results were consistent with RT-PCR results. Overall, based on F0F1-ATPase molecular motors biosensor system we firstly established a new typed detection method for norovirus detection and demonstrated that this method is sensitive and specific and can be used in the rapid detection for food borne virus.

      • KCI등재

        Structure-Preserving Mesh Simplification

        ( Zhuo Chen ),( Xiaobin Zheng ),( Tao Guan ) 한국인터넷정보학회 2020 KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Syst Vol.14 No.11

        Mesh model generated from 3D reconstruction usually comes with lots of noise, which challenges the performance and robustness of mesh simplification approaches. To overcome this problem, we present a novel method for mesh simplification which could preserve structure and improve the accuracy. Our algorithm considers both the planar structures and linear features. In the preprocessing step, it automatically detects a set of planar structures through an iterative diffusion approach based on Region Seed Growing algorithm; then robust linear features of the mesh model are extracted by exploiting image information and planar structures jointly; finally we simplify the mesh model with plane constraint QEM and linear feature preserving strategies. The proposed method can overcome the known problem that current simplification methods usually degrade the structural characteristics, especially when the decimation is extreme. Our experimental results demonstrate that the proposed method, compared to other simplification algorithms, can effectively improve the quality of mesh and yield an increased robustness on noisy input mesh.

      • KCI등재

        Effects on Range of motion of Neck joint through Five-Animals Micro-Exercises

        ZHUO YAN,XU Jiang,HE LI,ZHU WANLING 한국웰니스학회 2018 한국웰니스학회지 Vol.13 No.1

        This research was aiming to provide new-styles sport exercises for white and blue-collar workers and prevented people from suffering occupational neck joint illnesses, released the pains from joints of neck and improving the ranges of motions of neck joints throughout the observations that was investigated among staffs who were from a research institute. This research carried out the suggested intervention called Five-Animals Micro-Exercises and then observe its effects that indexes which reflected the flexion, extension, lateral flexion, rotation and pain degree of joint neck would change. There were 320 staffs were chosen from all working staffs who employed by the institute as individual subjects. These 320 staffs did the Five-Animal Micro-Exercise and lasted for 20 weeks during the intervention period. In the progress of intervention, all subjects were divided into groups according to their working locations and organized to do the exercise which lasted for 10 to 15 minutes then exercise frequency was required at least 2 times a day and no more less than 5 days a week. Groups leaders would be elected among the groups and needed to record sport situations of group members. All group members could decide to join the grouped exercise or did the sport alone when they are convenient. The results of intervention would be collected when beginning and ending of this experiment, which is in order to determine the indexes flexion, extension, lateroflexion, rotation, pain degree of joint neck and body attitude assessment. Moreover, 177 subjects who showed higher compliance and reached the required standard of exercising were selected from weekly sport situations subjects’ feedback. The neck joint range of motion had significant changes after intervention, include flexion, extension, lateroflexion, and rotation(p<.05).Besides,, the pain degree and points of body attitude assessment of subjects stated dramatically variation (p<.05).The Five-Animal Micro-Exercise contributes on enlarging the degrees of flexion, extension, lateroflexion, rotation, and pain degree of joint neck are is helpful on improving joint neck degree. It can also relief joint pain, relax muscle, upraises endurance of muscles and increases the coordination of body, which are good for preventing cervical spondylopathy, and help people to maintain their body cures.

      • Antidumping case in the China's textile industry: A model building approach

        Zhuo, Jun,Park, Yong H. Kyung Hee University Management Research Institute 2019 Asia pacific journal of business review Vol.3 No.2

        Anti-dumping instruments among trading partners have been the subject of research by both academicians and practitioners. This study attempts to establish an early-warning model of anti-dumping against Chinese textile exporting companies, which have suffered from anti-dumping regulations and got arbitration awards. After reviewing theories of anti-dumping arbitration, early-warning and relationship marketing, the measuring items and relationship marketing model of Chinese textiles exporters are investigated. Empirical methods are selected based on early-warning theories of companies. Eighty percent of 156 valid questionnaires by surveys and interviews are used as training data via Binary-Logistic regression while the other twenty percent are validated in the model. As a result, a proper early-warning model has been established.

      • Analysis on Coexistence of Ultra Wideband with OFDM-Based Communication Systems

        Zhuo Li,Weixia Zou,Bin Li,Zheng Zhou,Xiaojun Huang IEEE 2011 IEEE transactions on electromagnetic compatibility Vol.53 No.3

        <P>Considering the potential interference of ultrawideband (UWB) on OFDM-based wireless communication systems, this paper studies coexistence issue between UWB with both impulse radio (IR) and multiband (MB) modulation and IEEE802.11n, WiMAX, and LTE downlink systems, using physical layer modeling strategy. According to the physical characteristics of UWB and the victim systems, entire physical layer models are set up. Based on the requirements of bit error rate (BER) and receiver sensitivity of the three victim systems, the emission limits of UWB are respectively obtained. Compared with a method based on interference to noise ratio (I/N) criteria, this method reflects the effect of the actual systems, so the conclusion can provide the reference to formulating the frequency spectrum of UWB within the operating frequency bands of the victim systems. Besides, we also reveal that IR-UWB should be more strictly regulated compared with MB-OFDM because of its time domain characteristic.</P>

      • KCI등재후보

        Water temperature and salinity tolerance of embryos and spat of the mussel, Musculista senhousia

        Zhuo Liang Liang,김영훈,임상민,강경호,Zhi-Fang Zhang 한국패류학회 2009 The Korean Journal of Malacology Vol.25 No.3

        The effects of water temperature and salinity on embryonic development and spat survival of mussel Musculista senhousia were investigated. Embryos were incubated in water ranging from 0 to 35℃ and with salinity from 5‰ to 40‰. Mussel spat were tested in water from 0 to 40℃ and with salinity from 0‰ to 100‰. The optimal conditions for mussel embryos were 20-25℃ and salinity from 25‰ to 35‰, based on Within this temperature range, higher temperatures correponded to a shorter duration of the embryonic period. Optimisation of mussel spat survival was at 25-35℃ and salinity from 30‰ to 40‰; both values are higher than those for embryo, which hinted M. senhousia embryos are more vulnerable than spat. Temperatures below 15℃ were lethal for embryos, making temperature a feasible method with which to control the large population of M. senhousia in ark-shell farm during its spawning period.

      • KCI등재

        Novel CHR-2 SINE subfamilies and t-SINEs identified in cetaceans using nonradioactive Southern blotting

        Zhuo Chen,Guang Yang 한국유전학회 2010 Genes & Genomics Vol.32 No.4

        The SINEs are short interspersed repetitive elements that propagate in eukaryotic genomes via transcription followed by reverse transcription. Recent genomic surveys have demonstrated that SINEs are active in shaping the architecture of genomes and therefore are powerful markers for studies of phylogeny and population biology. In the present study, a new protocol was developed to apply nonradioactive digoxigeninlabeling system into isolation of SINEs rapidly, safely, and efficiently. The application of this approach is illustrated with discovery of thirteen informative SINEs and a novel member of the t‐SINE family in the Omura’s whale (Balaenoptera omurai) and sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus), which is the first record of t‐SINE in cetacean. Analysis of subfamilyspecific genetic variability and insertions/deletions strongly suggested the existence of some novel CHR‐2 SINE subfamilies in the cetacean genomes.

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