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        • Fenofibrate Increases Radiosensitivity in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma via Inducing G2/M Arrest and Apoptosis

          Liu, Jia,Ge, Yang-Yang,Zhu, Hong-Cheng,Yang, Xi,Cai, Jing,Zhang, Chi,Lu, Jing,Zhan, Liang-Liang,Qin, Qin,Yang, Yan,Yang, Yue-Hua,Zhang, Hao,Chen, Xiao-Chen,Liu, Zhe-Ming,Ma, Jian-Xin,Cheng, Hong-Yan,S Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention 2014 Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention Vol.15 No.16

          Radiation therapy is an important treatment for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). However, how to promote radiation sensitivity in HNSCC remains a challenge. This study aimed to investigate the radiosensitizing effects of fenofibrate on HNSCC and explore the underlying mechanisms. HNSCC cell lines CNE-2 and KB were subjected to ionizing radiation (IR), in the presence or absence of fenofibrate treatment. Cell growth and survival, apoptosis and cell cycle were evaluated. In addition, CNE-2 cells were xenografted into nude mice and subjected to IR and/or fenofibrate treatment. The expression of cyclinB and CDK1 was detected by Western blotting. Our results showed that fenofibrate efficiently radiosensitized HNSCC cells and xenografts in mice, and induced apoptosis and G2/M arrest via reducing the activity of the CDK1/cyclinB1 kinase complex. These data suggest that fenofibrate could be a promising radiosensitizer for HNSCC radiotherapy.


          Genetic Variation of Taenia Pisiformis Collected from Sichuan, China, Based on the Mitochondrial Cytochrome b gene

          Yang, Deying,Ren, Yongjun,Fu, Yan,Xie, Yue,Nie, Huaming,Nong, Xiang,Gu, Xiaobin,Wang, Shuxian,Peng, Xuerong,Yang, Guangyou The Korean Society for Parasitology 2013 The Korean Journal of Parasitology Vol.51 No.4

          Taenia pisiformis is one of the most important parasites of canines and rabbits. T. pisiformis cysticercus (the larval stage) causes severe damage to rabbit breeding, which results in huge economic losses. In this study, the genetic variation of T. pisiformis was determined in Sichuan Province, China. Fragments of the mitochondrial cytochrome b (cytb) (922 bp) gene were amplified in 53 isolates from 8 regions of T. pisiformis. Overall, 12 haplotypes were found in these 53 cytb sequences. Molecular genetic variations showed 98.4% genetic variation derived from intra-region. $F_{ST}$ and Nm values suggested that 53 isolates were not genetically differentiated and had low levels of genetic diversity. Neutrality indices of the cytb sequences showed the evolution of T. pisiformis followed a neutral mode. Phylogenetic analysis revealed no correlation between phylogeny and geographic distribution. These findings indicate that 53 isolates of T. pisiformis keep a low genetic variation, which provide useful knowledge for monitoring changes in parasite populations for future control strategies.

        • KCI등재

          Effect of Microstructure on Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Composites

          Yue Yang,Junjie Shu,Peng Chen,Ru Xia,Jiasheng Qian,Bin Yang,JIBIN MIAO,LIFEN SU,Zhengzhi Zheng,Ming Cao 한국고분자학회 2017 Macromolecular Research Vol.25 No.4

          Thermal conductivity (TC) of polymer composites is strongly depended on thermal conductive fillers as well as heat conduction pathways formed by these fillers. In this work, we examined effects of morphology, size and arrangement of fillers on TC of polymer composites by using energy-conserving dissipative particle dynamic (e-DPD) simulation. Theoretically, we explored effects of ideal and “pseudo” thermal conductive pathways on composites’ TC and investigated heat conduction of filler particles with cubic-center and lamellar morphology. To confirm orientation and size effects of lamellar filler particles on composites’ TC, we prepared a series of Boron Nitride/Silicon rubber composites (BN/SiR). Being same with those observed in e-DPD simulation, orientation could efficiently improve TC of BN/SiR composites. The TC of composites with filled diameters about 10 micrometer of BN flats is 11 times higher than that of SiR matrix. Our researching results show that heat conduction pathways are essential to transportation of heat flux in polymer composites and even “pseudo” pathways by disconnected filler particles along temperature gradient can accelerate heat conduction.

        • Bridge widening with composite steel-concrete girders: application and analysis of live load distribution

          Yang, Yue,Zhang, Xiaoguang,Fan, Jiansheng,Bai, Yu Techno-Press 2015 Advances in concrete construction Vol.3 No.4

          A bridge widening technology using steel-concrete composite system was developed and is presented in this paper. The widened superstructure system consists of a newly built composite steel-concrete girder with concrete deck and steel diaphragms attached to the existing concrete girders. This method has been applied in several bridge widening projects in China, and one of those projects is presented in detail. Due to the higher stiffness-to-weight ratio and the rapid erection of composite girders, this widening method reveals benefits in both mechanical performance and construction. As only a few methods for the design of bridges with different types of girders are recommended in current design codes, a more accurate analytical method of estimating live load distribution on girder bridges was developed. In the analytical model, the effects of span length, girder pacing, diaphragms, concrete decks were considered, as well as the torsional and flexural stiffness of both composite box girders and concrete T girders. The study shows that the AASHTO LRFD specification procedures and the analytical models proposed in this paper closely approximate the live load distribution factors determined by finite element analysis. A parametric study was also conducted using the finite element method to evaluate the potential load carrying capacities of the existing concrete girders after widening.

        • KCI등재

          A Theoretical Method to Predict Crack Initiation in Stabilizing Piles

          Yang Yu,Yue-quan Shang,Hong-yue Sun 대한토목학회 2014 KSCE JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING Vol.18 No.5

          Stabilizing pile is a kind of underground structure, in which the crack initiation on the pile shaft is more dangerous than the crackon the interior concrete structure. A crack discriminant in displacement form was deduced by introducing the subgrade reactionmethod and reinforced concrete theory, in which the head displacement of stabilizing pile was the main parameter. Therefore, thehead displacement of stabilizing pile in critical state of cracking (critical head displacement) can be obtained according to the crackdiscriminant. Subsequently, the predicting crack initiation in stabilizing pile could be achieved by comparing measured headdisplacement with critical head displacement of the stabilizing pile. The crack discriminant was tested and verified in Hongyanlandslide project, Zhejiang province, China. Based on the field measurements at Hongyan landslide project, some stabilizing pileswere critically stressed to initiate the crack.

        • KCI등재

          Siderophore-producing rhizobacteria reduce heavy metal-induced oxidative stress in Panax ginseng Meyer

          Yue Huo,Jong Pyo Kang,Jong Chan Ahn,Yeon Ju Kim,Chun Hong Piao,Dong Uk Yang,Deok Chun Yang 고려인삼학회 2021 Journal of Ginseng Research Vol.45 No.2

          Background: Panax ginseng is one of the most important medicinal plants and is usually harvested after 5 to 6 years of cultivation in Korea. Heavy metal (HM) exposure is a type of abiotic stress that can induce oxidative stress and decrease the quality of the ginseng crop. Siderophore-producing rhizobacteria (SPR) may be capable of bioremediating HM contamination. Methods: Several isolates from ginseng rhizosphere were evaluated by in vitro screening of their plant growth-promoting traits and HM resistance. Subsequently, in planta (pot tests) and in vitro (medium tests) were designed to investigate the SPR ability to reduce oxidative stress and enhance HM resistance in P. ginseng inoculated with the SPR candidate. Results: In vitro tests revealed that the siderophore-producing Mesorhizobium panacihumi DCY119<SUP>T</SUP> had higher HM resistance than the other tested isolates and was selected as the SPR candidate. In the planta experiments, 2-year-old ginseng seedlings exposed to 25 mL (500 mM) Fe solution had lower biomass and higher reactive oxygen species level than control seedlings. In contrast, seedlings treated with 10<SUP>8</SUP> CFU/mL DCY119<SUP>T</SUP> for 10 minutes had higher biomass and higher levels of antioxidant genes and nonenzymatic antioxidant chemicals than untreated seedlings. When Fe concentration in the medium was increased, DCY119<SUP>T</SUP> can produce siderophores and scavenge reactive oxygen species to reduce Fe toxicity in addition to providing indole-3-acetic acid to promote seedling growth, thereby conferring inoculated ginseng with HM resistance. Conclusions: It was confirmed that SPR DCY119<SUP>T</SUP> can potentially be used for bioremediation of HM contamination.


          A Novel Phase Locked Loop for Grid-Connected Converters under Non-Ideal Grid Conditions

          Yang, Long-Yue,Wang, Chong-Lin,Liu, Jian-Hua,Jia, Chen-Xi The Korean Institute of Power Electronics 2015 JOURNAL OF POWER ELECTRONICS Vol.15 No.1

          Grid synchronization is one of the key techniques for the grid-connected power converters used in distributed power generation systems. In order to achieve fast and accurate grid synchronization, a new phase locked loop (PLL) is proposed on the basis of the complex filter matrixes (CFM) orthogonal signal generator (OSG) crossing-decoupling method. By combining first-order complex filters with relation matrixes of positive and negative sequence voltage components, the OSG is designed to extract specific frequency orthogonal signals. Then, the OSG mathematical model is built in the frequency-domain and time-domain to analyze the spectral characteristics. Moreover, a crossing-decoupling method is suggested to decouple the fundamental voltage. From the eigenvalue analysis point of view, the stability and dynamic performance of the new PLL method is evaluated. Meanwhile, the digital implementation method is also provided. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed method is verified by experiments under unbalanced and distorted grid voltage conditions.

        • KCI등재

          Anti-fouling characteristic of carbon nanotubes hollow fiber membranes by filtering natural organic pollutants

          Yue Yang,Sen Qiao,Ruofei Jin,Jiti Zhou,Xie Quan 한국화학공학회 2018 Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering Vol.35 No.4

          Membrane fouling is a universal problem for conventional membrane filtration that usually causes a deterioration in membrane performance. We used electro-assisted carbon nanotubes hollow fiber membranes (CNTs-HFMs) to investigate the anti-fouling properties using natural organic pollutants. Benefiting from the electro-assistance, the permeation flux of humic acid solution using CNTs-HFMs was 190.20 L/(m2·h·bar), which was about 1.5- and 4.4- times higher than those of CNTs-HFMs without electro-assistance and traditional polyvinylidene fluoride hollow-fiber membranes (PVDF-HFMs). And the permeation fluxes of bovine serum albumin, sodium alginate and supernatant of anaerobic bioreactor also presented similar results. The average COD removal rate of CNTs-HFMs (66.8%) at 1.0 V was higher than that of CNTs-HFMs without electro-assistance and PVDF-HFMs, which can be attributed to the formation of electrostatic repulsive force. It could reduce the deposition of pollutants on membrane surface under electroassistance.

        • KCI등재

          Metabonomics study on the hot syndrome of traditional Chinese medicine by rapid resolution liquid chromatography combined with quadrupole time-of-flight tandem mass spectrometry

          Yang Wang,Li M,Yi Sun,Liman Yang,Hao Yue,Shuying Liu 대한약학회 2014 Archives of Pharmacal Research Vol.37 No.7

          The hot syndrome refers to any feverish conditionsduring a pathological development, a sub-healthphenomenon, and is a potential risk for human health. Themetabonomics study on the hot syndrome may provideinsight into understanding of its pathology and play a rolein the prevention and treatment of its related diseases. Inthis paper, the rats were dosed with the hot syndromeprescription, ginseng and water. The corresponding urinesamples were identified by rapid resolution liquid chromatographycombined with quadrupole time-of-flight tandemmass spectrometry. More than 1,000 metaboliccompounds from different urine samples could be furtherdifferentiated by principal component analysis. As a result,the rat body temperature and weight were recognized as thehot syndrome related factors. Some specific metaboliteshave been discovered as a pattern of the potential biomarkers for the hot syndrome. The results showed thatginseng cannot cause the hot syndrome in a reasonabledose, but the hot syndrome prescription can. It is suggestedthat ginseng cannot be used only as a tradition Chinesemedicine but also as a nutrient. The work showed metabonomicsmethod is a valuable tool in studying mechanismof the hot syndrome.

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