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        • 고립단어의 선형 예측 계수들 상호간의 상관도를 이용한 화자인식에 관한 연구

          오예환,김중규 成均館大學校 科學技術硏究所 1995 論文集 Vol.46 No.2

          We propose a statistical algorithm which is applicable for speaker recognition and identification. The decision logic is formulated by computing the correlation coefficient between two speakers based on the LPC Log Spectrum and the LPC based Cepstral Spectrum of the speech signals. We tested the algorithm with Korean word "Sung Kyun Kwan" spoken by 11 male speakers, which is sampled at 16KHz rate and quantized to 16 bits. The test result showed very high recognition rates(94.5% for the case of LPC Log Spectrum and 98.2% for LPC based Cepstral Spectrum), whereas the conventional DTW algorithm based on the pitch contours of the speech signal had a relatively low recognition rate(89%). In addition to the recognition rate, the correlation method outperformed the DTW method in processing time as well, i.e. it requires much less computation load than DTW. Thus the proposed algorithm seems to have a strong potential to be applied to the areas where very high recognition rates as well as real time processing are required such as a security control system.

        • 대학생의 배경특성에 따른 여가활동 장애요인 분석 : 대구·경북 지역을 중심으로 Centered on Taegu-Kyungbuk Areas

          이예선 한국교육학회 대구·경북지회 2000 교육학논총 Vol.21 No.2

          This thesis is aimed at leading a sound society by means of healthy leisure activities in the Korean societies. For this purpose, first, I approached to understand students' leisure activities, and then tried to reduce the obstacles of their activities through analyzing their causes. This approach will be achieved by teaching college students healthy and desirable leisure activities in Korean societies; and as a long-term purpose, it will guide sound leisure activities on the level of permanent education. In this thesis, I approached the obstacles of college students' leisure activities through (one-way Anova). And I categorized the causes of their obstacles into eight units: lack of time, lack of money, lack of information, lack physical activity, lack of volition, obstacle caused by college study, lack of leisure facilities, and lack of the opportunities of leisure activities. And I focused on the students' sex, grade, average monthly pocket money, income of their families, and their fathers' schooling as the responding college students' background characteristics. The results of the analyses are as follows: 1. According to the results of sex analysis, female students showed fewer leisure activities than male students on account of their less physical strength. It was revealed that the female students have a significant difference by the level of p<.05. And the female students also had fewer opportunities of leisure activities than male students, which revealed the significant difference of p<.05. 2. According to the results of grade analysis, it was revealed that lower grade students(freshmen) have limitations of leisure activities on account of their less information, and the result was the significant difference p<.01. 3. According to students' leisure activities based on family income, in the case of the students who are from lower than 1 million won monthly family income, they showed the limitation of leisure activities on account of lack of money and there was a significant difference of p<.05. And the limitation of leisure activities on account of lack of information revealed a significant difference by the level of p<.05, 4. The obstacles of students' leisure activities based on fathers' schooling showed the results that in case that fathers' schooling was college drop out or junior college graduation, their lack of information was the cause of a significant difference by the level of p<.05. However, the difference of students' pocket money was not the cause of a significant difference. The research result of this thesis concluded that in order to solve the problem of obstacles of students' leisure activities, in case of female students, we need to intensify their physical strength; and in case of freshmen, it is required to provide them with more various kinds of information of leisure activities. However, in case of the students from lower income families, for their desirable leisure activities, colleges or societies should show the students more concern and give them various opportunities of free leisure activities instead of monetary aid. Despite fathers' lack of schooling, when colleges or societies provide more various kinds of information of leisure activities, students will enjoy more sound and desirable leisure activities. The insufficient advanced researches gave this thesis much difficulty. However, I expect that continuous researches and studies of this area will lead to great scholarly development in the aspect of the permanent education.

        • KCI등재

          압축성을 고려한 분율 흐름 접근 방식에 근거한 삼상흐름모델 개발

          석희준,고경석,Suk, Hee-Jun,Ko, Kyung-Seok,Yeh, Gour-Tsyh 대한자원환경지질학회 2008 자원환경지질 Vol.41 No.6

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          대부분의 분을 흐름 접근 방식을 따르는 다상흐름모델들은 주로 유체나 매질의 비 압축성을 가정하거나 완전한 삼상 오염물을 다루지 않고 이상 유체 (물 또는 공기, 물 또는 불용융성유체)의 거동만을 다룬다. 그러나 본 연구에서는 유체 및 매질의 압축성과 완전한 삼상 오염물을 가정하는, 분율흐름접근방식을 따르는 수학적 지배방정식을 개발하고, 이를 토대로 압축성 유체 및 매질을 고려한 삼상흐름 수치모의프로그램을 개발하였다 개발된 삼상흐름 수치모의프로그램 (Compressible Multiphase Flow Simulator, CMPS)을 검증하기 위해서 기존에 개발된 비압축성 유체 및 매질을 고려한 삼상흐름수치모의 프로그램인 MPS (Suk and Yeh, 2007; Suk and Yeh, 2008) 및 해석해를 통해서 간접적으로 비교 검증하였다. 비교결과 CMPS와 MPS의 결과와 해석해들은 서로 잘 일치하였다. 따라서 CMPS는 압축성 유체 및 매질을 고려한 삼상흐름 수치모의를 구현 할 수 있는 가능성을 가진다. Most multiphase flow simulators following fractional flow approach assume incompressibility of fluid and matrix or consider only two phase flow (water and air, water and NAPL). However, in this study, mathematical governing equations were developed for fully compressible three-phase flow using fractional flow based approach. Also, fully compressible multiphase flow simulator (CMPS) considering compressibilities of matrix and fluid was developed using the mathematical governing equations. In order to verify CMPS, the CMPS were compared with analytical solution and the existing multiphase flow simulator, MPS, which had been developed for simulating incompressible multiphase flow (Suk and Yeh 2007; Suk and Yeh 2008). According to the results, solutions of CMPS and MPS and analytical solutions are well matched each other. Thus, it is found that CMPS has the capability of simulating compressible three phase flow phenomena assuming compressibilities of fluids and matrix.

        • SCOPUSKCI등재

          Analysis of Revenue-Sharing Contracts for Service Facilities

          Yeh, Ruey Huei,Lin, Yi-Fang Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers 2009 Industrial Engineeering & Management Systems Vol.8 No.4

          There are customer services jointly provided by two facilities so that each customer will complete the course made up of both facilities' sub-services. The two facilities are assumed invested respectively by an infrastructure owner and one subordinate facility owner, whose partnership is built on their capital investments. This paper presents a mathematical model of Stackelberg competition between the two facility owners to derive their optimal Nash equilibrium. In this study, each facility owner's profit is consisted of fixed revenue fractions of sold services, operating costs (including depreciation cost) and maintenance costs of her facility. The maintenance costs of one facility are incurred both by failures and deterioration due to usage. Moreover, for both facilities, failures are rectified immediately by minimal repairs and preventive maintenance is carried out at a fixed time epoch. Additional assumptions are also employed to develop the model such as customer arrivals are manipulated to follow a Poisson process, and each facility's lifetime is independently Weibull-distributed. The Stackelberg game proceeds as follows. At the first stage of decision making process, the infrastructure owner (acting as a leader) decides the allocation of revenue shares based on her self-interest. After observing the allocation of revenue shares, the subordinate facility owner determines her own optimal price of services. This paper investigates actions and reactions of the two partners in the system. Then analytical conditions are proposed to achieve a unique optimal Nash equilibrium. Finally, some suggestions for further research are discussed.

        • KCI등재

          Axisymmetric dynamic instability of polar orthotropic sandwich annular plate with ER damping treatment

          Yeh, Jia-Yi Techno-Press 2014 Smart Structures and Systems, An International Jou Vol.13 No.1

          The axisymmetric dynamic instability of polar orthotropic sandwich annular plate combined with electrorheological (ER) fluid core layer and constraining layer are studied in this paper. And, the ER core layer and constraining layer are used to improve the stability of the annular plate system. The boundaries of instability regions for the polar orthotropic sandwich annular plate system are obtained by discrete layer annular finite element and the harmonic balance method. The rheological property of an electrorheological material, such as viscosity, plasticity, and elasticity can be controlled by applying different electric field strength. Thus, the damping characteristics of the sandwich system are more effective when the electric field is applied on the sandwich structure. Additionally, variations of the instability regions for the polar orthotropic sandwich annular plate with different applying electric field strength, thickness of ER layer and some designed parameters are investigated and discussed in this study.

        • SCIEKCI등재

          Electromagnetic Analysis of a Flat-Type Proportional Solenoid by the Reluctance Method

          Yeh-Sun Hong,Yong-Cheol Kwon 한국정밀공학회 2006 International Journal of Precision Engineering and Vol.7 No.2

          In this study, the electromagnetic characteristic of a flat-type two-dimensional proportional solenoid were analyzed by the magnetic reluctance method. The magnetic equivalent circuit equation for the solenoid was derived by modeling the reluctance of air gaps and magnetic structural components such as pole core, armature and yoke. It was solved iteratively because of the nonlinear magnetization properties of iron parts. The solutions showed good agreement with experimental data. Based on the magnetic equivalent circuit equation, the influence of design parameters on force-to-armature displacement curves was mathematically derived and experimentally verified. In this way, dominant design parameters could be analytically determined.

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