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      • 한국산 비탈거미(거미목, 비탈거미과)의 수컷 기재

        김주필(Joo Pil Kim), 예성훈(Seong Hun Ye) 한국거미연구소 2015 한국거미 Vol.31 No.1

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        2013년 6월 6일에서 6월 9일의 조사에서 채집된 거미를 조사 연구한 결과 한국산 거미목, 비탈거미과 비탈거미속 Callobius woljeongensis (Kim & Ye 2013) Amaurobiidae Thorell, 1870의 수컷이 조사되어 이를 기재한다. In the present paper, the authors describe one new record species Callobius woljeongensis (Kim & Ye 2013) Amaurobiidae Thorell, 1870, male from Korea. This specimen is deposited at the JooPil Spider Museum, Namyangju-Si, Kyunggi-Do.


        Effects of Temperature, Illumination, and Sodium Ascorbate on Browning of Green Tea Infusion

        Ye,,Qian,Chen,,Hao,Zhang,,Lin,Bin,Ye,,Jian,Hui,Lu,,Jian,Liang,Liang,,Yue,Rong Korean Society of Food Science and Technology 2009 Food Science and Biotechnology Vol.18 No.4

        Browning of tea infusion is an obstructive factor influencing shelf life of ready-to-drink green tea. Effects of temperature and illumination on the browning of green tea infusion were investigated. It was shown that both elevated temperature and illumination led to the browning of green tea infusion, but temperature had greater effect on infusion color and level of catechins than illumination. The levels of unoxidized catechins such as (-)-epigallocatechin gallate (EGCg), (-)-epigallocatechin (EGC), (-)-epicatechin gallate (ECg), (-)-epicatechin (EC), and total catechins remaining in the tea infusion were significantly correlated to color parameters of the tea infusion. Sodium ascorbate inhibited the infusion browning by suppressing the oxidation of tea catechins and it is considered to be a more suitable preservative for prolonging shelf life of ready-to-drink green tea than ascorbic acid because it has less effect on tea taste. The effects of temperature and illumination on the epimerization of catechins were also discussed.

      • siRNA-mediated Silencing of Notch-1 Enhances Docetaxel Induced Mitotic Arrest and Apoptosis in PCa Cells

        Ye,,Qi-Fa,Zhang,,Yi-Chuan,Peng,,Xiao-Qing,Long,,Zhi,Ming,,Ying-Zi,He,,Le-Ye Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention 2012 Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention Vol.13 No.6

        Purpose: Notch is an important signaling pathway that regulates cell fate, stem cell maintenance and the initiation of differentiation in many tissues. It has been reported that activation of Notch-1 contributes to tumorigenesis. However, whether Notch signaling might have a role in chemoresistance of prostate cancer is unclear. This study aimed to investigate the effects of Notch-1 silencing on the sensitivity of prostate cancer cells to docetaxel treatment. Methods: siRNA against Notch-1 was transfected into PC-3 prostate cancer cells. Proliferation, apoptosis and cell cycle distribution were examined in the presence or absence of docetaxel by MTT and flow cytometry. Expression of $p21^{waf1/cip1}$ and Akt as well as activation of Akt in PC-3 cells were detected by Western blot and Real-time PCR. Results: Silencing of Notch-1 promoted docetaxel induced cell growth inhibition, apoptosis and cell cycle arrest in PC-3 cells. In addition, these effects were associated with increased $p21^{waf1/cip1}$ expression and decreased Akt expression and activation in PC-3 cells. Conclusion: Notch-1 promotes chemoresistance of prostate cancer and could be a potential therapeutic target.

      • KCI등재

        Statistical inference of acupoint specificity: forward and reverse inference

        Ye-Chae,Hwang,Ye-Seul,Lee,Yeonhee,Ryu,이인선,채윤병 한국한의학연구원 2020 Integrative Medicine Research Vol.9 No.1

        Background: The acupoint specificity has been considered important issue in acupuncture research. In clinical aspects, it is essential to identify which acupoints are associated specifically with a particular disease. The present study aimed to identify the specificity of acupoint selection (forward inference) and the specificity of acupoint indication (reverse inference) from the online virtual diagnosis experiment. Methods: Eighty Korean Medicine doctors conducted the virtual medical diagnoses provided for 10 different case reports. For forward inference, the acupoints prescribed for each disease were quantified and the data were normalised among 30 frequently used acupoints using Z-scores. For reverse inference, diseases for each acupoint were quantified and the data were normalized among 10 disease using Z-scores. Results: Using forward inference we demonstrated the specificity of acupoint selection in each disease. Using reverse inference we identified the specificity of acupoint indication in each acupoint. In general, a certain acupoint can be selected specifically for a particular disease, and it has a specific indication for the disease. However, the specificity of acupoint indication and the specificity of acupoint selection are not always identical. Conclusions: The selection of an acupoint for a particular disease does not imply that the acupoint has specific indications for that disease. Inferring the specificity of acupoint indication from clinical observations should be considered.

      • KCI등재

        Effects of Calcium Lactate and Chungkukjang on Calcium Status in Rat

        Ye-Kyung,Lee,Myung-Ye,Lee,Mee-Kyung,Kim,Won-Kyung,Choe,Soon-Dong,Kim 한국식품영양과학회 2004 Preventive Nutrition and Food Science Vol.9 No.1

        Effects of dietary calcium lactate (CaL-A) and Chungkukjang (Korean native fermented soybean) on bone<br/> mass, calcium status, body weight, serum glucose and cholesterol levels in young male rats were investigated. Chungkukjang was fermented by mixing 4 types of Bacillus sp., and then dried at 45oC. Calcium lactate was prepared from the ash of black snail. The rats were fed a commercial rat diet for 1 week and then the experimental diets for 4 weeks. Animals were divided into four dietary groups: one calcium-deficient diet (Ca-De) and one of three with calcium supplemented diets (5 g calcium/kg diet) with either calcium phosphate (Ca-P), CaL-A, or CaL-A+Chungkukjang (CaL-AC). Calcium supplemented diets contained 39 g Ca-P/kg diet and 28 g/kg of calcium lactate in the CaL-A and CaL-AC diets. Body weight gains during the 4 weeks in the Ca-P, CaL-A, CaL-AC and Ca-De groups were 130.45 g, 112.50 g, 143.40 g and 10.20 g, respectively. Feed consumption of the groups from high to low was CaL-AC>Ca-P>CaL-A>Ca-De. The Ca-De group had low femur weights and low serum calcium concentrations, while they were comparatively high in CaLAC, Ca-P and CaL-A groups. The Ca-De groups excreted less calcium in urine than did the other rats, probably due to increased absorption of the mineral in Ca-P, CaL-A and CaL-AC groups. Microscopic observations revealed that there were many regularly spaced holes in the femur of Ca-De group, while there were much smaller regularly spaced holes in Ca-P group. However, no holes in femur were observed in the CaL-A and CaL-AC groups. Bone surfaces were especially smooth and clean in the CaL-AC group. Serum concentrations of glucose and total cholesterol were remarkably lower in the CaL-AC group than in the other supplemented groups. These results suggest that calcium from CaL-A has higher bioavailability than from Ca-P, and dietary Chungkukjang may have a beneficial effect on calcium metabolism.

      • Early Warning, not too Late Lessons

        Ye_Yong,CHOI 한국환경보건학회 2006 한국환경보건학회 학술대회 자료집 Vol.2006 No.-

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

      • F-51 Smoking status, knowledge and attitudes toward smoking cessation among general hospital worker: proper approach for reducing smoking in hospital

        ( Ye Ji Han ), ( Eun Mi Chun ), ( Chul Min Ahn ), ( Jae Yeol Kim ), ( Kwang Ha Yoo ), ( Sang Haak Lee ), ( Yu Il Kim ), ( Ju Heon Park ), ( Young Sik Park ), ( Ji Ye Jung ) 대한결핵 및 호흡기학회 2016 대한결핵 및 호흡기학회 추계학술대회 초록집 Vol.121 No.-

        Background: Smoking is strongly associated with severe illness causing burden to society`s health care system. As a representative of health institution, general hospital is responsible for promoting safe and healthy environment. The aim of study is to investigate smoking status, awareness and attitudes toward smoking cessation among hospital workers. Methods: This study was conducted on 949 employees working at tertiary hospital including healthcare providers and non-practitioner from April to May 2014. Results: 949 employees answered the questionnaire, and 14.6% of respondents had experience of smoking. (8.4% were current smokers.) In smoking group, majority were male (98.7%) and proportion of non-health care provider group (94.2%) was much higher with higher level of stress and low level of satisfaction toward their career. Those showed high frequency of attempt to stop smoking (83.5% multi-attempt), while the use of anti-smoking education (31.6%) and medical treatment was low (24.8%). Compared to non smokers, smokers presented more negative view on effectiveness of education and designation of smoke-free area in hospital. In multiple regression analysis, odd to respond positive to entire hospital being smoke-free following adjustment of gender, age, and working department was 3.82 for ex-smokers and 7.04 for non-smokers. Conclusions: Our study suggests smoking group among hospital employee with insufficient information have unfavorable attitudes toward smoking cessation, and this suggests need for further intervention to promote totally smoke-free hospital.

      • Recurrence after Anatomic Resection Versus Nonanatomic Resection for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Meta-analysis

        Ye,,J.Z.,Miao,,Z.G.,Wu,,F.X.,Zhao,,Y.N.,Ye,,H.H.,Li,,L.Q. Asian Pacific Organization for Cancer Prevention 2012 Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention Vol.13 No.5

        The impact of anatomic resection (AR) as compared to non-anatomic resection (NAR) for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) as a factor for preventing intra-hepatic and local recurrence after the initial surgical procedure remains controversial. A systematic review and meta-analysis of nonrandomized trials comparing anatomic resection with non-anatomic resection for HCC published from 1990 to 2010 in PubMed and Medline, Cochrane Library, Embase, and Science Citation Index were therefore performed. Intra-hepatic recurrence, including early and late, and local recurrence were considered as primary outcomes. As secondary outcomes, 5 year survival and 5 year disease-free survival were considered. Pooled effects were calculated utilizing either fixed effects or random effects models. Eleven non-randomized studies including 1,576 patients were identified and analyzed, with 810 patients in the AR group and 766 in the NAR group. Patients in the AR group were characterized by lower prevalence of cirrhosis, more favorable hepatic function, and larger tumor size and higher prevalence of macrovascular invasion compared with patients in the NAR group. Anatomic resection significantly reduced the risks of local recurrence and achieved a better 5 years disease-free survival. Also, anatomic resection was marginally effective for decreasing the early intra-hepatic recurrence. However, it was not advantageous in preventing late intra-hepatic recurrence compared with non-anatomic resection. No differences were found between AR and NAR with respect to postoperative morbidity, mortality, and hospitalization. Anatomic resection can be recommended as superior to non-anatomic resection in terms of reducing the risks of local recurrence, early intra-hepatic recurrence and achieving a better 5 year disease-free survival in HCC patients.

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