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        • KCI등재SCOPUS

          Cross Layer Optimal Design with Guaranteed Reliability under Rayleigh block fading channels

          ( Xue Chen ), ( Yanling Hu ), ( Anfeng Liu ), ( Zhigang Chen ) 한국인터넷정보학회 2013 KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Syst Vol.7 No.12

          Configuring optimization of wireless sensor networks, which can improve the network performance such as utilization efficiency and network lifetime with minimal energy, has received considerable attention in recent years. In this paper, a cross layer optimal approach is proposed for multi-source linear network and grid network under Rayleigh block-fading channels, which not only achieves an optimal utility but also guarantees the end-to-end reliability. Specifically, in this paper, we first strictly present the optimization method for optimal nodal number N*, nodal placement d* and nodal transmission structure p* under constraints of minimum total energy consumption and minimum unit data transmitting energy consumption. Then, based on the facts that nodal energy consumption is higher for those nodes near the sink and those nodes far from the sink may have remaining energy, a cross layer optimal design is proposed to achieve balanced network energy consumption. The design adopts lower reliability requirement and shorter transmission distance for nodes near the sink, and adopts higher reliability requirement and farther transmission distance for nodes far from the sink, the solvability conditions is given as well. In the end, both the theoretical analysis and experimental results for performance evaluation show that the optimal design indeed can improve the network lifetime by 20-50%, network utility by 20% and guarantee desire level of reliability.

        • The Loss Calculation of RCD Snubber with Forward and Reverse Recovery Effects Considerations

          Chen,Cai,Pei,Xue-jun,Chen,Yu,Kang,Yong 전력전자학회 2011 ICPE(ISPE)논문집 Vol.2011 No.5

          This paper addresses the problem of turn-off and turn-on performances of a RCD snubber circuit in high power inverter that works with insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT). The RCD snubber circuit turn-off and turn-on dynamics, forward and reverse recovery effects of the associated freewheeling and snubber diodes, and corresponding snubber losses are analyzed. Voltage impacts occur across the snubber resistor due to the snubber diode's forward and reverse recovery effects, which bring in additional snubber losses. The turn-on current rising rates have two parts due to the anti-parallel free-wheeling diode (FWD) reverse recovery current that will influence the RCD loss. Moreover, the snubber has the same clamping effect as turn-off due to the anti-parallel FWD's reverse recovery current. In addition, the proposed analysis was experimentally verified, the snubber loss are presented and discussed in the paper. Moreover, a well-designed temperature measurement is proposed to evaluate the loss.

        • KCI등재SCOPUS

          Trees with equal strong Roman domination number and Roman domination number

          Xue-gang,Chen,손무영 대한수학회 2019 대한수학회보 Vol.56 No.1

          A graph theoretical model called Roman domination in \linebreak graphs originates from the historical background that any undefended place (with no legions) of the Roman Empire must be protected by a stronger neighbor place (having two legions). It is applicable to military and commercial decision-making problems. A Roman dominating function for a graph $G = (V,E)$ is a function $f : V \to \{0, 1, 2 \}$ such that every vertex $v$ with $ f(v) = 0 $ has at least a neighbor $w$ in $G$ for which $f(w) = 2$. The Roman domination number of a graph is the minimum weight $ \sum_{v \in V} f(v)$ of a Roman dominating function. In order to deal a problem of a Roman domination-type defensive strategy under multiple simultaneous attacks, $\acute{A}$lvarez-Ruiz et al.~\cite{Ruiz} initiated the study of a new parameter related to Roman dominating function, which is called strong Roman domination. $\acute{A}$lvarez-Ruiz et al. posed the following problem: Characterize the graphs $G$ with equal strong Roman domination number and Roman domination number. In this paper, we construct a family of trees. We prove that for a tree, its strong Roman dominance number and Roman dominance number are equal if and only if the tree belongs to this family of trees.

        • KCI등재

          Bayberry Tannin as Stabilizer for the Synthesis of Highly Active and Reusable Heterogeneous Pd Catalysts and Their Application in the Catalytic Hydrogenation of Olefins

          Chen,,Chen,Lv,,Guang,Huang,,Xin,Liao,,Xue,Pin,Zhang,,Wen,Hua,Shi,,Bi Korean Chemical Society 2012 Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society Vol.33 No.2

          In this study, the homogenous Pd nanoparticles (Pd NPs) were first prepared with bayberry tannin (BT) as the stabilizers. Subsequently, the obtained bayberry tannin-stabilized Pd nanoparticles (BT-Pd) were immobilized onto ${\gamma}-Al_2O_3$ to prepare heterogeneous ${\gamma}-Al_2O_3$-BT-Pd catalysts. Fourier Transformation Infrared Spectrum (FTIR) and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) analyses confirmed that the Pd NPs were well stabilized by the phenolic hydroxyl groups of BT. Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) observation indicated that the diameter of the Pd NPs can be effectively controlled in the range of 4.2-16.0 nm by varying the amount of BT. It is found that the ${\gamma}-Al_2O_3$-BT-Pd catalysts exhibit highly activity for various olefin hydrogenations. For example, the initial TOF (turnover frequency) of the ${\gamma}-Al_2O_3$-BT-Pd in the allyl alcohol hydrogenation is as high as $12804 mol{\cdot}mol^{-1}{\cdot}h^{-1}$. Furthermore, the ${\gamma}-Al_2O_3$-BT-Pd can be reused 5 times without significant loss of activity, exhibiting a superior reusability as compared with conventionally prepared ${\gamma}-Al_2O_3$-Pd catalysts.



          Chen,,Xue-Gang,Sohn,,Moo,Young,Wang,,Yu-Feng Korean Mathematical Society 2020 대한수학회보 Vol.57 No.1

          Let γt(G) and τ(G) denote the total domination number and vertex cover number of graph G, respectively. In this paper, we study the total domination number of the central tree C(T) for a tree T. First, a relationship between the total domination number of C(T) and the vertex cover number of tree T is discussed. We characterize the central trees with equal total domination number and independence number. Applying the first result, we improve the upper bound on the total domination number of C(T) and solve one open problem posed by Kazemnejad et al..

        • KCI등재SCOPUS

          Temporal and spatial impact of Spartina alterniflora invasion on methanogens community in Chongming Island, China

          Xue,Ping,Chen,Jing,Sun,Yi,Wang,Heng,Yang,Zhang,Chi,Quan,He,Xiao,Yan,Liu,Nai,Shun,Bu,Xi-En,Long 한국미생물학회 2018 The journal of microbiology Vol.56 No.7

          Methane production by methanogens in wetland is recognized as a significant contributor to global warming. Spartina alterniflora (S. alterniflora), which is an invasion plant in China's wetland, was reported to have enormous effects on methane production. But studies on shifts in the methanogen community in response to S. alterniflora invasion at temporal and spatial scales in the initial invasion years are rare. Sediments derived from the invasive species S. alterniflora and the native species Phragmites australis (P. australis) in pairwise sites and an invasion chronosequence patch (4 years) were analyzed to investigate the abundance and community structure of methanogens using quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) and Denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) cloning of the methyl-coenzyme M reductase A (mcrA) gene. For the pairwise sites, the abundance of methanogens in S. alterniflora soils was lower than that of P. australis soils. For the chronosequence patch, the abundance and diversity of methanogens was highest in the soil subjected to two years invasion, in which we detected some rare groups including Methanocellales and Methanococcales. These results indicated a priming effect at the initial invasion stages of S. alterniflora for microorganisms in the soil, which was also supported by the diverse root exudates. The shifts of methanogen communities after S. alterniflora invasion were due to changes in pH, salinity and sulfate. The results indicate that root exudates from S. alterniflora have a priming effect on methanogens in the initial years after invasion, and the predominate methylotrophic groups (Methanosarcinales) may adapt to the availability of diverse substrates and reflects the potential for high methane production after invasion by S. alterniflora.


          Application of the French Codes to the Pressurized Thermal Shocks Assessment

          Chen,,Mingya,Qian,,Guian,Shi,,Jinhua,Wang,,Rongshan,Yu,,Weiwei,Lu,,Feng,Zhang,,Guodong,Xue,,Fei,Chen,,Zhilin Korean Nuclear Society 2016 Nuclear Engineering and Technology Vol.48 No.6

          The integrity of a reactor pressure vessel (RPV) related to pressurized thermal shocks (PTSs) has been extensively studied. This paper introduces an integrity assessment of an RPV subjected to a PTS transient based on the French codes. In the USA, the "screening criterion" for maximum allowable embrittlement of RPV material is developed based on the probabilistic fracture mechanics. However, in the French RCC-M and RSE-M codes, which are developed based on the deterministic fracture mechanics, there is no "screening criterion". In this paper, the methodology in the RCC-M and RSE-M codes, which are used for PTS analysis, are firstly discussed. The bases of the French codes are compared with ASME and FAVOR codes. A case study is also presented. The results show that the method in the RCC-M code that accounts for the influence of cladding on the stress intensity factor (SIF) may be nonconservative. The SIF almost doubles if the weld residual stress is considered. The approaches included in the codes differ in many aspects, which may result in significant differences in the assessment results. Therefore, homogenization of the codes in the long time operation of nuclear power plants is needed.

        • A Self-organization Analysis of Knowledge Collaboration with Enterprise 2.0 Application

          Xue,Yun,Chen,Jianbin 보안공학연구지원센터(IJUNESST) 2015 International Journal of u- and e- Service, Scienc Vol.8 No.1

          The development of Web 2.0 and its social application lead to the appearance of Enterprise 2.0. Based on the discussion of self-organization of enterprise knowledge system in Enterprise 2.0, this paper built a super-network model integrated the interpersonal network and the knowledge object network as well as the definition of the super-network structure entropy. Take the knowledge governance as a regulator variable between enterprise knowledge system and its environment, a relationship between the performance of knowledge collaboration and structure entropy has been built, then a Logistic Growth Model has been proposed to analysis the self-organization process.

        • AtHAP3b Plays a Crucial Role in the Regulation of Flowering Time in Arabidopsis during Osmotic Stress

          Chen,,Nai-Zhi,Zhang,,Xiu-Qing,Wei,,Peng-Cheng,Chen,,Qi-Jun,Ren,,Fei,Chen,,Jia,Wang,,Xue-Chen Korean Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biol 2007 Journal of biochemistry and molecular biology Vol.40 No.6

          The HAP complex has been found in many eukaryotic organisms. HAP recognizes the CCAAT box present in the promoters of 30% of all eukaryotic genes. The HAP complex consists of three subunits - HAP2, HAP3 and HAP5. In this paper, we report the biological function of the AtHAP3b gene that encodes one of the HAP3 subunits in Arabidopsis. Compared with wild-type plants, hap3b-1 and hap3b-2 mutants exhibited a delayed flowering time under long-day photoperiod conditions. Moreover, the transcription levels of FT were substantially lower in the mutants than in the wild-type plants. These results imply that AtHAP3b may function in the control of flowering time by regulating the expression of FT in Arabidopsis. In a subsequent study, AtHAP3b was found to be induced by osmotic stress. Under osmotic stress conditions, the hap3b- 1 and hap3b-2 mutants flowered considerably later than the wild-type plants. These results suggest that the AtHAP3b gene plays more important roles in the control of flowering under osmotic stress in Arabidopsis.

        • KCI등재SCOPUS

          Efficient production of glutathione using hydrolyzate of banana peel as novel substrate

          Xue-Dong,Chen,Gong-Yuan,Wei,Jun-Li,Zhang,Ying-Ying,Dong 한국화학공학회 2011 Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering Vol.28 No.7

          The hydrolyzate of banana peels containing abundant fermentable sugars as glucose, xylose, mannose,and arabinose was successfully used as a novel substrate for the efficient production of glutathione by Candida utilis SZU 07-01. Xylose was first selected as the sole carbon source for glutathione production, medium optimization for better cell growth and higher glutathione using response surface methodology consisting of PB design, the steepest ascent experiment and CCD was carried out, and the optimal combination of nutrients was obtained as follows: xylose 20 g/L, (NH_4)-2SO_4 9.59 g/L, KH_2PO_4 3 g/L, L-methionine 5.72 g/L and MgSO_4 0.20 g/L. The maximum dry cell weight and glutathione achieved using the optimized medium were 7.36 g/L and 154.32 mg/L, respectively. Following with the content in this medium, other sugars like glucose, mannose and arabinose were chosen as the sole carbon source and all tested available for glutathione production. Based on these results, the hydrolyzate of banana peels was selected as a novel substrate, and a high DCW of 7.68 g/L and glutathione yield of 111.33 mg/L were obtained with the initial sugar concentration of 20 g/L in the hydrolyzate of banana peels.

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