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      • 跆拳道 修練實態에 關한 意識調査 硏究(Ⅰ) : 第67回 全國 體典 參加選手를 對象으로 With the Object of Study that is the Player Participated in the 67th National Athetic Meet

        王泰鎭 圓光大學校 附設 體力科學硏究所 1986 體力科學硏究 Vol.9 No.-

        This researcher investigated the consciousness about the actual condition of training on the basis of the questionnaire that made an object of study 156male of Tae Kwon Do player who participated in the 67th national athletic meet. The result is as follows; 1) Trainer and Traine´e · Trainer is showed in order that coach is 69.2%, master is 15.4%, senior 10.3%, and oneself is 5.1%. · Trainee is showed that a male of experience more than 8 years is the most as 86 male, that is 55.2%. 2)The Space of Education · A place of training is showed that the school is 66.6% and gymnasium is 32.1%. · An average training time in a day is showed that more than 2 hours is 65.4%. · Training time in a day is showed that the afternoon is the most as 74.3% and the forenoon is the lest as 5.1%. · It is found that satisfied is 52.1%, so-so is 29.5% and a very small is 17.9%, as to you are satisfied with gymnasium which you are training now. · As to aid exerciser which can train foundational physical strength in the gymnasium, it is found that more necessary is 42.3%, satisfied is 35.9% and none is 21.8%. That is to say, total 64.1%, more than the majority, emphasizes the need of aid exerciser. 3) The Contents of Education and The Method of it. · As to the contents of training, Kyeo Ru Gi is superior over whelmingly as 93.6%. Kyeok Pa is showed that it isn't trained. · As to the time of training; The training for foundational motions is showed that 53.8% trains from 10 to 20 minutes, 19.2% does less than 10 minutes, 11.5% does from 30 to 60 minutes and 10.3% does not train. · Pum Ce is showed that 65.4% does not train, and any traine´e does not train it in more than 1 hour. · Kyeo Ru Gi is showed that training from 10 to 20 minutes is the most as 50.0%. · As to what do you think is the most important contents when you train, it is showed that Kyeo Ru gi is 66.7%, foundational motions is 30.7%, and Pum Ce or Kyeok Pa is 1.7% each. · It is showed that 92.3% thinks that it is necessary to learn the theory of Tae Kwon Do. So the need of education on the theory of Tae Kwon Do is emphasized. · As to the teaching method of present master or coach, it is found that 55.1% is satisfied, 21.8% wants to learn more practical skill, 16.7% wants to be taught more theory or Knowledge of Tae Kwon Do, and 6.4% hope to be taught more manners in Tae Kwon Do. · While the degree of satisfaction about present teaching method is decreased in order of high school, university and general person, the degree of wanting the education of theory and manners is increasing. · It is found that total 78.2% is not satisfied with judgement of a game. 4) The Phenomena of Education. · It is found that 87.2% is satisfied with the garment of a taoist. · It is found that 66.7% is agree that Tae Kwon Do is our national sport to be loved by every Korean. · Total 94.8% is showed that he thinks the number of traine´e is increasing. · As to the goods that he can get when he trains Tae Kwon Do, it is found in order that self-command is 34.4%, self-assurance is 26.6%, health is 20.8%, sense of responsibility is 13.0%, and cooperative spirit is 5.2%. And it is found that there is not a desire for learning. · While he thinks that he can get the rise of seif-command and self-assurance because he can cultivate a spirit of chivalry as training, cooperative spirit is found weak because Tae Kwon Do is a sport of individual game. · In parents' opinion about training, 61.5% is showed that generally supports training. · The aim of training is found in order that 69.2% is to be an excellent player, 19.3% is to improve personality, 7.7% is to be a knighterrant, and 3.8% is to be healthy. 5) As to the Development of Tae Kwon Do ; · And the problem of the way a head is 11.9%, the problem of improving a spirit of chivalry is 9.5%. The problem of technical exchange is found the lowest as 1.2.

      • Poster Session : PS 0831 ; Upper GI Tract : Clinical Factors to Predict Angiographically Detectable Non-Variceal Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding in Patients Refractory to Endoscopic Treatment

        ( Tae Hwan Ha ), ( Tae Hoon Oh ), ( Sung In Yu ), ( Min Kim ), ( Jong Wook Kim ), ( Won Ki Bae ), ( Jae Hyung Kim ), ( Seung Suk Baek ), ( Mi Jin Ryu ), ( Ye Na Choi ), ( Ji Young Park ), ( Eileen L Yoon ), ( Tae) 대한내과학회 2014 대한내과학회 추계학술대회 Vol.2014 No.1

        Background: Non-variceal upper GI bleeding (NVUGIB) is a common medical problem that has signifi cant association with morbidity and mortality. Angiographic detection and subsequent transarterial embolization (TAE) is a primary treatment option when medical and endoscopic treatments fail. We investigated clinical factors that could affect the success of the angiographic detection and prognosis after TAE in patients with NVUGIB refractory to endoscopic therapy. Methods: A retrospective analysis of the clinical data was done in patients with failed endoscopic treatment who underwent angiography for the treatment of acute NVUGIB between May 2002 and May 2013. Patients were divided into detection or non-detection groups according to the presence of bleeding stigmata in angiographic fi nding. Rebleeding defi ned as subsequent bleeding event within 7 days and mortality within 30days were analyzed as outcome parameters after TAE following detection in angiography. Results: A total 45 patients 37 (male, mean age, 65.9±14.9 years) were analyzed and classifi ed as a detection group (n=25, 55.5%) and non-detection group (n=20, 44.6%). Peptic ulcers were the most common cause of refractory NVUGIB. Larger transfusion amount (5.7±3.9 unit vs. 3.5±2.8 unit; P=0.03), prolonged aPTT level (34.2±17.3 sec vs. 21.8±13.8 sec; P=0.01) and short time interval between last endoscopy and angiography (17.5±25.9 hours vs. 34.3±59.5 hours; P=0.04) were found to be signifi cant factors for predicting angiographic detection. TAE was performed in all patients detected in angiography. Rebleeding (44%) was significantly associated with higher Rockall score (8.3±1.5 vs. 6.6±2.4; P=0.046) and mortality (12%) was signifi cantly associated with higher Rockall score (9.3±0.6 vs. 7.1±2.2; P=0.002) and higher level of BUN (55.3±47.4 vs. 27.6±17.4; P=0.01). Conclusions: Clinical characteristics associated with angiographic detection in patients with NVUGIB refractory to endoscopic therapy were severe bleeding, bleeding tendency and early angiographic intervention. The Rockall score is useful parameter for predicting rebleeding and mortality after TAE.

      • KCI등재

        Rivalry between low cost carriers and major carriers

        Jin-Kook,Lee,Tae,Seung,Kim 인하대학교 정석물류통상연구원 2009 JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS AND TRADE Vol.7 No.2

        As the wave of liberalization and deregulation have accelerated to relieve rigid controls over airline routes, capacity, and fare setting regimes, Low Cost Carriers (LCCs) have emerged especially in local aviation markets since the 1970s. This paper has studied the effects of LCC"s entry into the domestic aviation market which was pre-occupied by two major carriers, Korean Air (KAL) and Asiana Airlines. Through a simple model describing two situations, prior and post to LCC"s entry, we analyzed changes and trends of each airline"s output and profit based on the Cournot and two-stage Stackelberg game equilibrium. In summary, our conclusion consists of five points: (1) Even though JIN Air"s entry reduced KAL"s respective output and profit, the more JIN Air produces, the higher the joint-profit of KAL and JIN Air is, (2) From the joint-profit aspect, increasing KAL"s output to a level than JIN Air"s is more profitable on the Gimpo-Jeju route, on the other hand, increasing JIN Air"s output higher than KAL"s is more profitable on the Jeju-Busan route, (3) Even though JIN Air"s entry increase Asiana Airline"s output, the more JIN Air produces, the less Asiana Airlines"s profit is, (4) Total output in markets as well as total profits of firms will increase under certain conditions, (5) KAL and JIN Air tend to get caught in an unresolved conflict on level of LCC cost.

      • KCI등재

        밀양 금시당(今是堂) 12경의 문화경관 해석

        엄태건 ( Tae Geon Eon ), 김수진 ( Soo Jin Kim ), 박정임 ( Jung Lim Park ), 강한민 ( Han Min Kang ), 심우경 ( Woo Kyung Sim ) 한국전통조경학회(구 한국정원학회) 2011 한국전통조경학회지 Vol.29 No.2

        본 연구는 조선 중기 밀양의 부호세력이었던 여주이씨 일가의 금시당 이광진 유적을 중심으로 그림, 시문, 기문등에 나타나고 있는 문화경관으로서의 특성을 파악하고자 하였다. 금시당 이광진은 사회적 혼란기였던 문정왕후의 죽음 이후 중기 벼슬을 버리고 고향으로 돌아와 응천강변의 백곡에 터를 잡고 금시당을 건립하여 별서를 경영하고자 하였는데, 그가 경영한 금시당은 숙부이자 스승인 월연 이태로부터 자연관과 효행, 산수경영 등 많은 영향을 받은 것으로 판단된다. 또한, 금시당십이경도는 이경홍이 병환으로 위중한 아버지 이광진을 위로하고자 금시당 주변의 아름다운 12경관을 그린 것으로 구전되며, 꾀꼬리봉, 용두산, 무봉사, 마암산, 월연대, 사인당 마을, 영남루, 밀양읍성, 배나무 소, 밤나무 숲, 밀양강변, 삼문동들 등 당시 여주이씨 일가가 소유하고 있었던 땅과 관아를 경관 대상으로 하여 소상팔경이나 사시팔경의 관념적인 산수화가 아닌 실경을 담고 있는 산수화이다. 금시당십이경시는 금시당십이경도에 근거하여 작성된 제화시로서 이광진의 11대손 이용구가 지은 것으로 시간과 계절 그리고 기상의 변화를 노래하였다. 시 12수 모두 칠언절구로 글자 수가 모두 28자로 이루어졌으며, 단순히 그림의 외형적인 묘사가 아닌 작자의 개성에 의해 재산출되었기 때문에 그림에서 보이는 요소들과 완전히 일치하지 않는다. 따라서 금시당십이경도는 단순히 효행의 의미뿐만 아니라 밀양의 부호세력으로서 여주이씨 일가 소유의 장원을 나타내고 있으며, 금시당십이경시는 그림을 재산출하여 특정한 명승지로 변화시켜 여주이씨 일가 소유의 영역성을보다 강화시킬 목적으로 이루어진 것으로 생각된다. This study has been examined characteristics of Yeoju Lee family, rich group at Miryang in the middle of the Joseon Dynasty, around Geumsidang(今是堂) Lee Gwang-jin remains as a cultural landscape appeared in pictures, poetry, and a strange story. Geumsidang Lee Gwang-jin returned to his old home abandoned the middle government post after the death of Moonjeong queen in socially confused stage and tried to manage an annex to a Geumsidang located in Baekgok of Eungchun riverside, and Geumsidang he managed was affected by his teacher and uncle Wolyoun Lee Tae of a view of nature, filial behavior, and nature management etc. Also, ``Painting of 12 landscapes to Geumsidang`` is landscape painting with the actual view not like the ``8 landscapes of So-Sang`` or ``8 landscapes of Sa-Si`` which is abstract landscape and Lee Gyeong-hong drew 12 landscapes of Geumsidang that includes Angbong(鶯峰: nightingale peak), Yongdu mountain(龍頭山), Mubong Buddhist temple(舞鳳寺), Maam mountain(馬巖山), Wolyeon-dae(月淵臺), Saindang village(舍人堂村), Youngnam-ru(嶺南樓), Miryang eubseong(密陽邑城), Eyeonso(梨淵沼: pear tree deep water), Yullim(栗林: chestnut tree forest), Miryang river(密陽江), Sammundong fields(沙門野), land and government office owned by Yeoju Lee family as landscape objects. ``Poems of 12 landscapes to Geumsidang`` by Lee Yong-gu 11th sons of Lee Gwang-jin was written based on ``Painting of 12 landscapes to Geumsidang``, and sang for time, season, and changes of the weather. All 12 poems are all a quatrain with seven Chinese characters in each line consisted of all 28 words, but does not match completely with shown elements in pictures because it is not a simple description of pictures but it is recreated by writer``s personality. Therefore these painting shows not only th meaning of filial behavior but also village owned by Yeoju Lee family rich group in Miryang, and these poem recreated the pictures by changing as certain scenic spot with the object of enforcing territory of Yeoju Lee family.

      • KCI등재

        Evaluating Rhythm Metrics in Spontaneous Speech of English

        Tae,Jin,Yoon 현대문법학회 2016 현대문법연구 Vol.89 No.-

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        Statistical rhythmic metrics are applied on a Buckeye corpus of spontaneous interview speech in order to investigate the extent of inter-speaker rhythm variability. Tests are made on speech produced by speakers who share the same regional dialect in North America. The choice is made due to the unique characteristic of the Buckeye corpus in that the speech dataset is obtained from the speakers who have been raised in the same region and hence who share the same dialect with each other. Statistical measures of rhythm metrics are obtained from the subset of the corpus. The results of clustering analysis show that the rhythmic measures that capture the least dialectal variance is the normalized pair-wise variability indices calculated based on the respective adjacent consonantal and vocalic durations. The finding implies that these statistical measures of rhythm can be used in capturing the dialectal similarities on spontaneous speech.

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