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      • 전송율 향상을 위한 다단계 상호연결망

        신용태,이철희,조민수 崇實大學校 生産技術硏究所 1996 論文集 Vol.26 No.1

        This paper proposed two Multi-statge Interconnection Network(MIN) that had multiple outlet to improve throughput. These proposed MINS were made of Clos MIN, well known Non-blocking MIN. These proposed MINs were called ECFS(Expanded Clos Switch Fabric) adn TCSF(Tandem Clos Switch Fabric). ECFS was consist of expanded number of switchs for multiple oulet. TCSF was consist of serial Clos MIN for multiple outlet. Performance evaluation of these proposed MINs was calculated arrival probability of packet through the MIN. In teh result, these proposed MINs with multiple outlet had higher throughput than existed MIN with single outlet. We know the fact that as the outlet of MIN increase, throughput of MIN increase.

      • Crosslinked anion exchange membranes with primary diamine-based crosslinkers for vanadium redox flow battery application

        Cha, Min Suc,Jeong, Hwan Yeop,Shin, Hee Young,Hong, Soo Hyun,Kim, Tae-Ho,Oh, Seong-Geun,Lee, Jang Yong,Hong, Young Taik Elsevier 2017 Journal of Power Sources Vol.363 No.-

        <P><B>Abstract</B></P> <P>A series of polysulfone-based crosslinked anion exchange membranes (AEMs) with primary diamine-based crosslinkers has been prepared via simple a crosslinking process as low-cost and durable membranes for vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFBs). Chloromethylated polysulfone is used as a precursor polymer for crosslinked AEMs (CAPSU-x) with different degrees of crosslinking. Among the developed AEMs, CAPSU-2.5 shows outstanding dimensional stability and anion (Cl<SUP>−</SUP>, SO<SUB>4</SUB> <SUP>2−</SUP>, and OH<SUP>−</SUP>) conductivity. Moreover, CAPSU-2.5 exhibits much lower vanadium ion permeability (2.72 × 10<SUP>−8</SUP> cm<SUP>2</SUP> min<SUP>−1</SUP>) than Nafion 115 (2.88 × 10<SUP>−6</SUP> cm<SUP>2</SUP> min<SUP>−1</SUP>), which results in an excellent coulombic efficiency of 100%. The chemical and operational stabilities of the membranes have been investigated via ex situ soaking tests in 0.1 M VO<SUB>2</SUB> <SUP>+</SUP> solution and in situ operation tests for 100 cycles, respectively. The excellent chemical, physical, and electrochemical properties of the CAPSU-2.5 membrane make it suitable for use in VRFBs.</P> <P><B>Highlights</B></P> <P> <UL> <LI> The crosslinking between polymer chains are constructed by 4,4′-diaminobenzophenone. </LI> <LI> The crosslinked AEMs were fabricated by commercial polysulfone (PSU; Udel<SUP>®</SUP> P-3500). </LI> <LI> The crosslinked AEM based on PSU indicated good chemical and dimensional stability. </LI> <LI> The performance of crosslinked AEM showed high EE (86%) with high capacity retention. </LI> </UL> </P> <P><B>Graphical abstract</B></P> <P>[DISPLAY OMISSION]</P>

      • KCI등재

        가자의 즉각형 알레르기 반응 억제 효과

        엄용대,신민교,이영미,김형민,신태용,정종길,송호준 대한본초학회 2000 大韓本草學會誌 Vol.15 No.1

        We investigated the effects of methanol extract of Fructus Chebula (MEFC) on local and systemic anaphylaxis. Passive cutaneous anaphylaxis inhibited to 61.42 12.8 % by oral administration of MEFC(I.0 glkg). MEFC inhibited compound 48/80-induced anaphylactic shock 100% with doses of 0.05-1.0 glkg . Administrations of MEFC (1.0 glkg) 60 min before, 5 min after, and 10 min after the compound 48/80 treatment were shown the mortality rates as 0%. MEFC (0.01-1.0 glkg) inhibited the histamine release significantly from the rat peritoneal mast cells by compound 48/80. These results indicate that MEFC inhibits mast cell mediated anaphylactic reactions by inhibition of mast cell degranulation in vivo and in vitro.

      • 유제놀에 의한 즉시형 알레르기 반응의 억제

        김상현,신태용,김형룡,이영미,이은희,신보경,김윤철,안년형,김형민 우석대학교 의약품개발연구소 1996 藥學硏究誌 Vol.1 No.-

        The current study evaluates the capacity of eugenol to regulate immediate allergic reaction by control of histamine release. Administrations of eugenol (1 M/kg. i.p.) at 60 min before and 5.10 min after the compound 48/80 treatment (8 mg/kg.i.p.) were shown the mortality rates as 0.44.4. and 77.8%. respectively. A 60 min before administered group revealed a singificant inhibition of serum his-tamine release compared with those of 5 and 10 min after the compound 48/80 injection. Eugenol (6-48mM) was also showed a dose-dependent activity on the compound 48/80-induced histamine release from the highly purified population of Alcian Blue-positive peritoneal mast cells. These results indicate that in vitro treatment with exogenous eugenol inhibited the active response of mast cell populations and modulated its characteristics.

      • SCOPUSKCI등재

        COPA(cuffed oropharyngeal airway)를 이용한 마취 유도 시 근이완제 사용 유무에 따른 반응

        김상태,배진호,김상범,임승운,민병상,신영덕 대한마취과학회 2000 Korean Journal of Anesthesiology Vol.38 No.3

        Background : COPA (cuffed oropharyngeal airway) is a convenient device for airway management in patients undergoing general anesthesia for elective surgery in supine position. It causes less pharyngeal trauma than LMA(Laryngeal mask airway). The purpose of this study was to compare the effect of COPA with and without muscle relaxant. Methods : Forty patients with ASA physical status I and II for elective surgery were randomly assigned to two groups. Anaesthesia was induced with propofol (2 mg/kg) and vecuronium (1.5 mg/kg) and was administered intravenously in Group I but not in Group II. Mask ventilation was done for 5 min with 0: 5 L/min. COPA was placed and heart rate, and systolic, mean, diastolic blood pressure and peak inspiratory pressure were measured at 1 min interval for 5 min. Anaesthesia was maintained with pro- pofol 150 ㎍/kg/min, fentanyl 1 ㎍/kg/hr, O_2 2 L/min and N_2O 2 L/min. Results : There were no significant differences between Group I and Group II in heart rate, systolic, mean and dstolic blood pressure. PIP (Peak inspiratory pressure) was increased and hiccups occurred significantly (p $lt; 0.05) in Group II. Complete airway obstruction occurred in one patient of Group I and severe coughing, body movements and gagging occurred during induction and insertion in Group II. conclusions : With the use of appropriate muscle relaxant, we can use COPA without increased inspiratory pressure or significant complication. (Korean J Anesthesiol 2000; 38: 399~403)

      • 허혈성 심질환에 있어서 아데노신 급속 정맥투여후 관동맥압의 변화에 관한 연구

        봉종대,오종용,배성한,신원용,김철현,이광희,최태명,현민수,김성구,권영주 순천향의학연구소 1998 Journal of Soonchunhyang Medical Science Vol.4 No.2

        Background: Adenosine interacts with A1 receptors present on the extracellular surface of cardiac cells, activating K+channels in a fashion. It produces coronary vasodilatation and AV nodal block. The half-time is one to six second and has ultra-short action. In ischemic heart disease, fractional flow reserve(FFR) can be achieved safely with intravenous adenosine infusions at a rate of 150㎍/kg/min which cause maximal coronary hyperemia. Purpose: We investigated the patients who have had ischemic heart disease(n=8). After adenosine intravenous administration(150㎍/kg/min), the effect cause maximal hyperemia of coronary artery. During peak maximal hyperemia, we reported clinical findings, coronary hemodynamics and electrocardiogram findings. Methods: After diagnostic coronary angiography and left ventriculography, catheter was advanced into the ostium of coronary artery. We investigated coronary hemodynamics such as systolic coronary artery pressure, diastolic coronary artery pressure, mean coronary artery pressure and heart rate. To assess the use of adenosine for determination of fractional flow reserve, hemodynamics and electrocardiogram were measured at basal state and during peak maximal hyperemia. Results: Symptoms developed 1.5-2 minute after adenosine intravenous administration and each symptom disappeared 2-2.5 minute after adenosine administration. Two patients represented asymptomatic appearance and six patients complained of flushing, chest pain, palpitation and headache. In eight patients with ischemic heart disease, 1.5 minute after venous administration of 150㎍/kg/min of adenosine, coronary artery pressure decreased and heart rate increased significantly. Conduction abnormalities after administration of 150㎍/kg/min of adenosine were transient 2nd degree AV block 2 cases(25%). Conclusions: Adenosine is a potent ultra short-acting vasodilator. Although coronary artery pressure decreased and heart rate increased and mild cardiovascular symptoms occurred after continuous infusion of 150㎍/kg/min of adenosine, it is useful as an agent for determination of fractional flow reserve.

      • Cutting performance of tungsten carbide tools coated with diamond thin films after etching for various times

        Kim, Jong Seok,Park, Yeong Min,Bae, Mun Ki,Kim, Chi Whan,Kim, Dae Weon,Shin, Dong Chul,Kim, Tae Gyu World Scientific Publishing Company 2018 Modern physics letters. B, Condensed matter physic Vol.32 No.20

        <P>In this study, diamond thin films were deposited on tungsten carbide tools using surface-wave plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (SWP-CVD). To eliminate the adverse effects of cobalt on the diamond deposition process, the cobalt was removed from the surface of the tools by etching with Murakami’s reagent for various times (30, 60, and 120 min). The cutting performance of the untreated and the diamond-coated WC tools was examined by performing cutting test on carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP). The results showed that all the diamond-coated tools exhibited great improvement on the durability and wear resistance compared to the uncoated one. In addition, the diamond-coated tool lift time is found to be proportional to the etching time. An increase more than twofold has been achieved when the etch time was increased from 30 min to 120 min.</P>

      • KCI등재

        골격성 전치부 반대교합 아동의 치아성숙도에 관한 연구

        신종현,권민석,김신,정태성 大韓小兒齒科學會 2010 大韓小兒齒科學會誌 Vol.37 No.3

        전치부 교환기의 반대교합 아동에서는 골격적 특성이 강할수록 상하 치아의 성숙도에 현격한 차이가 있음을 쉽게 관찰할 수 있다. 파노라마 방사선 사진으로 평가가 가능한 상하 치령의 차이가 III급 부정교합의 조기 징후로 개연성이 있다면, 이것은 조기 감별진단의 한 도구로써 가치가 있을 것으로 판단되었다. 부산대학교치과병원 소아치과에 내원한 Hellman 치령 IIA, IIC의 환자 를 대상으로, 측두방사선사진, 파노라마 방사선사진, 석고 모형과 임상사진을 조사하여 정상교합군과 전치부 반대교합군 각 50명을 선택하였다. 이들의 파노라마 방사선사진을 이용하여 Demirjian법으로 각 군의 상하 치령 및 제1대구치 맹출율을 구하고 그 차이를 비교, 분석하여 다음과 같은 결과를 얻었다. 1. 정상교합군과 반대교합군 모두에서 역령에 비해 치령이 높게 나타났으며 성차는 보이지 않았다(p>0.05). 2. 정상교합군과 반대교합군의 상하 치령의 차이는 각각 0.22세와 0.69세로 반대교합군에서 더 큰 차이를 보였다(p<0.05). 3. 정상교합군에 비해 반대교합군에서 상하 제1대구치 맹출율의 차이가 크게 나타났다(p<0.05). It was easy to find that children of a skeletal anterior crossbite in the early mixed dentition period showed a stark difference in the dental maturity between their maxillary and mandibular teeth, if they have stronger physical characteristics. If the difference of dental age between maxillary and mandibular teeth which can be identified via panoramic radiographs may serve as an early sign of class III malocclusion, this is considered valuable as a tool of early detection diagnosis. We obtained lateral cephalometric radiographs, panoramic radiographs, working model and clinical images of patients of Hellman dental age IIA and IIC who visited the department of pediatric dentistry, Pusan National University Dental Hospital and examined them to select 50 patents for normal occlusion group and skeletal anterior crossbite group, respectively. Their panoramic radiographs were used for the Demirjian's method to figure out dental ages of maxillary and mandibular teeth of each group and the eruption rate of the first molars. Their differences are as follows: 1. In both groups, the dental ages from Demirjian's method were advanced than the chronological ages. No sexual dimorphism was detected for the chronological or dental age in either group (p>0.05). 2. The difference of dental age of maxillary and mandibular teeth between the normal occlusion group and crossbite group was 0.22 and 0.69 years, respectively, with a higher difference in crossbite group(p<0.05). 3. Compared to the normal occlusion group, the crossbite group showed a higher difference in the eruption rate between maxillary and mandibular first molar(p<0.05).

      • 무흡광색소 생물의 감광수용체 개발에 관한 연구(Ⅰ) : 표고버섯 중의 광감응성 mitochondrial ATPase Light-Induced Mitochondrial ATPase in the L. edodes (Berk) Sing

        민태진,조석우,박상신 동국대학교 자연과학연구소 1987 자연과학연구 논문집 Vol.7 No.-

        표고버섯의 미토콘드리아는 설탕 농도 44~50% 사이에서 분리 정제 되었다. 파장 변화에 따른 미토콘드리아성 ATPase의 비활성도는 680nm 파징에서 가장 증가하였다. 680nm에서 빛 조사 시간 변화에 따른 활성도는 5분 동안 조사 하였을 때 가장 증가 하였다. 최적 광조건(680nm 5분)에서 조사한 이 효소의 최적 pH 및 최적 온도는 7.5와 59℃였다. 최적 광조건에서 얻은 이 효소는 Fe³, Fe², Mg², K 및 Ca²이온에 의하여 활성화 되었고, Na이온에 의하여 억제 되었다. Mitochondria in the L. edades was purified by linear sucrose density gradient centrifugation. The mitochondrial ATPase activity was investigated by various wavelength illumination for 30 min at dark state. The mitochondrial ATPase activity was stimulated 1.6 fold by 680nm illumination compared with dark control group. The mitochondrial ATPase activity of different light illumination time at 680nm was stimulated 2.3 fold at 5minuted compared with dark control group. Its optimum pH and temperature were found to be 7.5 and 59℃ after illumination for 5 minutes at 680nm. The mitochondrial ATPaee activity was activated by 5 mmol Fe³, 0.1mmol Mg², 0.5mmol K, and 0.1mmol Ca²ion. But the enzyme was ingibited by 5mmol Na ion.

      • Quilting Machine용 컴퓨터 제어기의 개발

        申泰民 慶尙大學校生産技術硏究所 1990 生産技術硏究所論文集 Vol.6 No.-

        This study focuses the development of the computerized controller to overcome drawbacks of the manual quilting machine. In order to enhance the function, a microprocessor-based controller uses AC servo motor and real-time multi-task monitor program. This controller consists of the main CPU unit, I/O interface unit, main axis control unit and XY table control unit. The main program and each task's routine were implemented by an assembly language which obtains the optimum context-switching time and code sizes. In addition to the controller, an automatic pattern generator system was developed. As the results, a regular stitch length and additional functions were obtained by the NC servo quilting machine.

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