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      • S-21 Usefulness of Anchoring Technique for Prevention of Stent Migration in Esophagorespiratory Fistula

        ( Hyoung Joon Shim ),( Tae Yoon Lee ),( Young Koog Cheon ),( Chan Sup Shim ) 대한내과학회 2016 대한내과학회 추계학술대회 Vol.2016 No.1

        Background:?Coated SEMS (self-expandable metal stent) placement is the preferred therapy for malignant esophagorespiratory fistula (ERF) at present. Migration is more frequent in coated stent than uncoated stent. Migration can occur immediately after stent placement and is likely secondary to malpositioning, inadequate anchoring, soft nonconstricting tumors, or complete coating of the stent. The overall risk of migration is approximately 10%. To prevent migration, we have used the anchoring technique, called Shim’s technique in Korea, connecting stent to ear with silk thread.?Patients and Methods:?Seven patients with malignant ERF were included. ERF conditions liable to migration of stent were selected. The selection criteria were ERFs without stricture (3 cases), with short length of stenosis (2 cases), and with soft consistency around fistula (2 cases). The anchoring method was designed to hang stent to ear lobe. Auricle was used for a post to suspend stent by a thread until the fixation of stent on the esophageal wall. The coated stent was specially designed for antimigration which has small circumferential uncoated portion on proximal flange part of stent for fixation. After 5 days of stenting, we removed the anchoring silk from the stent. Sealing of fistula were assessed with clinical improvement and esophagogram.?Results:?There were no migrations after stent placement in all 7 cases. Symptoms of aspiration were improved in all 7 cases.?Conclusions:?The anchoring technique was useful for the prevention of stent migration in esophagorespiratory (ERF) cases, especially in the conditions that stent are apt to be migrated.

      • KCI등재

        Towards an Understanding of Teachers' Mediation in English Language Teaching in the Primary Schools

        Shim,Kyu-Nam 한국초등영어교육학회 2009 초등영어교육 Vol.15 No.2

        This small-scale study aims to investigate how primary teachers of English perceive their role as mediators with regard to English teaching. Thus, it examines the teachers' current mediation principles and their perceived practice. This study also sets out to gain an in-depth understanding of further issues which emerged from the dissonance between the teachers' beliefs and their perceived practice of mediation. In order to conduct the research, a mediation questionnaire was adopted from Williams and Burden (1997), and another open-ended questionnaire was constructed to obtain the qualitative data from 22 participants who are teachers of English and are in a Master's degree program. The results of the study reveal that generally teachers hold and exercise their own beliefs regarding their role as mediators. However, they do not put some of their principles into practice. A number of significant factors were found to be responsible for this, these are: unfavorable teachers' working conditions, dedication to the national curriculum, and their awareness of certain mediation principles. Some particular areas needing further investigation were identified in the last part of the study.

      • The Analysts' Forecast Accuracy of Earnings versus Cash Flows

        Shim,Ho-Seok 한몽경상학회 2011 한몽경상연구 Vol.22 No.3

        이 논문은 이익과 현금흐름의 예측정확성을 비교하는 것을 목적으로 한다. 일반적으로 이익의 예측정확성에 대해서는 많은 연구가 이루어져 왔지만, 현금흐름의 예측정확성에 대해서는 연구가 거의 없는 실정이다. 이 연구는 연구할만한 주제이다, 왜냐하면 현금흐름은 기본적으로 이익과 더불어 회계에서 중요한 경제적 변수이며, 현금흐름의 예측정확성 연구는 이익 및 발생액과 밀접한 관련이 있기 때문이다. 따라서 현금흐름 예측정확성연구는 그 의미가 크다할 수 있을 것이다. 연구결과에 의하면, 현금흐름 예측정확성은 이익의 예측정확성보다 못하였다. 즉 현금흐름 예측오차가 이익예측오차보다 크게 나타난다. 이러한 결과는 발생액 때문일 수 있다. 발생액이 미래이익예측에 유리하게 작용했을지도 모른다. 그 외에, 어떠한 변수들이 현금흐름 예측정확성에 영향을 주는지 회귀분석을 해 보았다. 이때 독립변수들은 이익예측에 영향을 주는 변수들을 그대로 사용하였다. 연구결과, 모든 독립변수들이 현금흐름 예측정확성에 유의한 영향을 보이지 않았다. 이러한 결과에 대해 이익예측 정확성에 미치는 영향요인이 현금흐름예측정확성에 미치는 영향요인과 다르기 때문일지도 모르는 것으로 해석된다. 향후 이 부분에 대해 더 깊이 있는 연구가 필요할 것이다.

      • KCI등재

        A Model of Robot-Assisted Assessment of Primary School Students’ English Speaking

        Shim,KyuNam,MIn,Deok-Gi,Lee,Seungmin 한국초등영어교육학회 2012 초등영어교육 Vol.18 No.3

        This small-scale study aims to try out if an educational robot can be used as an interlocutor in the formative speaking assessment in the primary English learning classrooms. Also it aims to investigate if it could affect the learners’ emotional factors such as motivation and confidence. For these purposes, firstly, a number of theoretical issues were investigated: Difficulties of speaking assessment, principles of speaking assessment, and robot technology; secondly, the educational standards of speaking skills prescribed in the national curriculum were examined. Through which, a model of robot-assisted speaking assessment was developed and applied to the primary school students. In addition, a questionnaire survey and an interview were conducted to 13 students for the purpose of obtaining the quantitative and qualitative data regarding their emotional responses to the assessment. The results indicate that the model of robot-assisted assessment might be put into assessment practice. There are, however, still some obstacles which need to be addressed. First, the robot should be equipped with some more high-technologies such as space and voice recognition for human-robot-interaction(HRI). Second, it should also be equipped with a number of programs such as text-to-speech(TTS), speech-to-text(STT), radio-frequency identification(RFID), and tele-presents in order to allow robots to communicate with the students. Lastly, item pool of speaking assessment should be developed thought which, the teachers could access it without any difficulties. Finally, a pedagogical implication is presented based on the research results.

      • KCI등재

        An investigation into teachers’ perceptions of the national achievement test of primary English

        Shim,KyuNam,Lee,WonKey 한국초등영어교육학회 2011 초등영어교육 Vol.17 No.3

        The purpose of this study is to investigate how primary school teachers of English perceive the national achievement test of primary English (hereafter NATPE). It also aims to investigate to what extent the washback effect of NATPE has on teachers' practice in their teaching. For these purposes, the teachers’ usual way of teaching was surveyed, and an NATPE test contents were analyzed from the perspectives of teachers. From this analysis, some critical issues were raised, such as the dissonance between what the teachers do before and after the test implementation, and the impact of the test on the teachers' perception and their practices. To carry out the research, a questionnaire consisting of some open-ended questions and some close-ended ones was administerd to over 100 teachers from different areas. An in-depth interview was also conducted to 15 questionnaire respondents in order to consolidate the data obtained from the questionnaire. The results indicate that teachers do not have enough information about the NATPE in terms of the four level distinctions of English achievement, and the differences between the neighbouring levels, the way of determining the cut-off point of each level. The results also show that teachers made efforts by employing a number of methods and strategies to help students prepare for the test, and compensate for their weakness after the test.

      • KCI등재

        Dissolving Boundaries : Ethical Issues Surrounding Powered Prosthesis from Analyzing the Cybathlon and Advanced Prosthetic Technologies

        ( Shim¸ Ji-won ),( Jung¸ Eui-tay ) 동국대학교 영어권문화연구소 2016 영어권문화연구 Vol.9 No.2

        The first Cybathlon will be held in October 2016 and this contest is designed for developing prosthetic technologies. In this study, we analyzed the Cybathlon and from this analysis we researched advanced prosthetic technologies. In addition, we ascertained some ethical issues about post-human beings with prosthetic equipment, which could rehabilitate disabled people and even serve to enhance non-disabled people. Disability is only one of the inconveniences that a person must endure, but everyone has some sort of inconvenience to endure. We found the possibilities of dissolving boundaries between people with disabilities and their able-bodied counterparts through the Cybathlon and prosthetic devices. The features and role of our body itself will be expanded with the help of these future technologies. Engineers, inventors and designers are making better prostheses for disabilities, but these could help not only disabled people but also every non-disabled people. The dominant ethical debates that appear in bioethics and human- related enhancement are reliability, authenticity and autonomy. Reliability and autonomy are the question of being safe and controllable. In this study, we want to raise a question on authenticity: ‘if a person with a powered-prosthesis sets a better record, should we admit it?’

      • SCOPUSKCI등재
      • KCI등재

        An Analysis of Less-able Students’ Motivation in their English Learning in the Primary Schools

        Shim,Kyu-Nam 한국초등영어교육학회 2010 초등영어교육 Vol.16 No.1

        This small-scale study aims to analyze how less-able students in the primary schools perceive certain components of motivation with regard to their English language learning. Thus, it examines the less-able students’ current perception of their English language learning. In order to conduct this research, a close-ended questionnaire was adopted and quantitative data of 81 participants were obtained from ten primary schools; then factor analysis and multiple regression analysis were carried out. The results of the study reveal that generally there are two major components which have an effect on the participants’ motivation with respect to their English language learning: intrinsic motivation and parents. While having relatively low intrinsic motivation, the participants are generally encouraged to learn English in order to meet their parents’ expectations. A number of significant minor components were also found to be responsible for the participants’ motivation such as the participants’ self-efficacy and teachers. Tentative implications and recommendations for the development of the less-able students’ motivation regarding English language learning are discussed in the towards the end of the study.

      • KCI등재

        1990년대 은희경 소설의 섹슈얼리티

        심진경 ( Jinkyung¸ Shim ) 세계문학비교학회(구 한국세계문학비교학회) 2020 世界文學比較硏究 Vol.72 No.-

        이 글에서는 1990년대 은희경 소설을 대상으로 여성의 성적 일탈과 자유가 한편으로는 성 해방 담론에 힙입어 새로운 여성인물의 등장으로 이어지지만, 다른 한편으로는 자본주의와 결합된 가부장제적 담론 안에서 얼마나 손쉽게 남성에게 착취 가능한 것으로 변질되는지를 살펴본다. 은희경 소설에 등장하는 여성인물들은 성적 자유와 해방의 주체라기보다는 오히려 기존의 성적 질서와 성적 혼란 사이의 ‘경계’에 위치해 있는 존재들에 가깝다. 그들은 한편으로는 여성 욕망에 대한 대중화된 이미지에 기대어 성적 욕망과 쾌락의 주체를 연기하지만 다른 한편으로는 남성 욕망의 대상으로 남고 싶어하는 수동적 주체를 가장하기도 한다. 은희경 소설이 지배적인 남성 이데올로기에 문제를 제기하면서도 부성적 권위를 전복하는 데까지 나아가지 않는 것은 이 때문이다. 이 글은 이 점에 착안하여 첫째로 은희경의 소설 속에 나타나는 성 행위의 재현 방식, 둘째로 ‘바라보는 나’와 ‘보여지는 나’ 사이의 젠더적 위계관계를 중심으로 1990년대 은희경 소설의 섹슈얼리티를 살펴본다. 이를 바탕으로 이 글은 1990년대 은희경 소설의 여성인물들이 남근 중심적 시스템의 한계에 도전하고 저항하면서도 여전히 남성 중심적 가부장제의 시선에 포박된 존재임을 밝힌다. The paper aims to examine how easily women’s sexual freedom turns into exploitable for men within the patriarchal discourse combined with capitalism, while women’s sexual deviance and freedom lead to the emergence of new female figures through the discourse on sexual liberation in the 1990s. The female characters in Eun Hee-kyung’s novel are not the subjects of sexual freedom and liberation, but rather the ones located on the “border” between the existing sexual order and sexual confusion. They play the subject of sexual desire and pleasure, leaning on a popular image of women’s desires on the one hand, but also masquerading as a passive subject who wants to remain the object of male desire on the other. This is why Eun Hee-kyung’s novel, while raising the issue of male ideology, does not go as far as overthrowing paternal authority. Based on this point, this article aims to look at the sexuality of Eun Hee-kyung’s novel in the 1990s in two broad aspects. One is an analysis of the sex scenes reproduced in the novel, while the other is an analysis of the gender hierarchy between “Looking at Me” and “Seeing Me.” And based on this, the article reveals that the female characters of Eun Hee-kyung’s novel in the 1990s are still trapped in the gaze of the male-centered patriarchal system while challenging and resisting the limitations of the male-dominated system. The female characters of Eun Hee-kyung’s novel in the 1990s can be regarded as hysterical subjects in that they want to make themselves objects of men’s desires while rejecting such a masculine order.

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