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        Human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA detection in uterine cervix cancer after radiation indicating recurrence: a systematic review and meta-analysis

        Sasidharanpillai Sabeena,Santhosh Kuriakose,Binesh Damodaran,Nagaraja Ravishankar,Govindakarnavar Arunkumar 대한부인종양학회 2020 Journal of Gynecologic Oncology Vol.31 No.2

        Objective: The causal association of human papillomavirus (HPV) in uterine cervical cancer was well established and this oncogenic virus was reported to be a biomarker for overall recurrence and central pelvic recurrence. The objective of the present systematic review and meta-analysis was to assess the role of HPV DNA testing in early detection of recurrence among cervical cancer survivors after radiotherapy. Methods: We performed a systematic review and meta-analysis by means of searching electronic databases for published articles between January 1984 and June 2018, on the basis of standard systematic review guidelines prescribed by major agencies namely Cochrane Collaboration (https://www.cochrane.org) and Campbell Collaboration (https://www.campbellcollaboration.org). The meta-analysis component was further modified appropriately for the synthesis of sensitivity and specificity results. Results: A total of 1,055 cervical cancer cases who had received pelvic radiation with or without chemotherapy from ten cohort studies were evaluated. The overall pooled sensitivity and specificity of HPV DNA testing was 0.84 (95% confidence interval [CI]= 0.66–0.94) and 0.35 (95% CI=0.20–0.54) respectively. The positive likelihood ratio was 1.3 (95% CI=1.0–1.7) and the negative likelihood ratio was 0.45 (95% CI=0.18–1.10) with an estimated diagnostic odds ratio of 3 (95% CI=1–9). Conclusion: The screening for HPV DNA testing during follow-up facilitates early detection of recurrence after radiotherapy.

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