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      • KCI등재

        Flexural Behaviour of Steel-Foam Concrete Composite Light-Weight Panels

        Prabha, P.,Palani G. S.,Lakshmanan N.,Senthil R. 대한토목학회 2018 KSCE JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING Vol.22 No.9

        The present study explores the applicability of composite panel made of thin profiled steel sheets of thickness 0.8 mm as the outer skins with an infill Light-weight Foam Concrete (LFC) core of density 1200 kg/m3 for use as floor/roof panel in buildings by conducting experimental studies. This study was carried out in continuation with the previous studies reported by Prabha et al. (2013) on composite wall panels. Through-through mild steel connectors were used for the load transfer between sheet and concrete. Two types of concrete core, namely (a) Normal Foam Concrete (NFC) and (b) Fibre Reinforced Foam Concrete (FRFC) were investigated. The polypropylene fibres were used for improving the tensile strength of LFC. The composite panels exhibit gradual load-deflection response and ductile failure mode at higher deflections under four point bending test. The ultimate load of FRFC specimen is found to be 6% stronger than NFC panels, which implies that the use of polypropylene fibers marginally improved the flexural strength. The panels possess sufficient flexural capacity for spans upto 5 m and high ductility factor of 10 to be used as floor/ roof panels in residential buildings. Numerical parametric studies indicate that the configuration 24 nos. of studs used in the experiment is found to be optimal and the flexural capacity increases proportionally for the higher thickness of steel sheet. Simplified equation is proposed for the evaluation of flexural strength of the panel.

      • KCI등재

        W. B. Yeats’s Poetic Self and Indian Philosophy

        Prabha Shankar Dwivedi 한국예이츠학회 2019 한국예이츠 저널 Vol.58 No.-

        The paper examines the impact of Indian philosophy and literature on Yeats and his poetry surveying his interactions and involvement with the Indian men. Yeats’s interest in Indian philosophical thoughts can well be understood by looking at his strong relations with three Indians, Mohini Chatterjee, Shri Purohit Swami, and Rabindranath Tagore, whose contributions in the shaping of his self are well documented by Yeats himself in many of his writings including his Autobiographies. Yeats’s A Vision very clearly shows his reception of Indic mysticism under the influence of Indian theosophist Mohini Chatterjee, recounting how he first met him and Indian philosophy in his Autobiographies. Yeats notes in his introduction to Gitanjali that Rabindranath Tagore’s prose translations of Bengali poems stirred his blood as nothing did for years. Yeats’s poems, such as “Anashuya and Vijaya,” “The Indian Upon God,” “The Indian to his Love,” “Meru” demonstrate an influence of Indic knowledge system, and there is also a strong undercurrent of Indian philosophy in much of his prose work.

      • KCI등재후보

        A large thymic mass with persistent active tissue in an elderly cadaver

        Prabhas Ranjan Tripathy,Binita Chaudhary,Manisha Rajanand Gaikwad,Neethinathan Jacques Britto 대한해부학회 2019 Anatomy & Cell Biology Vol.52 No.1

        Thymus is an encapsulated organ having its bilateral origin from the third pharyngeal pouch. It appears to be a single organ but actually it is bilobed. It attains its maximum development at puberty and then it begins to involute. The parenchyma is replaced by adipocytes and lymphocyte production declines. Here we present a large thymus with a small area of persistent active tissue in it which was obtained during routine undergraduate dissection class. Tissues taken from different quadrants of the large thymic mass were processed, embedded in paraffin and sections were taken for hematoxylin and eosin staining which showed presence of thymic tissue in only one quadrant. Further sections from that quadrant was treated with cytokeratin to confirm its epithelial origin. Therefore knowledge of a large persistent thymus will be helpful to the radiologists and surgeons for making differential diagnosis and in avoiding unnecessary surgical intervention.

      • Perceptions of team-based learning using the Team-Based Learning Student Assessment Instrument: an exploratory analysis amongst pharmacy and biomedical students in the United Kingdom

        Prabha Parthasarathy,Bugewa Apampa,Andrea Manfrin 한국보건의료인국가시험원 2019 보건의료교육평가 Vol.16 No.-

        PurposeThis study aimed to evaluate students’ perception of team-based learning (TBL) amongst a cohort exposed to this methodology for the first time at a university in the United Kingdom. MethodsBetween November and December 2018, 26 first-year Master of Pharmacy and 90 second-year Biomedical Science students of the School of Life Sciences, University of Sussex, United Kingdom were invited to participate and requested to complete a questionnaire that contained quantitative and qualitative questions. The quantitative component was based on the Team-Based Learning Student Assessment Instrument (TBL-SAI). It additionally contained questions about key student characteristics. ResultsThe response rate was 60% (70 of 116); of the participants, 74% (n=52) were females and 26% (n=18) males. The percentage of agreement in the TBL-SAI suggested a favourable response to TBL. The overall mean score for the TBL-SAI was 115.6 (standard deviation, 5.6; maximum score, 140), which was above the threshold of 102, thus suggesting a preference for TBL. Statistically significant differences were not found according to demographic characteristics. Students who predicted a final grade of ≥70% strongly agreed that TBL helped improve their grades. Some students highlighted issues with working in teams, and only 56% of students agreed that they could learn better in a team setting. ConclusionThis study shows that students exposed to TBL for the first time favoured several aspects of TBL. However, more focused strategies including team-building activities and expert facilitation skills could potentially tackle resistance to working in teams.

      • Model updation using multiple parameters influencing servoelastic response of a flexible aircraft

        Srinivasan, Prabha,Joshi, Ashok Techno-Press 2017 Advances in aircraft and spacecraft science Vol.4 No.2

        In a flexible airvehicle, an assessment of the structural coupling levels through analysis and experiments provides structural data for the design of notch filters which are generally utilized in the flight control system to attenuate the flexible response pickup. This is necessitated as during flight, closed loop control actuation driven with flexible response inputs could lead to stability and performance related problems. In the present work, critical parameters influencing servoelastic response have been identified. A sensitivity study has been carried out to assess the extent of influence of each parameter. A multi-parameter tuning approach has been implemented to achieve an enhanced analytical model for improved predictions of aircraft servoelastic response. To illustrate the model updation approach, initial and improved test analysis correlation of lateral servoelastic responses for a generic flexible airvehicle are presented.

      • KCI등재

        Buddhist Monuments Across the Bay of Bengal: Cultural Routes and Maritime Networks

        Himanshu Prabha Ray 서강대학교 동아연구소 2019 TRaNS(Trans –Regional and –National Studies of Sou Vol.7 No.2

        Religious architecture, often called ‘monuments’ within the current understanding of ancient shrines, are prominent features of the landscape in South and Southeast Asia. Many of these sites are admired for their artistic and aesthetic appeal and are centres of tourism and travel. This paper traces the historical trajectory of three contemporary monuments of Buddhist affiliation across the Bay of Bengal, namely Nalanda in north India, Borobudur in Central Java, and Nakhon Pathom in Central Thailand to address both their distinctiveness and their interconnectedness. The paper also focuses on the extent to which these shrines reflect the religious theories that prevailed between the sixth and the thirteenth centuries AD and are currently known to us through religious texts. It is not often appreciated that ‘collections’ of religious texts, as well as the ‘discovery’ of monuments were mediated through the priorities and practices of European andWestern scholars from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The history of the study of Buddhism shows that it centred on religious texts and philosophical doctrines produced by a small group of monastic elites, with little attention paid to the more difficult questions of the contexts underlying textual production and circulation. This paper suggests that it is important to factor in the colonization of South and Southeast Asia into any discussion on the understanding of religions and monuments, as well as current interest in these monuments, which are also World Heritage Sites and associated with present interests in maritime heritage.

      • KCI등재

        Synthesis and characterization of metal-doped reduced graphene oxide composites, and their application in removal of Escherichia coli, arsenic and 4-nitrophenol

        Shashi Prabha Dubey,권영남,Thuy T.M. Nguyen,이창하 한국공업화학회 2015 Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Vol.29 No.-

        The aim of the present study is to synthesize dispersible reduced graphene oxide (RGO) viafunctionalization with metals and metal oxides and explore their potential applications in waterpurification. Graphene-based metal and metal oxide composites were synthesized hydrothermally usingsodium borohydride as a reducing agent and sodium sorbate as a stabilizer. Single (Ag, Cu2O, and Fe3O4)and bimetallic (Ag-Cu2O, Ag-Fe3O4, and Cu2O-Fe3O4) nanoparticles were incorporated on the surface ofRGO. The synthesized composites were characterized by various analytical methods. The inactivation ofE. coli, the catalytic degradation of 4-nitrophenol, and the adsorption of As(V) were examined using theRGO composites.

      • KCI등재

        Raspberry derived mesoporous carbon-tubules and fixed-bed adsorption of pharmaceutical drugs

        Shashi Prabha Dubey,권영남,이창하,Amarendra Dhar Dwivedi,Mika Sillanpaa,Lena Q. Ma 한국공업화학회 2014 Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Vol.20 No.3

        Novel mesoporous carbon-tubules were prepared from wild plant leaves of Rubus idaeus (Raspberry) andtheir physicochemical characteristics were analyzed by spectroscopic and potentiometric titrationmethods. The developed carbon-tubules were applied for the aqueous phase decontamination of threepharmaceutical drugs. Ibuprofen, naproxen and clofibric acid were selected for the study. Batch andfixed-bed studies were performed to investigate the adsorption of selected pharmaceutical drugs. Mathematical modelings were applied to the experimental data in order to estimate the maximumadsorption capacity and evaluate the characteristics of the fixed-bed. Based on finding, the adsorptionmechanism was investigated by adsorbate and adsorbent physicochemical characteristics.

      • KCI등재후보

        An improved polynomial model for top -and seat- angle connection

        P. Prabha,V. Marimuthu,S. Arul Jayachandran,S. Seetharaman,N. Raman 국제구조공학회 2008 Steel and Composite Structures, An International J Vol.8 No.5

        The design provisions for semi-rigid steel frames have been incorporated in codes of practice for steel structures. In order to do the same, it is necessary to know the experimental moment-relative rotation (M-θr) behaviour of beam-to-column connections. In spite of numerous publications and collection of several connection databases, there is no unified approach for the semi-rigid design of steel frames. Amongst the many connection models available, the Frye-Morris polynomial model, with its limitations reported in the literature, is simple to adopt at least for the linear design space. However this model requires more number of connection tests and regression analyses to make it a realistic prediction model. In this paper, 3D nonlinear finite element (FE) analysis of beam-column connection specimens, carried out using ABAQUS software, for evaluating the M-θr behaviour of semi-rigid top and seat-angle (TSA) bolted connections are described. The finite element model is validated against experimental behaviour of the same connection with regard to their moment-rotation behaviour, stress distribution and mode of failure of the connections. The calibrated FE model is used to evaluate the performance of the Frye-Morris polynomial model. The results of the numerical parametric studies carried out using the validated FE model have been used in proposing modifications to the Frye-Morris model for TSA connection in terms of the powers of the size parameters.

      • A Comparative Analysis on the Growth Stage of E-Business : Focusing on Korea and India

        Sindhu Prabha Ramaraju,Sang-Tae Kim,Changsu Kim 한국디지털융합학회 2017 IJICTDC Vol.2 No.2

        This paper points out the stages of e-business growth in two countries: Korea and India. Qualitative approach of interview method was adopted and interviews were carried with 15 ebusiness experts for each country. The results are statistically analyzed. Inside of the stages of ebusiness growth, the influencing factors like social, economic, political and technical aspects are deeply investigated. All these factors have sub-factors that affects the growth of the e-business. With varied factors and sub- factors deep study, it is highlighted that Korean e-businesses are in transformation phase and Indian e-businesses are in growth stage. After the result, the further implications are narrated.

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