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      • Convergence Strategy VAS with IAS/IFRS to Fit International Business and Economy

        Pham,Thi Lai 한국유통과학회 2019 KODISA ICBE (International Conference on Business Vol.2019 No.-

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 9시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        Vietnam has been taking active steps and is also in the process of international economic integration requiring our country to have a set of high quality accounting standards consistent with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), which means to shorten the gap between Vietnamese Accounting Standards (VAS) and International Accounting Standards (IAS). The shortening of the gap will make Vietnamese businesses enhance their financial transparencies and boost their financial risk managements in order to manage their assets more effectively. However, in the current context of Vietnam, the convergence of Vietnamese Accounting Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards is not easy and faces many difficulties. Therefore, Vietnam needs a convergence strategy as well as an appropriate guideline that will bridge the gap between VAS and IFRS to gradually improve the national image on the international stage.

      • Science and Technology - Efficient Solutions to Increase the Productivity, Quality, Efficiency of Businesses and Competitive Capacity of Vietnam Enterprises

        Pham,Ngoc Minh 한국유통과학회 2019 KODISA ICBE (International Conference on Business Vol.2019 No.-

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 9시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        Scientific and technological activities are scientific research, experimental research and development, technology development, application of technologies and services in science and technology, promotion of inventions and creative activities. Science and technology increasingly play a very important role in the country s economic development as well as in the production and business of each enterprise, especially for advanced companies. Multinational Corporation, with the motto: To become a market leader is no other way than to always be one step ahead of the opponent on the development of products and technology to meet the maximum demand. In the period of 2011 to 2020, the Ministry of Science and Technology coordinates with relevant central ministries and localities to implement more than 10 national S&T Programs, including many S&T oriented programs. In addition to, the enterprises themselves invest resources and cooperate in research and application of science and technology for production and business, enjoy preferential policies of the State (tax, credit, etc.) need to access national and local S&T programs and support their S&T tasks to improve productivity, quality and efficiency and business production and business competitiveness as well as.

      • Ownership Structure and Dividend Policy of Vietnamese Enterprises after the Global Financial Crisis

        Pham,Quoc Viet,Luong,Quoc Trong Vinh,Tran,Bao Vy 한국유통과학회 2019 KODISA ICBE (International Conference on Business Vol.2019 No.-

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 9시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        The paper examines the impact of ownership structure on the dividend policy of listed companies in the Vietnam stock market after the global financial crisis. The sample uses panel data including 91 corporates listed on the Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE) for 2009-2015. The results of the study show that public ownership and domestic private ownership are positive correlated with dividend payout ratio, while the effect of foreign ownership on dividend policy is not significant. This result could provide an important implication on the orientation of restructuring state-owned enterprises and attracting foreign investment in Vietnam stock market in the future.

      • Key Attributes of Banking Website Quality in Vietnam: A Decision Tree Approach

        Pham,Thi Thanh Xuan,Nguyen,Tien Nhat 한국유통과학회 2019 KODISA ICBE (International Conference on Business Vol.2019 No.-

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 9시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        This study aims to explore key factors of commercial bank’s website quality impacting on the process of making decision to use internet banking services. It was conducted as a case study of four big commercial banks of Vietnam, namely Vietinbank, Vietcombank, BIDV and Sacombank that have many online services and retails agencies nationwide. Data was collected by surveying customers of these banks, then the decision tree model was applied to analyze it with using Weka software. According to a result of the decision tree, there are four essential attributes of the website quality: Information quality, Visual appearance, Accessibility, and Interactivity. No previous study has investigated this subject in Vietnamese banking system, so the findings should make an important contribution to this field.

      • KCI등재

        The Influence of Organizational Culture on Employees’ Satisfaction and Commitment in SMEs: A Case Study in Vietnam

        Thuy Dung PHAM THI1,Anh Tin NGO2,Nam Tien DUONG3,Van Kien PHAM4 한국유통과학회 2021 The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Busine Vol.8 No.5

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 9시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of organizational culture on job satisfaction and organizational commitment among employees in small and medium-sized enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The study hypothesized that organizational culture has a significant influence on employees’ satisfaction and that satisfaction also significantly impactsorganizational commitment among employees. The data are collected from a sample of 240 office employees. Structural Equation Modeling is used to determine the influence of organizational culture dimensions,including open working environment, salary, and rewards, empowerment, management style, corporate values, on employees’ satisfaction and organizational commitment. The findings showed that the five dimensions of organizational culture positively impact employees’ satisfaction and that job satisfaction significantly influences organizational commitment. Thus, job satisfaction serves as the bridge between organizational culture and commitment. The current study contributes to providing a practical insight into the relationships between organizational culture, employees’ job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. Based on that, managers can develop suitable personnel policies for their organizations to simultaneously enhance employees’ performance and satisfaction, which makes them stay with the company.

      • KCI등재

        The Relationship Between Business Resources, Outside Cooperation, Dynamic Capability, and Performance of Startup Enterprises

        Dong Van VU1,Tai Van PHAM2,Ghi Nha TRAN3,Anh Phuong Thi NGUYEN4,Cong Van NGUYEN5 한국유통과학회 2021 The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Busine Vol.8 No.6

        '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 9시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

        This study seeks to examine the relationship between business resources (through VRIN: Valuable - valuable, Rare - scarce; Inimitable - difficult to adapt, Irreplaceable - hard to replace), dynamic capability, external cooperation, and efficiency of startups operating in the seafood export sector. Research data was collected randomly and conveniently from 250 enterprises in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, Vietnam, from October 2020 to December 2020. After excluding those ineligible, the remaining 204 enterprises meet the research conditions. With the support of SPSS-AMOS 22 dedicated software, using the 5-step Likert scale and Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), the study conducted analysis steps such as verifying convergence, discriminant value, unidirectional and scale reliability when giving the components correlated freely in the critical model by Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) analysis. Results of the study have shown that the enterprise resource factor - VRIN has a positive impact on dynamic capability, and outside cooperation. However, in contrast to previous studies, we found that the relationship between enterprise resources - VRIN and performance as well as the relationship between dynamics capacity and performance is not clear. This shows that seafood exporters need to promote, exploit and effectively use this precious resource to improve business efficiency.

      • KCI등재

        Contribution to the knowledge of Acaenitinae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) from Vietnam, with descriptions of two new species

        Nhi Thi Pham,Long Dang Khuat 한국응용곤충학회 2019 Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology Vol.22 No.3

        Two new species Ishigakia curvicaudicula Pham & Long sp. nov., and Yezoceryx comaensis Pham sp. nov. are described and illustrated. An updated key to 15 known species of Ishigakia of the world fauna is also provided. The new species Yezoceryx comaensis Pham sp. nov. is inserted in a key to the Vietnamese species provided by Pham et al. (2017). In addition, Siphimedia nigriscuta Sheng and Sun, 2010 is recorded for the first time from Vietnam.

      • KCI등재

        A new genus and species of the subtribe Aolina (Hemiptera: Cicadidae: Dundubiini) from Vietnam, with discussion on the taxonomic positions of Meimuna-like genera and species groups

        Pham Thai Hong,Young June Lee 한국응용곤충학회 2021 Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology Vol.24 No.2

        A new cicada genus, Cantata Lee & Pham gen. nov., is erected in the subtribe Aolina Boulard, 2012, with the designations of Cantata phiaoacensis Lee & Pham sp. nov. as its type species. This new genus is morphologically similar to Meimuna Distant, 1905 but distinguished from Meimuna mainly by the absence of the extended base of uncus, the presence of the basal lobe of male pygofer, the shape of the uncal lobes, and the presence of the fore wing infuscations. Cantata phiaoacensis Lee & Pham sp. nov. is described from Phia Oac – Phia Den National Park, Cao Bang province in northern Vietnam. A distribution map and biological data for Cantata phiaoacensis are provided. A key to the genera and the species groups of Aolina is provided.

      • KCI등재

        A new genus and species of the subtribe Leptopsaltriina (Hemiptera: Cicadidae: Leptopsaltriini) from Vietnam, with a key to the genera of Leptopsaltriina

        Pham Thai Hong,Lee Young June 한국응용곤충학회 2021 Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology Vol.24 No.4

        Vietanna Lee & Pham, gen. nov. and Vietanna hanoiensis Pham & Lee, sp. nov. are described based on a cicada specimen from Hanoi, Vietnam and placed in the subtribe Leptopsaltriina Moulton, 1923 of the tribe Leptop saltriini Moulton, 1923 in the subfamily Cicadinae Latreille, 1802 (Hemiptera: Cicadidae). This new genus is morphologically similar to Tanna Distant, 1905 but distinguished from Tanna by the timbal cover exposing the inner part of timbal, the male abdominal epipleurite 3 with a distinct oblique linear fold, the male abdominal sternites without tubercle-like projections, and the aedeagus bifurcate at the apex. A key to the genera of Lep topsaltriina is provided.

      • The effects of the root-zone application of some systemic insecticides on the nymph and egg mortalities of the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stål) on rice

        Hong Hien Pham,Thi Vuong Pham,Jong Kyu Kim,Yoo Han Song 한국응용곤충학회 2008 한국응용곤충학회 학술대회논문집 Vol.2008 No.10

        Root zone application of several systemic insecticides was tested for control of the brown planthopper, Nilaparvata lugens (Stål), in Vietnam and Korea. In Vietnam, the results indicated that carbofuran showed the highest nymphal mortality in all experiments, followed by imidacloprid and carbosulfan. When the insecticides were applied on 10-day old rice, carbofuran was shown almost 100% N. lugens mortality at six days after treatment and the efficacy was extended to twelve days after application. In Korea, various root-zone application methods were tested with carbofuran and carbosulfan. The results showed that carbofuran was the most active in reducing the egg hatching rates. When root-zone treated on 40-50 day-old rice in a greenhouse, no nymphs were hatched in carbofuran treated pots, while average of 20 nymphs were emerged in carbofuran broadcasting pots. Especially the number of nymphs emerged in carbosulfan foliar spray was 54 nymphs per pot even at the eight day after application, which was higher than in control pots. This is the first study ever demonstrated the high egg mortality of N. lugens on rice due to the root-zone application of insecticides.

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