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      • Exploring Sport Management as an Academic Profession: A Critical Review of Occupational Theory

        Mathew Dowling 글로벌지식마케팅경영학회 2018 Journal of Global Sport Management Vol.3 No.4

        The discussions surrounding the current state of sport management as an academic discipline have traditionally been the responsibility of key addresses and editorials. In drawing upon the sociological and management literature surrounding professions, this article critically reflects upon the characteristics of the field and the extent to which it can be viewed as a profession. More specifically, Abbott's general theory of the profession and Greenwood's five attributes (systematic theory, authority, community sanction, ethical codes, and professional culture) that characterize a professionalized occupation are drawn upon and discussed in relation to the evolution and current state of the field. The findings elucidate the complexities of the professionalization process surrounding occupations and suggest that there are burgeoning signs of a profession emerging within sport management academia, but the field, at best, can be labelled a semi or quasi-profession. The implications of these findings for the future direction of the field are discussed.

      • KCI등재후보

        The Social Construction of the Long-Term Athlete Development Framework

        Mathew Dowling,Marvin Washington 글로벌지식마케팅경영학회 2021 Journal of Global Sport Management Vol.6 No.2

        This article examines the social construction of the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) framework and the Canadian Sport for Life Leadership Team (now Sport for Life), the group responsible for the creation, development and promotion of LTAD. In particular, the study draws upon Schneider and Ingram’s theory of social construction and policy design and empirical data collected from the leadership team and senior civil servants to trace the socio-political developments that have led to the emergence and development of the LTAD framework and the leadership team within Canadian sport. The analysis focuses on the role of government (via Sport Canada) and how the LTAD framework and the leadership team emerged from and attempted to influence the Canadian sport policy process. The findings reveal how the adoption of the LTAD framework can, in part, be explained by the socio-political developments or ‘politicking’ that occurred within and around the creation, development and dissemination of the framework itself. More broadly, the study explains how the LTAD framework has become an increasingly orthodox conception of the athlete development process despite the absence of scientific research to support many of its claims.

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