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        • KCI등재후보

          스포츠 정보의 효율적 경영을 위한 전문가 프로그램 교육방안

          강준상(Kang Jun-Sang) 한국체육과학회 2003 한국체육과학회지 Vol.12 No.2

          The objects of this study are investigating the important educating points and systematic step of education in e-business time. I examined the most important parts and priority of education in the curriculum of management information, management science, and management information of the business administration department. As a result, electronic business transactions, construction of global database, management system, and system environment by prototyping method are considered the most suitable information of management industry. The education of informed sports industry management is important in the meaning of hardware as well as software. So I suggest the following staged education methods. First, systematic establishment of structural base in the information-oriented sports management Second, understanding of tool for the information-oriented sports management Third, education that is related with the application of basic program which is most commonly usee in computer system Fourth, application of package program that is based in global database Fifth, development of basic software Sixth, organization of contents that is used the developed software in internet Seventh, construction and application of sports database which used account service Eighth, education that used mining method of staged real data. All the while education of sports management information is concentrated to equipment, sports products, hardware, so competitive power of software was low For the continuous development of sports management information, insurance of sports processing reengineering(SPR) that include win-win-win strategy as well as development of hardware should be used.

        • KCI등재후보

          스포츠 정보 인프라 구축을 위한 포괄적 선행과제

          강준상(Kang Jun-Sang) 한국체육과학회 2005 한국체육과학회지 Vol.14 No.2

          In this study, I attempted the methods of analysis of general and web-based information, and literature investigation application for analysis of systematic infra which is matched to web-based sports information characteristics. I grasped the common present state by using the information business, information construction, and literature reference of web-based information, for the analysis of web-based construction related to this study. Especially, I analyze the object intention program of 4th generation, Visual basic, Visual C++, Delphi, and Power Build, and investigate the management system for process which create the data through internet. In internet ages, I supposed reasonable infra preceding subject of sports information for the continuous development with global meaning. First, we need a rational standard of sports information infra. Second, we need a making of module characterization of sports information infra and a system development by prototyping method which accept the necessary information with time difference. Third, it is recognized to be a urgent problem that establish the infra standard through the promotion of special groups of sports information infra. Fourth, the important standard of sports information is suggested by simplification of sports information. Fifth, the priority order should be declared for the systematic sports informationization by the development of sports information systematization. Sixth, the standardization of sports information should be established. It allow the characteristics of each field which is important in the development of database. Seventh, the special system development of sports information is made by MS-SQL, SQL, and Table, and it will be able to give a each characteristics. The development of sports information field is continuously done, but the growth speed is relative lower than other fields. For the continuous development of sports information field, construction of sports infra is very important preceding subject. Therefore, for the successful sports informationization, the construction of sports information infra should be preceded, and developed by stage.

        • KCI등재후보

          체육계열 기초체력 측정분석을 위한 응용프로그램 개발

          강준상(Jun Sang Kang) 한국사회체육학회 2002 한국사회체육학회지 Vol.17 No.-

          In this study I could get conclusion as follows. When entering individual practical skill records, it enabled the individual ability to be estimated as scores, achievement-rate, total score, average value of exercise, the maximum, and the minimum. Therefore, First, it helps to select an adequate college, Second, the total achievement-rate of the exercise can be identified, Third, the arrival point of the exercise can be confirmed, Fourth, so it proposes the way to find the training way of the each exercise events. As seen the above, when the individuals who applies for the athletic department of college enter the materials as the record formation, by establishing database, they are classified into the annual order, and then classified into male and female students, and finally the important information which are detailed with the basic statistical materials such as the total average, standard deviation, and dispersion. The information which is established by database : First, performs the scientific analysis and prediction, Second, manages the complex physical strength management system effectively, Third, the various physical strength information(basic physical strength for the admission) is systematically controlled, and basing on those operation, the important information which is needed to propose the later direction on the physical strength evaluation for the admission examination can be served.

        • KCI등재

          스포츠센터 서비스품질이 전환장벽과 참여지속의도에 미치는 영향

          강준상(Jun Sang Kang),정동화(Dong Hwa Chung) 한국사회체육학회 2014 한국사회체육학회지 Vol.0 No.56

          The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship among service quality, switching barrier, relational immersion and adherence intention in order for sports centers to manage its customers more effectively. For this study, the samples were collected from 4 sports centers which have similar scale and membership fee located in Seoul by using convenience sampling method. 352(94.6%) questionnaires were finally used for data analysis. The questionnaire was revised by using previous studies as follows: Service quality: Kim(2010) and Dabholkar, Shepherd & Thorpe(2000), Switching barrier: Park(2010), Relational immersion: Yang, Jang & Jang(2009) and Gruen, Summer & Acito(2000), Adherence intention: Choi & Park(2011) Reliability and validity were verified by using factor analysis, and Cronbach’s α showed .916~.826. The data was analyzed by using SPSS 18.0. Frequence analysis, factor analysis, correlation analysis, simple regression analysis and multiple regression analysis were conducted. The results were as follows; Firstly, sports center service quality has an influence on switching barrier, relational immersion and adherence intention partly.Secondly, switching barrier and relational immersion have an influence on adherence intention partly.

        • KCI등재

          레크리에이션관련단체의 지역별 리더관리를 위한 컴퓨터 프로그램 개발

          강준상(Jun Sang Kang) 한국여가레크리에이션학회 2001 한국여가레크리에이션학회지 Vol.21 No.-

          The purpose of the study was to develop the applied software for membership management of sports using computer program. This system for membership management was composed of main screen presenting sport associating, input screen about personal report and searching screen. It is possible to grasp the personal records simultaneously in database screen, to search multiple condition (area, term, etc) in SQL screen(in access). Database for membership management was designed using Access, it is possible to manage membership in one computer, to use data in number of computers using internet, also to be the account service. The development of the applied software for membership management of sports organization has advantage of holding information in common, through the role of binding the sports organization belong to all regions.

        • KCI등재후보

          생활체육정보 산업화를 위한 Database 구축 방안

          강준상(Kang Jun-Sang) 한국체육과학회 2008 한국체육과학회지 Vol.17 No.2

          Knowledge information society made great difference in the living of people. The occupation and lifestyle have been changed from life of specialist to general life, and continuous interest and investment for the 'sports for all' are achieved according to high national income. The interest for the health have been gradually raised as national level of life was elevated. The 'sports for all' is being activated, systematic management and industrialization should be practiced simultaneously For this, I developed the database table using data analysis with 'Structure Query Language' and studied database of 'sports for all' information industrialization from the proceedings of society, journals and studies. The design of database is very important from the initial step of system construction. For continuous update, coding that makes the single database and table from database of local homepage using individual homepage is needed. The data-table for local area should be made separately and table of database should be developed as relation-form. The construction of database is composed of 4 tables. Based on the nation-wide table, large fraction table of each city and province, medium fraction table of each 'Gu', and item table for each items, and the table for the management of general member are constructed. The large fraction table selected the representative code "A" for Korean administration city and province, and in each fraction, 5 of clearance was made for preparing the database construction and change. For continuous development, if we estimate the industry definition of diversification period and develop the related studies, we could make the broad meaning of 'sports for all' industrialization.

        • KCI등재

          스포츠산업정보화를 위한 레저스포츠 지도자 관리프로그램 개발

          강준상(Kang Jun-Sang) 한국체육과학회 2010 한국체육과학회지 Vol.19 No.4

          Recently, information industry is national trend and is the shortcut to the developed countries. Korean government has established and enforced the policy for information industry. The ministry of culture sports and tourism is trying to build a sports information network through budget investment and long term planning. But until now, application program development of sports industry information is lacking. Therefore, the object of this study is to construct the database and to develop the application system of leisure sports leader management, in the preparation for the upcoming leisure period. For this study, I analyzed the general national information status and sports industry information status. I also analyzed the statistics of the ministry of knowledge and economy, and the ministry of public administration and security, homepage of the ministry of culture sports and tourism, Korea institute of sport science, and Korea sports promotion foundation. In addition, for the identification of previous studies, I analyzed the journals from Korean society of sports science, Korean society of sport and leisure studies, Korean alliance for health physical education recreation, and dance and related books. The leisure sports leader management program might supply the basic data for the national policy achievement, could manage the specific leaders, and could save time, manpower, and spaces. Therefore development of application system is essential for the systematic leader management. If humanistic characteristics and natural scientific properties would be studied together with the leisure sports leader program, the more detail and wide application program will be developed.

        • KCI등재

          스포츠 구단의 관계효익이 고객가치 및 장기지향성에 미치는 영향

          강준상(Kang, Jun-Sang) 한국사회체육학회 2018 한국사회체육학회지 Vol.0 No.73

          The purpose of this study is to find out the impact of relationship benefits on customer value and long term orientation. For the paper, 345 spectators of volley ball games were selected as subjects. As for data processing, the study used descriptive statistics, confirmatory factor analysis, internal consistency reliability, correlation analysis and structural equation model by SPSS Version 21.0 and Amos 21.0. The results are as follows: First, social benefits and economic benefits factors of relationship benefits had an impact on customer value. But psychological benefits and customization benefits did not have an impact on customer value. Second, psychological benefits, social benefits and customization benefits had an impact on long term orientation, whereas economic benefits did not have an impact on long term orientation. Third, customer value had an impact on long term orientation.

        • KCI등재후보

          합리적 스포츠 경영 정보화를 위한 선행 과제

          강준상(Kang Jun-Sang),서상옥(Seo Sang-Ok) 한국체육과학회 2003 한국체육과학회지 Vol.12 No.2

          Recently, Korean government make desperate efforts for applied program and database construction for rationalized sports management. But in the construction of sports network, program developers are non-specialist for sports. Therefore construction of database and development of applied program are not systemically established, and have a deficit. So users look away the programs. For the information of joint ownership not the information for information, we must solve the preceding problem before the systemic plan and strategic establishment. The objects of this study that are on the basis of content of recode investigation and account service are follows. First, we must support and extend the system project. Second, popularization of special human wear is needed keenly. Third, special organization must be constructed. Fourth, investment of long-term judgment must be got accomplished. Fifth, organization of management information should be established systemically. Sixth, high quality of sports information must be got accomplished. Seventh, development of discriminatory applied software are needed. And lastly introduction of herb form are suggested.

        • KCI등재

          프로야구구단 레플리카 구매자의 구매결정요인이 브랜드자산 및 재구매 의사간의 관계

          강준상(Kang, Jun-Sang) 한국사회체육학회 2017 한국사회체육학회지 Vol.0 No.69

          The purpose of this study is to investigate the influence of purchasing determinants of professional baseball teams’ replica purchasers upon brand asset and repurchasing intention. The sample of this study was collected by using convenience sampling method and 186(93%) questionnaires from 2016 professional baseball league’s spectators who have replica were used for data analysis. The data were analysed by using SPSS 21.0 and AMOS 18.0. The results are as follows: Firstly, brand, quality and purchasing place among purchasing determinants had a significant effect on awareness. Secondly, brand, quality and purchasing place among purchasing determinants had a significant effect on image. Thirdly, brand, quality and purchasing place among purchasing determinants had a significant effect on repurchasing intention. Fourthly, brand asset had a significant effect on repurchasing intention.

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