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        • KCI등재


          KAMEL,,AL-KHALED,ALLAN,,FATHI 한국전산응용수학회 2005 Journal of applied mathematics & informatics Vol.19 No.1

          This paper outlines a reliable strategy for solving nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integro-differential equations. The modified form of Adomian decomposition method is found to be fast and accurate. Numerical examples are presented to illustrate the accuracy of the method.

        • KCI등재

          Response of Commercial Cotton Cultivars to Fusarium solani

          Kamel,A.,Abd-Elsalam,Moawad,R.,Omar,Abdel-Rheem,El-Samawaty,Aly,A.,Aly 한국식물병리학회 2007 Plant Pathology Journal Vol.23 No.2

          '스콜라' 이용 시 소속기관이 구독 중이 아닌 경우, 오후 4시부터 익일 오전 7시까지 원문보기가 가능합니다.

          Twenty-nine isolates of Fusarium solani, originally isolated from diseased cotton roots in Egypt, were evaluated for their ability to cause symptoms on four genetically diverse cotton cultivars. Analysis of variance showed highly significant variance among cultivars, and isolates as well as the isolate × genotype interactions were highly significant (p < 0.0001). Although most isolates showed intermediate pathogenicity, there were two groups of isolates that showed significant differences in pathogenicity on all four cultivars. None of the cultivars were found to be immune to any of the isolates. On all cultivars, there were strong significant positive correlations between dry weight and each of preemergence damping-off, survival, and plant height. Considering 75% similarity in virulence, two groups comprising a total of 29 isolates were recognized. Ninety-three percent of the isolates have the same pathogenicity patterns with consistently low pathogenicity, and narrow diversity of virulence. Isolates Fs4 and Fs5 shared the same distinct overall virulence spectrum with consistently high pathogenicity. There was no clear-cut relationship between virulence of the isolates based on reaction pattern on 4 cultivars and each of host genotype, previous crop, and geographic origin.

        • KCI등재

          Biodegradation and decolorization of azo dyes by adherent Staphylococcus lentus strain

          Kamel,Chaieb,Mohamed,Hagar,Nagi,R.,E.,Radwan 한국응용생명화학회 2016 Applied Biological Chemistry (Appl Biol Chem) Vol.59 No.3

          A Staphylococcus lentus strain, isolated from Red sea water, was tested for decolorization capacity of Congo red, Evans blue, and Eriochrome Black T azo dyes. Biodegradation (100 mgl−1) of these dyes was studied within 24 h in Mineral Salt Medium solution containing 0.10 % (w/v) yeast extract and 7 mM of glucose at a pH of 7.2 and a temperature of 37 °C. Using a 2.2 × 106 CFU/mL inoculum size, S. lentus was able to decolorize these azo dyes with different degree. The staphylococcal biomass achieves approximately 100 % decolorization of Congo red and Eriochrome Black T by the end of treatment. FTIR and UV–Vis analyses confirm biodegradation potential of the tested strain. Moreover, the phytotoxicity of the dye solutions resulting from this treatment shows lower toxic nature compared to untreated solution of the respective dyes.


          Dot-Blot Immunoassay of Fasciola gigantica Infection using 27 kDa and Adult Worm Regurge Antigens in Egyptian Patients

          Kamel,,Hanan,H.,Saad,,Ghada,A.,Sarhan,,Rania,M. The Korean Society for Parasitology 2013 The Korean Journal of Parasitology Vol.51 No.2

          The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the potential role of the 27-Kilodalton (KDa) antigen versus Fasciola gigantica adult worm regurge antigens in a DOT-Blot assay and to assess this assay as a practical tool for diagnosis fascioliasis in Egyptian patients. Fasciola gigantica antigen of an approximate molecular mass 27- (KDa) was obtained from adult worms by a simple elution SDS-PAGE. A Dot-Blot was developed comparatively to adult worm regurge antigens for the detection of specific antibodies from patients infected with F. gigantica in Egypt. Control sera were obtained from patients with other parasitic infections and healthy volunteers to assess the test and compare between the antigens. The sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values of Dot-Blot using the adult worm regurge were 80%, 90%, 94.1%, and 69.2% respectively, while those using 27-KDa were 100% which confirms the diagnostic potential of this antigen. All patients infected with Fasciola were positive, with cross reactivity reported with Schistosoma mansoni serum samples. This 27-KDa Dot-Blot assay showed to be a promising test which can be used for serodiagnosis of fascioliasis in Egyptian patients especially, those presenting with hepatic disease. It is specific, sensitive and easy to perform method for the rapid diagnosis particularly when more complex laboratory tests are unavailable.

        • High-Pressure Diesel Injection Studied by Time-Resolved X-Ray Phase-Contrast Imaging

          ( Kamel Fezzaa ), ( Wah Keat Lee ), ( Seong Kyun Cheong ), ( Christopher F. Powell ), ( Ming Chia Lai ), ( Jin Wang ) 한국액체미립화학회 2005 한국액체미립화학회 학술강연회 논문집 Vol.2005 No.-

          With high-energy and high-brilliance x-ray beams available at third-generation synchrotron sources, propagation-based phase-enhanced imaging was developed as a unique metrology technique to visualize the internal structure of high-pressure fuel-injection nozzles. We have visualized the micrometer-scale machining and finishing defects inside 200-μm fuel-injection nozzles in a 3-mm-thick steel housing using phase-enhanced x-ray imaging. Because of the phase enhancement, for the first time, this new microimaging-based metrology technique has been used to directly study the highly transient pintle motion in the nozzles in situ and in real time with 10-μs temporal resolution, which is virtually impossible by any other means. The needle motion has been shown to have the most direct effect on the fuel-jet structure and spray formation immediately outside of the nozzle. In addition, a transient computational fluid dynamics simulation of in-nozzle fuel flow is in progress to correlate the fuel jets immediately outside the orifice and the in-nozzle flow.

        • KCI등재

          Market Volatility Transmission and Central Banking: What Happened during the Subprime Crisis?

          Kamel,Malik,Bensafta,Gervasio,Semedo 한국국제경제학회 2014 International Economic Journal Vol.28 No.4

          We examine market volatility spillover during calm and crisis periods. First, we define endogenous and exogenous market volatility: endogenous volatility refers to the early part of uncertainty in the market, while, exogenous volatility is not fully anticipated and occurs as a result of decisions taken by actors and institutions. Endogenous volatility is captured by the mean of the GARCH-type process. We compare market reaction to central banking for two states: outside the subprime crisis and during the subprime crisis. We evaluate the effectiveness of central banking during the crisis. We used a Multivariate GARCH model with structural breaks in variance. Our main findings confirm the American market's impact on European markets, and changes in cross-market spillover during the crisis. The results show the effect of communications, meeting days and policy decisions of the Fed on world markets.


          Sliding Mode Control Based DTC of Sensorless Parallel-Connected Two Five-Phase PMSM Drive System

          Kamel,,Tounsi,Abdelkader,,Djahbar,Said,,Barkat,Al-Hitmi,,M.,Iqbal,,Atif The Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers 2018 Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology Vol.13 No.3

          This paper presents a sensorless direct torque control (DTC) combined with sliding mode approach (SM) and space vector modulation (SVM) to achieve mainly a high performance and reduce torque and flux ripples of a parallel-connected two five-phase permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) drive system. In order to increase the proposed drive robustness and decrease its complexity and cost, the rotor speeds, rotor positions, fluxes as well as torques are estimated by using a sliding mode observer (SMO) scheme. The effectiveness of the proposed sliding mode observer in conjunction with the sliding mode control based DTC is confirmed through the application of different load torques for wide speed range operation. Comparison between sliding mode control and proportional integral (PI) control based DTC of the proposed two-motor drive is provided. The obtained speeds, torques and fluxes responses follow their references; even in low and reverse speed operations, load torques changes, and machines parameters variations. Simulation results confirm also that, the ripples of the torques and fluxes are reduced more than 3.33% and 16.66 %, respectively, and the speed overshoots and speed drops are reduced about 99.85% and 92.24%, respectively.

        • KCI등재

          Decomposition method for solving nonlinear integro-differential equations

          Kamel,Al-Khaled,Fathi,Allan 한국전산응용수학회 2005 Journal of applied mathematics & informatics Vol.19 No.1-2

          This paper outlines a reliable strategy for solving nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integro-differential equations. The modified form of Adomian decomposition method is found to be fast and accurate. Numerical examples are presented to illustrate the accuracy of the method.


          A Rapid Technique for Determination of Total Disappearance of Dietary Nitrogen in the Digestive Tract Using Washed Fecal Sample after Freezing and Thawing

          Kamel,,H.E.M.,El-Waziry,,A.,Sekine,,J. Asian Australasian Association of Animal Productio 2000 Animal Bioscience Vol.13 No.3

          Three Holstein steers, fitted with ruminal and duodenal cannulas, were used in a replicated $3{\times}3$ Latin square design to determine the digestibility of dietary nitrogen in total digestive tract by three methods, 1) mobile nylon bag (MNB); 2) total fecal collection (TFC); and 3) washed fecal sample after freezing and thawing through a sieve with a pore size of $45{\mu}m$ (WFS). A basal diet of oaten hay-barley was supplemented with one of the following protein sources; soybean meal, fish meal or blood meal. Steers were fed at a level of 2% of body weight. The experimental diets were contained approximately 1.85% nitrogen. There were no differences (p>0.05) among the diets on DM, NDF and nitrogen disappearances, and the diet results were pooled to assess the methods. Total tract disappearances of dry matter and neutral detergent fiber were 61.6, 71.1 and 78.9 and 25.3, 63.2 and 64.6 for MNB, TFC and WFS methods, respectively. The lower digestibility of DM and NDF in the MNB method could be a result of low ruminal incubation time. The TFC method had the lower (p<0.05) determination of nitrogen disappearance in the total digestive tract than the MNB and WFS methods. On the other hand, nitrogen disappearance in the total digestive tract determined by the WFS technique was comparable to that in MNB technique, as there was no significant difference (p>0.05) between the methods. It is shown that the disappearance of dietary nitrogen in the total digestive tract could be estimated in the intact animals by using washed fecal sample prior to freezing and thawing.

        • KCI등재후보SCOPUS

          Garlic (Allium sativum) Supplementation: Influence on Egg Production, Quality, and Yolk Cholesterol Level in Layer Hens

          Kamel,Z.,Mahmoud,Saad,M.,Gharaibeh,Hana,A.,Zakaria,Amer,M.,Qatramiz 아세아·태평양축산학회 2010 Animal Bioscience Vol.23 No.11

          Forty-eight 40-wk-old Hi-sex laying hens were individually caged in an environmentally controlled house to evaluate the effect of garlic (Allium Sativum) juice administration on egg production, egg quality, and yolk cholesterol. Garlic juice was prepared by blending pealed garlic cloves with distilled water (1:1, w/w). Hens were randomly divided into four equal groups; one served as a control and the other three groups were individually gavaged, 3.75 ml, 7.5 ml, or 15 ml garlic juice, three times a week, which respectively represented 0.25, 0.50 and 1% of body weight. Egg production was recorded on a daily basis; egg weight, albumen height, albumen and yolk pH, Haugh unit, and bacterial count of E. coli-challenged eggs were recorded at day of oviposition (day-1) and after 5 and 10 days of storage at room temperature. Yolk cholesterol content was analyzed for five successive weeks. Garlic juice increased (p<0.05) egg weight and mass with no change in egg production intensity. Garlic juice administration recorded higher (p<0.05) albumen height and improvement in Haugh unit. Also, eggs from garlic-treated hens recorded lower (p<0.05) albumen and yolk pH when compared to eggs collected from control hens. Garlic reduced (p<0.05) the log10 of bacterial count in egg contents linearly when challenged with E. coli. Egg-yolk cholesterol content was not influenced by garlic juice administration. It is concluded that garlic juice improved performance characteristics and may increase egg shelf life as indicated by egg quality improvement and lower bacterial count of E. coli-challenged eggs. The levels of garlic juice used in this study were insufficient to influence egg yolk cholesterol.

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