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      • Intended Virtuality and Spontaneous Interactivity

        Jong Soo Kwon,Jin Wan Park 중앙대학교 영상콘텐츠융합연구소 2016 Journal of Arts and Imaging Science Vol.3 No.2

        “The Feather Series” is a series of large-scale 3D lenticular works of Jong Soo Kwon. In Kwon’s work, he aimed for virtuality of Korean traditional spaces by expressing them using a 3D lenticular technology. One of the main goals of the 3D lenticular technology is to emphasize reality and the presence of objects, but Kwon applied this with a reverse twist. Moreover, when viewers see the lenticular image in a limited space, e.g., a white cube of galleries, the viewers can feel as if the painting follows their eyes, which creates a sense of interaction. Using a series of artworks using current technology, Kwon paradoxically argued that artists should pay closer attention to their own culture and tradition rather than focusing on the latest trends.

      • KCI등재후보

        Hepatic Cirrhosis Occurring in a Young Woodchuck(Marmota monax) Due to Vertical Transmission of Woodchuck Hepatitis Virus(WHV)

        Kyu-shik Jeong,정원일,Jae-yong Chung,Mi-young An,Chae-yong Jung,Gyoung-jae Lee,Jong-soo Kang,Byeong-cheol Kang,Young-heun Jee,Bruce H Williams,Young-oh Kwon,Da-hee Jeong 대한수의학회 2003 JOURNAL OF VETERINARY SCIENCE Vol.4 No.2

        Cirrhosis Occurring in a Young Woodchuck (Marmota monax) Due to Vertical Transmission of Woodchuck Hepatitis Virus (WHV)Da-hee Jeong, Won-il Jeong, Jae-yong Chung, Mi-young An, Chae-yong Jung, Gyoung-jae Lee1, Jong-soo Kang1, Byeong-cheol Kang2, Young-heun Jee3, Bruce H Williams4, Young-oh Kwon5 and Kyu-shik Jeong*College of Veterinary Medicine, Kyungpook National University, Daegu 702-701, Korea1Shinwon Scientific Co., LTD, Research Institute, Suwon, Korea2Clinical Research Institute, Seoul National University, Seoul 110-744, Korea3College of Veterinary Medicine, Jeju National University, Jeju 690-756, Korea

      • KCI등재후보

        VDT 업무가 근골격계장애에 미치는 영향

        권호장,하미나,김돈규,백남종,조수헌,한태륜 大韓産業醫學會 1998 대한직업환경의학회지 Vol.10 No.4

        As use of the visual display terminal(VDT) is becoming more generalized as a result of office automation, the so-called 'VDT syndrome' which is often observed with the workers using VDT has emerged as a serious occupational health problem. However, few comparative study with control group using not only subjective symptom but also physical examination has been conducted. We have conducted a study comparing prevalence rated of musculoskeletal disorder between 113 VDT operators of a telecommunication company and the control groups of housewives and office ladies through a review of subjective symptoms as well as physical examination by physiatrist to understand the magnitude of problem and relative risk of VDT worker. The symptom rates of upper extremity disability in VDT operators were higher than those of controls especially in neck and shoulder area. Fifty-four(47.8%) of 113 VDT operators met our case definition of upper extremity disorder by subjective symptom and physical examination. Myofascial pain syndrome of neck and shoulder muscles were the most common(46.9%). The odd ratio of using VDT operation for developing myofascial pain syndrome in the neck or shoulder area were 2.52(compared to controls of office ladies) and 2.64(compared to controls of housewives). Other anatomical lesion such as elbow, hand and wrist shows slight higher prevalence rates of musculoskeletal disorder than control groups but not statistically significant.

      • KCI등재

        소아교정 환자에서의 Strip gingival graft를 이용한 임상 연구

        권순원,김종수 大韓小兒齒科學會 1995 大韓小兒齒科學會誌 Vol.22 No.2

        In keeping with the concept of rapid epithelialization of close wound edges, the strip technique was developed to maximize the area of gingival grafting with less trauma to the donor site or the recipient site. An incision is made and partial-thickness flap is reflected so that stable periosteum is left. The apical mucosal border of the recipient site is sutured to the periosteum. Donor tissues are obtained in 2mm-wide strips, transfered to the recipient site, and sutured. Dry foil and surgical packing are used to stabilize and protect the site during healing. The donor site is rapidly epithelialized (within 10 days) and produced minimal patient discomfort. The strip gingival autograft technique is a simple surgery that result in less discomfort for the patient and provides predictable results.

      • 고체소음전달에 관한 간이계산식과 SEA법의 비교연구

        권종현,김사수,정상민 釜山大學校生産技術硏究所 1999 生産技術硏究所論文集 Vol.56 No.-

        대형 선박은 고체음의 전달특성이 좋은 강판으로 구성된 복잡한 형상의 구조물로서 주기를 비롯한 각종 보기류 등의 다수 소음원이 설치되어 있을 뿐만 아니라 소음원과 작업 또는 거주 공간이 인접하고 있어 고체음과 공기음이 복합적으로 전파된다. 선박 소음의 효율적 제어를 위해서는 초기 설계 단계에서부터 공기음 및 고체음의 전달손실을 산정하여 소음예측을 수행하고 이에 따른 예방대책을 수립하는 것이 합리적이다. 일반적으로 선박 소음 해석은 실선자료의 통계적 처리결과를 기초로 한 경험 자료 및 음향 기초이론을 이용하여 선박의 거주구의 소음수준을 예측하는 경험식(Empirical Formula)에 의한 방법과 통계적 에너지 해석(SEA) 방법이 적용되고 있다. 본 연구에서는 이상화한 일반선체모델에 대하여 경험식에 의한 방법과 SEA법을 적용하여 소음예측을 수행하고, 이들 두 방법에 의한 해석 정도를 비교·고찰하였다. In order to build a quiet and comfortable ship, the shipboard noise levels must be predicted at early design stages. In general, the prediction of shipboard noise level can be done using SEA(Statistical Energy Analysis) or empirical formula. In this paper, in order to confirm the accuracy of noise predicition using empirical formula, the transmission loss of structure-borne noise using SEA and those using empirical formula are predicted and compared for an idealized ship model. The calculated results using empirical method agree well with those of SEA.

      • HFC-134a와 대체냉매 HFC-152a에 CF_3I를 혼합한 자동차냉매 특성

        권일욱,박찬수,홍경한,문기선,최운수,서의경,윤갑식,이종인,하옥남 朝鮮大學校 機械技術硏究所 2002 機械技術硏究 Vol.5 No.1

        These days, an attention of environment has been increasing all over the world. to prevent the green house effect and destruction of an ozone layer, an ozone destruction potential(ODP) be zero and a refrigerant for low global warming potential(GWP) is needed. HFC-134a, in which hydrogen is mixed instead of chlorine is a refrigerant used for automobile conditioners and its destruction potential is ecologically zero. However, it is not considered as a perfect substitutive refrigerant as its GWP is high. It is studied refrigerant mixtures in which HFC-134a, HFC-152a and CF_3I with low GWP and zero ODP are mixed by experimentally and concluded as follows; 1. with the variation of speed of compressor outside temperature and flow rate, the heat of evaporator and compressor and coefficient of performance was varied, and influenced the air conditioner. 2. The pressure of evaporator was decreased with increasing the speed of compressor and that of the refrigerant HFC-134a was higher 21% than that of azotrope refrigerant mixed with CF_3I. The overall capacity of condensor and evaporator was increased and HGC-134a was higher than azotrope refrigerant mixed with CF_3I 3. The capacity of evaporator with the refrigerant HFC-134a was higher 6% than azotrope refrigerant mixed with CF31 and the required power with zaotrope refrigerant mixed with CF_3I was higher 11% than that of HFC-134a. 4. The COP of the refrigerant FHC-134a was higher 31% in 1000RPM. when outside temperature was increased, COP was decreased. 5. Performance of HFC-134a is better than azotrope refrigerant mixed with CF_3I but prefered zaotrope refrigerant mixed with CF_3I considering the environment.

      • KCI등재
      • KCI등재

        소목 천연 염색에 관한 연구 Ⅰ : 정제 알루미늄 화합물들의 매염효과에 대하여 Mordanting Effect of Purified Aluminum Compounds

        권민수,전동원,최인려,김종준 服飾文化學會 2004 服飾文化硏究 Vol.12 No.5

        Currently, as mordants, heavy metals are being used in dyeing process in order to improve dye uptake and dye fastness. These chemicals, however, are mostly harmful to human body and the environment along with the pollution by effluent. Traditionally, rice straw ash solution, lime, etc. have been used as mordants in order to improve the effects on dye uptake and color fastness of dyestuffs. The study of natural mordants would, therefore, be vital to the development and succession of our traditional dyeing methods. In this study, as a preliminary step toward the use of rice straw ash solution for the nautral dyeing using Caesalpinia sappan, several aluminum compounds were employed as mordants. When the purified aluminum compounds were used, on the basis of unmordanted cotton fabric, the WS values of the pre-mordanted and simultaneously mordanted fabrics increased by 2 or 3 times, while those of the post-mordanted fabrics decreased.

      • 취학전 아동의 체력 실태와 평가

        권영옥,김동권,민춘기,이용인,전종귀,진윤수,홍성표 忠南大學校體育科學硏究所 1995 體育科學硏究誌 Vol.13 No.1

        The purpose of this study was analyze children's Physical Fitness and basic rate by observing the change in the heart rate of the 1230 children of five of six years of age. Following conclusions were obtained The muscular strength was relatively low according to places. And the muscular strength of boys was higher than that of girls. The flexibility of girls was higher than that of boys according to places and sexes. The muscular endurance, power, balance and agility of boys were higher than those of girls according to places and sexes. Thus the development of physical fitness was improved with their ages, the physical fitness for physique seemed rather low. So the programs of physical plays for children's physical fitness ought to be developed and physical play showed to be done at kindergarten school.

      • KCI등재후보

        넙치, Paralichthys olivaceus의 수온 자극 스트레스에 대한 사료첨가제 투여 효과

        권문경,박상언,방종득,조병열,이상민,박수일 한국어병학회 2003 한국어병학회지 Vol.16 No.3

        본 연구는 넙치의 수온 스트레스에 대한 사료첨가제 (미역 5%, 미역 10%, 어보산 0.5%, 고추냉이 잎 2%, 고추냉이 줄기 2%)의 영향을 혈액학적, 면역학적 측면과 Edwardsiella tanda를 사용하여 질병에 대한 저항성으로서 평가하였다. 혈장의 글루코즈와 콜티졸 농도는 1차 수온 변동 후 대조구에 비하여 미역 5%와 고추냉이잎 2% 첨가구에서 유의적으로 낮게 나타났다(P〈0.05). 1차 수온 변동 후 혈장 라이소자임 활성과 E. tarda의 공격 시험 후 생존율은 미역 5%첨가구에서 대조구에 비하여 유의적으로 높게 나타났다(P〈0.05). 본 실험 결과 미역 5% 첨가 사료 투여는 넙치의 스트레스 상태에서 질병 감염에 대한 저항성을 높일 수 있을 것으로 사료된다. The effect of each dietary supplements (Undaria 5%, Undaria l0%, Obosan 0.5%, Wasabi leaf 2%, Wasabi stem 2%) on the water temperature fluctuation in juvenile olive flounder (Puralichthys olivaceus) was investigated. The response to stress was assessed in terms of effects on haematological and immunological, and resistance against Edwurdsiella tarda infection. Plasma glucose and cortisol levels were significantly lower in 5% undaria and 2% wasabi leaf supplement groups than the controls after the first change of water temperature (P<0.05). The plasma lysozyme activities and the survival rates from E. tarda infection were significantly higher in the 5% undaria supplement groups than the control (P<0.05). These results suggest that the 5% undaria supplement seems to be contributable to the increased disease resistance on olive flounder.

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