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        Adaptive Dynamic Programming-Based Decentralized Guaranteed Cost Control for Reconfi gurable Manipulators with Uncertain Environments

        Yuanchun Li,Weinign Jin,Bing Ma,Bo Dong 대한전기학회 2020 Journal of Electrical Engineering & Technology Vol.15 No.5

        In this paper, a novel decentralized guaranteed cost control method is designed for reconfi gurable manipulators with uncertain environments based on the adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) approach. Each joint module, which is the basic unit for constructing the reconfi gurable manipulators, is regarded as a subsystem with model uncertainties that include the error of frictional modeling and the interconnection dynamic coupling (IDC) eff ect. Then, by employing a robust controller and a neural network (NN) identifi er-based compensation controller, the decentralized guaranteed cost control issue with uncertain environments can be changed into the optimal control issue of reconfi gurable manipulators. Based on ADP algorithm, the critic neural network is introduced to approximate the modifi ed cost function, and then the Hamilton–Jacobi–Bellman equation is addressed by the policy iterative algorithm, thus making the obtention of approximate optimal control policy doable. The stability of the robotic system under the proposed control policy is demonstrated by employing the Lyapunov theory. Finally, the eff ectiveness of the proposed control policy for reconfi gurable manipulators with diff erent confi gurations is verifi ed by simulation experiments.

      • Consideration of Junction Strength Evaluation of Geogrids

        전한용,진규남,Jin Yuanchun 한국토목섬유학회 2006 한국토목섬유학회 학술발표회 Vol.2006 No.12

        현재 지오그리드의 접점강도는 GRI GG-2의 시험법에 의해 평가되고 있는데 이 시험법은 단일접점에 대한 평가만을 실시하므로 시편의 치수효과를 고려할 수 없는 단점을 갖고 있다. 즉, T-형태의 단일접점을 갖는 시편을 이용하여 단일 접점강도를 접점수에 대한 접점강도의 선형성을 가정하여 환산하는 방법이므로 제품의 종류에 따른 편차와 편향을 보이므로 타당하고 합리적인 공학적 결과를 도출한다고 볼 수 없다. 따라서 본 연구를 통해서 모든 형태의 지오그리드 보강재에 대해 포괄적인 적용이 가능 하며 결과값이 합리적이고 수용할 수 있는 방법으로 지오그리드의 다접점강도 산출방법을 개발하고자한다.

      • PVA 지오텍스타일의 토목공학적 성능 평가 및 분석

        전한용,변성원,김형섭,진용범,Jin Yuanchun 한국토목섬유학회 2006 한국토목섬유학회 학술발표회 Vol.2006 No.4

        In this study, the surface modification method was used to improve the performance of PVA nonwoven geotextiles and the friction test was done at a interface of geomembranes and nonwoven geotextiles which use to the liner and cover systems of the representative waste landfill in order to estimate of the frictional properties. In case of a hydrophilic treatment was chosen mixture of gases of O₂(80%)+CH₄(20%), and the electric power, the plasma treated time, and the gas flow rate were 100, 200, and 300 watt. 1, 5. and 10 min, and 200 and 400 sccm, respectively. In case of hydrophobic treatment was used gas of C₂F?, and the electric power, the plasma treated time, and the gas flow rate were 100. 200, and 300 watt, 1, 5, and 10 min, and 40 and 60 sccm, respectively. The frictional performance was evaluated as peak and frictional angles with plasma treatment conditions.

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